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Praise Be, Konami's Doing Another Pre-E3 Press Conference

Because there has to be, right?

Yes, friends, it’s true: Konami is holding another pre-E3 press conference. This is amazing news. It’s happening on Thursday, May 31 at 10:30 p.m PST and will be streamed live on Konami’s website.

No details on what the company will actually show, with the press release only teasing “advance showings of the new releases, exclusive game trailers and insightful interviews of key titles.” So, E3 stuff.

It remains unclear whether Konami knows the real reason people watch their pre-E3 (or during E3, as is the case with the video above) press conference, but we’ve gotten at least one really amazing moment each year, so you, me, and everyone else will be tuning in. What will be this year’s transfarring, this year’s one meeeeeeellion troops?

It’s a good bet Metal Gear Rising: Revengence will be shown in some capacity, but what about Hideo Kojima’s secretive Project Ogre? What happened to that WayForward-developed Silent Hill game for Vita that was supposed to come out in March? Konami has been teasing out what might very well be a sequel to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, and details on the Lords of Shadow-connected spin-off on 3DS have started making the rounds.

If nothing else, we’ll probably get some good tweets from ol’ Tak Fujii. Are you following him on Twitter? You should.

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Aw I'm sure it'll be the same as last year what with the pre-recorded and approved stuff. It still managed to be kind of bizarre in a way, but boring and not nearly as amazing as Konami 2010. Unbeatable.

Posted by AjayRaz

E3 2012 sponsored by XY/XX: Sucked Edition

Posted by Paindamnation

@patrickklepek said:

@Wikitoups said:

Too bad it's at 10:30pm I would have like to see giant bomb watching the konami press conference like last year.


don't be sad scoops. don't be sad. Japanese non-sense will ensue.

Posted by l3illyl3ob

Is this going to be an actual press conference or just another pre-recorded event?

Posted by President_Barackbar

I need all the latest info on Transfarring!

Posted by Nihilius

I doubt they can top E3 2010, but I certainly hope they will.

Posted by dvorak

"Press X to suck." Direct quote.

Posted by KevinK

Fact: Tak Fujii should be CEO of Capcom

Posted by MocBucket62

Awesome! Can they announce another Lucha Libre AAA announced to have Lucha Libre wrestlers slap the shit out of each other again?!

Posted by VincentVendetta


Posted by Lurkero

I guess they couldn't wait until e3 to reveal how many troops are in the next Dynasty Warriors game.

Posted by cuxun

one mirrion troops!!!!!

Posted by brownsfantb

A sequel for Lords of Shadow would make me really happy. I actually really liked that game and with the way it ended, it needed a sequel. Seriously, that ending was nuts.

Posted by samcroft90

Let's hope they haven't become self-aware and try to parody themselves

Posted by BirdkeeperDan

Bummer I hope they go back to live next year. Can we at least have some more luchadores & Tak Fuji?

Posted by Begilerath

@patrickklepek said:

@Wikitoups said:

Too bad it's at 10:30pm I would have like to see giant bomb watching the konami press conference like last year.


What time would that be in Japan? maybe the fine people from 84-Play could give some online commentary?

Posted by Anupsis


Posted by IndeedCodyBrown

Mega64 is returning for a second year.

Posted by Mus

I am hyperventilating out of fear.

Posted by zeekthegeek

@boocreepyfootdoctor: No, Revengeance is the only MGS: Rising game now. The original was canned.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

Their 2010 conference was legendary, it really seemed like a missed opportunity to not have another conference last year. They would have had increased attendees/viewers, just because people wanted to see if they'd put on another hilarious show.

Bring back Tak Fuji and I'm guaranteed to watch this.

Posted by firecracker22


Even when they TRIED to not be weird, they still were. It'll be funny no matter what they do, or they try to do it. It's unavoidable.

Posted by Majkiboy
Posted by MooseyMcMan

I wonder if it's as "live" as last year's was.

Posted by Mordi

@dvorak said:

"Press X to suck." Direct quote.

"If you keep pressing XXX, YYY and XXX and YYY and so on... you'll be sucked."

Posted by Lazyaza

Konami are like a series of mystery doors when it comes to E3 except you know whatever is behind them is going to be really stupid, but what exactly it will be is completely unpredictable.

Posted by Encephalon

I'm on the edge of my fucking seat!

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

Tak Fujii is a BOSS.

Posted by connerthekewlkid


Posted by Grimmrobe

Will there be "one mirrion troops"?


Lords of Shadow had a really great feel to it. That could be a break out franchise again if they play it right.

Posted by kollay

Yes, please.

Posted by aquamarin

May 31

Whoever wins...

We'll be sucked.

Posted by csl316

Rock n' roll, man.

Posted by makari

Time to get very very exercise!

Posted by HonkeyKong

Extreme!!... Hello?

Posted by LLJK_Jasta

I can't wait. :allears:

Edited by Trilogy

Color me excited.

Posted by Spiritof

I need this.

You need this.

Konami doesn't need this.

Posted by DukesT3

I hope Hideki Matsui shows up. Just cause.

Posted by Parsnip

Last year's thing was nothing to write home about.

Posted by Gizmo

Last year's was such a bummer, I stayed up all night for that horrible, packaged, pre-recorded crock of shit.

Posted by two_socks

Two "i" in Fujii, Tricky.

Edited by Brackynews

Kudos to Patrick making the fix inside of 3 minutes. :)

Posted by Timnoldzim

The question is: will it be very insane and awkward, or immensely insane and awkward?

Posted by X19

This last year has been a disaster for Konami.

I'm amazed they're still in business.

Edited by Zleunamme

More Transfarring awesomeness. They'll just say that they are working on stuff that can't talk about now. Konami will not make any official announcements until TGS.

Posted by JackSukeru

The 3DS game is Lords of Shadow related?


Posted by evildeadron
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