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Ryan Davis, 1979 - 2013

Giant Bomb has suffered a profound loss.

Ryan Davis passed away on July 3rd. He was 34.

Obviously we’re all stunned over here. Ryan was a good friend to all of us. It’s odd to remember that, for someone who could be so acerbic at times, and despite knowing him for almost a decade, I honestly don’t recall ever actually being mad at him. He had an unconventional type of kindness that expressed itself more strongly the longer one knew him, and despite his teasing nature, he always managed to make his close friends feel loved when his attention turned towards you.

Many of you know that Ryan was recently married. In the face of this awfulness, many of us will at least always remember him as we last saw him: outrageously, uproariously happy, looking forward to his next adventure with the biggest grin his face could hold.

The consolation we can feel from that is miniscule compared to the hole that Ryan’s absence will leave in our lives. That’s not a hole that is possible to fill; it’s just something that we’ll just have to get used to walking around with, and that will not happen for a long, long time.

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I asked @rorie about it on twitter and here is what he said:

Matthew Rorie ‏@frailgesture11h

@cafeldhaus Had to pull it for logistical reasons.

I hope this means that 1) they sold out, and 2) they are doing a different shirt. I would love to support the site and Anna however I can, but I can't see myself ever wearing a shirt with Fuck written in big pink letters.

I'm too old. :(

Posted by HermanBloom

Ah ok, thanks. Yes, I was a bit concerned about the language as well (I'm also too old to be wandering around the UK with Fuck on my shirt!) but I want to do something. Hoodie or other t-shirt or straight up "send some money to this Paypal account" or similar.

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I plan to make a tribute this summer while on vacation to Ryan when I get back. Think "giant thank you that can be seen from space". Going to write a giant "thank you" on some famous sand dunes then document it.

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oh my god.

Sorry for your los

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Still thinking about you, buddy!

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Man, I really loved his personality since Gamespot. I use to see On the Spot since 2004 every week, Ryan was the best.. My best regards to his family. May he rest in peace

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How... did I not hear about this until just now. I have been a duder... forever. Holy fuck. Actual tears, I'm late on knowing. Rip Ryan.

Posted by tummvantar

I'll miss you Ryan. You've brought me so many happy moments all the way from the gamespot time to giant bomb. My heart goes out to your friends and family.

Posted by danimal_furry

I know this is late but here we go. I have not been around to get online in a few weeks (vacation and work and such). I thought to myself to catch up on some GB gaming news today. This is the story I scrolled down to find. I was shocked and speechless.

Posted by fleethefactory

I'm late on this too, but it's the first time I've been able to say it, but thank you for everything Ryan. These tears are real and I miss you.

Posted by Etryus

R.I.P :(

Posted by jbuchan76

Sorry, i had to ramble..

Sitting here staring at the picture.. Listening to pinkfloyd "Hey You", "is there anybody out there", "Nobody Home", and just thinking how hard it must be on you guys at Giant Bomb, Jeff, Brad, Vinny, Patrick, Alex, that actually knew Ryan and saw him on a daily basis. And how Empty every day must feel.

I lost my dad to cancer when he was 61 back in dec. 2011. And I can honestly say I loved him, and I miss him, the same feelings I'm feeling right now for Ryan. A man I never actually met in person but at the same time was always there to make me laugh, cheer me up, make me wonder. (stupid side note: I have seen Jeff twice, once at Starbucks in Santa Monica, and once this past E3 Day 0 In the Microsoft / XBOX One preshow line. I didn't approach Jeff either time, i didn't want to bug him, but if I ever saw Ryan, I can say i'd go up and introduced myself. Cause that's just the type of guy he was.)

Why take someone with so much to give, who touches so many people? That just makes no damn sense.

We all love and miss you Ryan, and 6 months, a year, 10 years, we're still going to love and miss you man.

Thank you for everything you did, being yourself, and helping us self conscious, shy, nerdy , some what over weight, or just plain fat, not one of the kool kids, feel like we belong! You were a great example, role model, and to all the guys at GB (i'm sure a brother).

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What can I possibly say to someone who gave me so many laughs and stories over the years? Thanks for everything Ryan. I'll miss you buddy.

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I'm late to hearing this as well and ive never felt such sorrow for somebody i didnt even know as i do right now. God bless you ryan and may you rest in peace and thank you for being the bombastic larger than life character that you were. My heart goes out to his wife and the gb crew. Much love and sorrow felt here in Australia, God be with the gb crew in your darkest hours and remember to cherish one another while you can.

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RIP Ryan :(


R.I.P... This is a terrible loss. Been an avid fan of his video reviews(gs). :(

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RIP Ryan. You will be severely missed.

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@xplusy said:

Buy this shirt. Proceeds go to Anna (Ryan's wife) and to help with the cost of the funeral.

Seriously, buy this shirt.

I'm going to assume they have sold out, as that links me to an incorrect page.

Would happily buy the Hoodie if the proceeds went to Anna and his other family. Not entirely sure who to ask though.

Ah man, I was waiting for payday, looks like I missed out? )=

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My brain has still not computed that Ryan Davis passed away. Want him back. Well, I guess not back. That would be too scary. Want this not have happened.

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It still doesn't feel real that he's gone. I keep expecting to load up a new video on the site and hear his giggle come out of my speakers. Just been going back and watching old videos and listening to old Bombcast and the Arrow Pointing Down cast just kinda numbly. If I get the tribute shirt, I will gladly wear it with pride.

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As many, strangely affected by the void left by this happy humming bird.

Bye Bye, Ryan.


Posted by monkeystick

Part of me still wants to believe Ryan is just on vacation and hasn't come back yet.

I really miss ya, fella.

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This only seems fitting at this point. Goodnight Sweet Prince.

Posted by GnaTSoL

Ryan seems like the type of guy who would wake up 6ft under...... leave a working cellphone in his casket..... For me. C'mon. :0

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I saw the full Giant Bomb crew once back in Pax 2011. I was at the Bastion booth and asking Greg Kasavin for what probably was the first autograph he ever gave when I turned and saw the whole gang assembled. I was too embarrassed to say anything, but man, I wish I did. Would've said at least one word to him, but time goes on and the world keeps changing. I stopped visiting this site a while ago, only passingly looking at Quick Looks, but that has amounted to oh so many dull periods reinvigorated with an absolutely irrepressible sense of humor, and Ryan was always the source. Rest in Peace.

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Still too hard to comprehend, every time I come back to GB I remember duder is gone. It really stinks. Grieving over an internet persona you never met in real life is weird. I really wish I would have taken that trip up to CAX last summer on my RT 66 trip. I really wanted to meet the guys, but I was 3000 miles from home and strapped for cash. Blah.

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Been following these guys since the early Gamespot days. Feels like I lost a friend.

I miss this man.

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Re downloading all Bombcasts up until present day.....god damn I miss you duder. Much love out to all his family & friends.

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I don't know if this has been posted on the board before, though it's highly likely... but anyway !

During the SDA marathon several runners gave a shout-out to Ryan (e.g. Duke during his Hotline Miami SR).

But, more importantly, people donate for his name as the choice for horse in Zelda TP, which seemingly he doesn't win, and the character name in the Dark Souls run, which he clearly won.

So far people donated 1344,50$ "in his name" for Doctors Without Borders.

I'm pretty sure he'd be pretty damn proud of this.

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I really miss you Ryan.

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My wife always says that all I do is play games and watch those fat guys with beards (mostly referring to Ryan, I guess) WTF am I supposed to do now? I don't play all that much anymore.. This is my personal loss because it's all I have all I do. Well it's all I like to do. I'm crying here, my favorite bearded fatman is gone. FUCK YOU GOD, go work your mysterious ways somewhere else.

Posted by leebmx

Still miss you man, still hoping this is some massively bad taste joke, which of course it isn't. There seemed like a huge hole on the Sofa this week on UF, but I love the crew because I never feel as if they are forcing it. I really hope if its too much they just take some time off, I hope the needs of business are not making this more painful.

One thing which really got to me was Brad asking if he should still say 'emails' on the most recent Bombcast. I almost started crying. That more than anything seemed to sum up the uncertainty and questioning which must be going on.

Also Jeff, I expect you would hate it, but I just want to give you a massive hug everytime I see you. I really hope you are holding up, I feel like you have lost a brother, and I love you for the genuiness and postivity you continue to show, whatever is going on elsewhere.

I keep thinking its weird to be so close to a load of blokes you have never met but who cares - its good to feel love for people where ever they are.


I know I'm late but I'd like to add my condolences. He was a great man and will be missed. I recently made an account on here after months of browsing and listening to Bombcast. He seemed like a really genuinely nice dude and very funny as well. RIP.

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This has been in my head since the first Podcast back from his passing, but here is my idea:

Step 1: We need someone good at photoshop to take a photo of Ryan in his chair, and mod it so it looks like a bronze statue.

Step 2: We create a video with the image for Kickstarter to raise $80,000 (what my research has led me to believe we will need) to hire the sculptor to create a life size bronze statue of Ryan in the chair.

Step 3: We offer as a reward for the Kickstarter you initials on the back of his chair. The more you pledge the more characters you get. On the back above all it says "Fuck Ryan Davis / Love Ryan Davis" then all the initials below.

Step 4: Part of the money we raise is for transportation, and mounting of the statue. Those that support the Kickstarter get to vote on the location that it will be placed. We choose the dumbest place we can think of, some park in San Francisco, middle of nowhere Kansas, next to Mount Rushmore, center of Detroit? I don't know somewhere fully stupid.

Step 5: We make a pilgrimage there to show our love for the man.

This idea is so dumb that if it fails, it fails because it is so dumb, and if it succeeds, it succeeds because it is so dumb.

Posted by Claude

So many wishes, Ryan.

Posted by pinner458

It's been a whole month now. Goddamn I miss this guy.

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@pinner458: ya - it's really sad. Always enjoyed his antics. It's more sad that I'm the same age with him. Life truly is short sometimes - R.I.P

Posted by BigJeffrey

Podcast aint the same.

Posted by benpicko

It's been a whole month now. Goddamn I miss this guy.


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@benpicko: Wow in what way? Wow as in you can't believe it's been a month?

Posted by benpicko

@benpicko: Wow in what way? Wow as in you can't believe it's been a month?

I can't believe it's been a month

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I was thinking about Ryan some reason tonight. Just chilling in my basement playing games. That's probably why. I'm glad the guys are producing content in a pretty normal way again. Drew really stepped up. It'll be kinda crazy when this gets unpinned. That'll really make the whole thing final for me.

We still miss you Ryan!