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Robot Crew Rumored To Be Working On PC Strategy Game 'Spartan'

Microsoft purportedly calling it 'groundbreaking' stuff.

Microsoft and the ex-Ensemble crew at Robot Entertainment appear to have something up their sleeves. Something strategy-flavored, I should add.

Kotaku believes it has uncovered a new game, which at one point was being referred to as "Project S," but is now being called Spartan. Word from inside the studio is that the strategy game has a lot in common with Age of Empires. Some sort of internal Microsoft survey has pegged Microsoft as the publisher. And while the doc doesn't help in narrowing down what Spartan is, Microsoft is hailing it as a "giant, revolutionary step for PC strategy games."

 Ah, yes, the spear. The weapon of a Spartan.
Apparently, alpha tests for the game have been happening over the last few weeks, and the survey looking for testers is asking if potential testers have had experience with games like Age of Empires or... Farmville? The launcher screen (above) nabbed by Kotaku seems to indicate that there might be a bit more RPG in Spartan than the survey is letting on.

And that's it, for now at least, as Robot's website makes just a passing mention to developing a game for Microsoft. But I'm guessing we'll hear a lot more about this thing in the very near future.
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So this Will BE SPARTA?!

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may be interesting

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ummmm yahh...... My guess is it will be a while before we learn more huh?