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Robert Bowling Commits Exclusive to Ouya

Zombie action game Human Element to have prequel on Android console.

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Former Infinity Ward spokesperson Robert Bowling, who left this year to found Robotoki, is already promising a Ouya-only prequel to his next-generation game, Human Element.

One of the chief reasons to be skeptical of the Kickstarter-driven, Android-powered Ouya console is the lack of games. Some developers have committed games to the not-yet-realized platform, but most are expected to wait and see.

It makes some sense for a platform everyone has questions about to gain an exclusive from a game everyone has questions about, too. Bowling has said the proper game is coming in 2015.

In any case, Bowling recorded a video promising an episodic prequel to Human Element that gives players a taste of how the world changed immediately after zombies showed up. The game scheduled for the next set of game consoles actually takes place 35 years after, so it’s a significant leap back in the fiction.

Details on the game itself aren’t yet available, but Bowling said updates will be delivered to Kickstarter backers.

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