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Quest Your Way To Early Halo: Reach Beta Access

Finish this quest set to ensure your chance at playing Reach this very week!

So, we've launched a new quest today that the Halo fans among you might want to take a look at. I'll just leave this here and give you a minute...

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That's right: finish this quest set by Thursday, April 29 at 12pm PDT and you'll be automatically entered into a random drawing for an early-access code to Bungie's upcoming Halo: Reach beta. Actually, for you, it will no longer be "upcoming" at that point; it will be "now." Mere mortals (read: ODST owners) will have to wait till May 3 to get the beta, but winners of this quest contest will be able to pop in their code and play as soon as we send it to you on Thursday afternoon.

Just to get you started, I've (poorly) hidden a couple of the quest steps around this very news item, so perhaps you would like to get clicking and make sure you're included in the drawing? Let me also include our new Ask Me Anything™ preview of the Reach beta right here, since a little birdie told me that watching it might be useful in completing the quest.

Again, make sure to check back here Thursday afternoon to see if you won a code, and hit your PM inbox to snag it and start teaba... er, blasting your opponents online right away. As always, don't post the solutions to the quest anywhere on the site or face the wrath of the moderators. It ain't that hard anyway -- figure it out for yourself!  
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