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Rumors Speak Of On-Rails Gears of War Kinect Title

A source talks about that heavily-rumored Gears of War Kinect title and confirms that you won't need to run in place to move Marcus around.

An unnamed source speaking to Kotaku has confirmed that Epic Games is working on a Gears of War title for Kinect, as has been previously rumored. And according to that source, this hands-free Gears joint is set to be an on-rails shooting title, which would dash the need for any sort of player-controlled character movement.

Just for a bit of clarification, we’re not talking about Gears of War 3 here. In a slick statement after IGN first reported the Gears of War Kinect rumor, Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski confirmed that the third title in the series wouldn’t feature Kinect support, but he didn’t specifically rule out the possibility that another Gears game would be making use of the controller.

A supposed demo is rumored to be re-using assets from Gears 2. 
A supposed demo is rumored to be re-using assets from Gears 2. 

The fact that this rumor hasn't died by now doesn’t automatically validate these reports, of course, but the persistence seems to suggest that at least something is happening with Gears of War and Kinect (and it would certainly behoove the Kinect if some more games actually came out for it that take advantage of the device). Sadly, we’ll have to take a wait-and-see approach, as Epic or Microsoft won’t be confirming or denying anything until they're good and ready.