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So, Fez II

Some stuff happened over the weekend.

Fez II is no longer in active development, according to developer Polytron and its designer, Phil Fish. That’s the word from Fish, who dropped his mic this weekend.

“FEZ II is cancelled,” said Fish in a statement on Polytron’s website. "i am done.i take the money and i run. this is as much as i can stomach. this is isn’t the result of any one thing, but the end of a long, bloody campaign. you win.”

For the record, I don’t believe him, even though I’ve “confirmed” the news with Fish myself over email. I suspect we will, at some point, see (and play) the sequel to Fez, but this weekend’s events provide an opportunity for Fish to leave the spotlight and protect his sanity from the world and, well, himself. Fish speaks too passionately about games to leave them behind. That isn’t some subtle hint, either. It’s my gut feeling.

But how did we get here? It begins with the latest episode of Invisible Walls, a Game Trailers podcast, featuring a lengthy rant from Marcus Beer, a longtime member of the industry now commentating under the named “Annoyed Gamer.” The podcast was discussing the recent turn of events regarding Xbox One self-publishing, and how both Fish and Braid designer Jonathan Blow used Twitter to criticize the press for running towards both of them for quotes about what was, then, still a rumor coming from Game Informer about the news. A rumor with some legitimacy? Sure, and while it eventually proved true, Blow was upset reporters were asking for commentary without more information (for example, the revenue share ratio) and Fish lamented the press seeking a quote before everything was confirmed. Fish's divisive nature is easy traffic.

Cue Beer:

“But, of course, the press, wanting to get reactions, they went to a couple of indie developers. In this case, Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish, because those guys are the self-styled kings of the indie genre. They’ve been on Indie Game: The Movie, and they’ll turn up and quote for anything and everyone. And Ms. Fish and Blow, or BlowFish as I’m going to call the two them right, because while they may be moderately tasty, they’re also kind of lethal. [They] decided to go bananas and bitch and moan to Game Informer, in particular about “How dare you, how dare you ask us questions about this story! I’m sick of you guys wanting my opinion on this story!” Both of them, both bitching away. And I’ve just got a little message for the BlowFish. Gents, you are the guys who did Indie Games: The Movie, and some of you looked relatively normal in it, one of you looked like a total tosspot in it. You can’t have it both ways. You’re successful game designers, you’re indie game designers--hurrah, good for you, you fucking hipsters. Let’s get something out of the way. If you are successful and you want people to promote your games, and you go to the press and give them quotes for anything that pertains to your shilling your next title, when the press, then, come to you and say “this is something that’s pertinent to the indie scene, let’s talk to BlowFish because BlowFish are successful and they are, you know, supposedly these pioneers” don’t get fucking snicky about it, alright? Jesus, you should be grateful that these guys consider what you say something of use.. Me? I think the both of you are a pair of tosspots. You may make good games. Well, Blow makes...Blow makes a good game. Fez, I’m just not into at all. I’m just not into it. I respect people that do [enjoy it]. My own personal opinion, though? Having seen these wankers over and over again, bitch and moan--Phil Fish in particular, though.

Other Commentator: He does come across as whiny.

Beer: Whiny? He’s a fucking asshole most of the time. I’m an asshole, but that’s what I am, that’s what I do. I suck it up. But what I’m saying is that if you guys want the promotion the next time around on your Fez 2 or...what’s the follow-up to Braid, The Witless? Witless? Whoa! Yeah, c’mon. I would like to say to every outlet who got dismissed by BlowFish, fuck ‘em. Next time they have something to shill, say “yeah, not so much interested.” It is a two-way street, it’s a symbiotic relationship. You guys are out there, you have to suck it up.”

Game developers do not owe us anything, and I don’t owe them anything. It’s archaic to view the press-developer relationship as strictly symbiotic, and is indicative of an old view of the press-developer relationship. Do I often rely on developers to open up and allow me to tell their stories? Yes, but it’s an optional dance we do the tango to. No one is indebted to the other once that exchange has run its course, and that's the end of the road. If you're on a writer/journalist making this argument, that's really bad.


Fish caught wind of Beer’s comments, and exploded on Twitter.

("Compare your life to mine and then kill yourself" is a Futurama quote, but that's a bit besides the point.)

That’s just a taste. Beer eventually responded, and offered Fish an opportunity to discuss his commentary on camera, but Fish wasn’t interested. Over the next hour or so, Fish continued to vocally express his displeasure, speaking more broadly about his feelings about people slinging crap his way, and the toll it takes on psyche. It ended with Fez II’s abrupt cancellation, despite having been announced only recently.

I spent the weekend largely disconnected from the Internet. Like Fish, I’m a public figure, someone who puts themselves out there and deals with what comes back--the good and the bad. I’m not proud of the fact that I’ve grown a thick enough skin to deal with rape threats targeted at my wife simply because I’ve had the audacity to talk about sexism in video games. Nor am I proud of being able to withstand pot shots from anonymous jerks about my deceased father. These are not traits that will ever be mentioned in my resume.

We all handle criticism, especially the vitriolic kind, differently. I stopped responding to jerks, and ask people to come in my direction through email, private messages, or questions over Tumblr. Over time, it's produced excellent results, but not pulling the trigger and snarking back at a jerk is hard. Vocal game designer Hideki Kamiya tells people to fuck off. Fish responded by yelling, stirring the pot, and unironically latching himself to a photo of known troller (he probably would have hated that term) and comedian Andy Kaufman.

Some of his comments are indefensible, and some, I suspect, he wishes he could take back.

But I know the good of the Internet, too, and I wish Fish had, either, seen more of it or reminded himself of what it produces. I’ve had my moments with the Giant Bomb community, but so much has been tremendous.

I mean, look at this stuff.

When my father passed, the Giant Bomb community started a thread with well wishes about my work and anonymous comments about my father, a person none of them had ever met. I kept that thread bookmarked on my phone during the first week of my father’s passing, and would often head into the bathroom, page through the thread, not really reading anything, and cry. It was a showing of genuine compassion by a group of people who only knew me from what I put out there. When I needed them, they had my back.

And that's to say nothing of how we pulled together for during the passing of the irreplaceable Ryan Davis.

Whenever someone gets under my skin, I reach into my bag. Tucked into a pocket are a series of letters, private thoughts from people who have reached out over the years, thanking me for one thing or another that I've been involved in. Most of them bring a tear to my eye, and each reminds me why I'm still doing this.

99% of the Internet has been nothing but nice to me, even when it’s a backhanded compliment. It’s easy to focus on that 1%. That 1% is vile, hateful, spiteful, jealous, mean, and would likely be as venomous in a public place as they are with a badge of anonymity. Many are probably teenagers who will grow up and learn to regret their ignorant actions, but some of them aren’t, and those are the people who scare me the most. But I can’t spend my day worrying about the 1%. I wake up every day trying to make the other 99% happy.

I hope I’m doing an okay job of that.

Patrick Klepek on Google+
Posted by Bleaker

I like how everybody is calling him whiny and a man-child, but by projecting their anger at him, aren't they technically the whiny man-child. Twitter is both a curse and a blessing, any famous person can project their feelings, but be sure the community and other critics are going to throw their feelings right back at you.

I hope Phil will be back within the next month or so. Give him a chance to cool down.

Posted by beard_of_zeus

Good read, Patrick. I appreciate you weaving your own experiences into this situation to create a compelling article, otherwise this would have just been some boilerplate story about Fez II being canceled (which I can get from any other games website online).

I can't imagine being in the public eye to any extent, and having to deal with some of the nasty shit that gets said to/about a person on the internet. What compels people to act the way they do?

But regardless, the Giant Bomb community is definitely one of the coolest and nicest places on the internet. That's why I've stuck around so long <3

Posted by BoowieBear

I rarely if ever comment on the internet but this article was very impressive. Patrick, thank you for putting things in perspective. I think your approach of developing a tough skin, trying to engage with those that disagree privately and ignoring is a great strategy and should be employed by more in the public sphere. I think focusing on the positive interactions you have will bear fruit in your career and increase your happiness as it likely already has.

Posted by coheno

Patrick, once again, with the brilliant writing!

Posted by StriderNo9

Class act Patrick, as always. Well written article also.

Posted by Sooty
@legion_ said:

Fantastic read, Patrick. Keep it up. One of the best writers in the industry, hands down.

Not the biggest feat when you're up against the likes of 'Top 10 Reasons Why Dark Souls Pwns Skyrims Face'

Posted by knightlyknave

I like Patrick, but not sure how or why this turned into an article about himself.

Just by listening to the way they talk, it seems to me that both Patrick and Phil Fish have a bit of an inflated ego. So, I think it's entirely appropriate for Patrick to compare his reactions to that of Phil Fish.

Posted by Sooty

Marcus Beer should shut the fuck up himself, being known as the 'Annoyed Gamer' life achievement right there. Not defending Phil Fish because he's also a twat, and so is Jonathan Blow a lot of the time.

Edited by Nephus

I hope Phil reads this, the guy could use a pick-me-up. You're doing a fine job Mr. Klepek!

Edited by Sharpless

The Internet has got to be more of a 70/30 split. 99/1 is just way too generous.

Look at this post's comments for further evidence.

Posted by Zevvion

@groverat said:

Someone here just posted a Photoshop of Phil Fish as a Nazi murdering a Jewish Holocaust victim, and so common is this type of attack that no one even comments on it.

Does anyone sincerely need more of an explanation as to why he sometimes lashes out against gamers as a group?

@Zevvion - We can't say Beer is attacking anyone personally? Did you read/watch Beer's rant? He very directly attacks Fish and Blow personally multiple times.

Right. Because the pictures from Fish as a nazi came first. Only then did he become self-absorbed and a total dick. Or... was it the other way around? Just to be clear, not that I think the pictures of anyone as a nazi are in good taste though.

Yes, Beer is talking about Fish and Blow. Fish was highly offended, demanded an on camera apology and advised Beer to kill himself. Let's now grab a list of people who Beer has spoken ill off. I count... pretty much everyone. How many have cancelled their game, advised someone to commit suicide and flipped out over it? I count one. Fish.

Sure, technically, he attacked them verbally. But you need to, as always, see it in context. He does that all the time, to everyone. I'm not saying therefor Beer should be excused of everything. But I am saying that when Beer calls you a 'tosspot', you know to take it with a grain of salt. Much like Patrick describes.

To give an example: you comment on the internet from time to time. No doubt, someone, sometime has told you to go kill yourself. It's the internet. Did you flip the fuck out? Or were you like: ... uh, whatever.

That's what I'm saying. Fish flipping out like this and cancelling his game is completely nuts.

Posted by fozzyozzy

I have a friend who "cannot stand Phil Fish" and I ask him why. He tells me because Fish is whiny. I tell him so what if some person out there is whiny, you have absolutely ZERO interaction with the individual. My view of Fish is a pointless opinion because I Dont let it color my experience with a game. I mean, shit, this is the real world and if you can only enjoy things created by perfect saints then goodbye videogames.

Edited by Winternet

The Internet can eat a dick straight up.

And if that isn't a Futurama quote, it should be.

Edited by LikeaSsur

I don't really think Beer was totally out of line. Fish and Blow really have no room to complain about being asked about their opinion. They really dropped the ball by throwing a tantrum over a simple rumor that people thought pertained to them the most.

Also, it doesn't matter how successful Phil Fish gets. If this is how he responds to criticism, then forget me ever supporting anything he has a hand in ever again. The guy's a jerk.

Posted by tomservo50

@bleaker said:

I like how everybody is calling him whiny and a man-child, but by projecting their anger at him, aren't they technically the whiny man-child.

This. If you hate on someone because of their personality, or because of some dumb statements they made, well, maybe they are an asshole, but so are you. And really, why do you want to act like an asshole? What does it matter to call out someone else as an asshole? Does it add anything of knowledge or insight? No. It's an empty opinion holding no value.

I wish people would stop acting like this isn't just a desperate grab for attention. Even Patrick knows that Fish is going to turn around within a month at best and spout some fuck the haters speech because he's the face of video games and everyone can suck his dick, especially his fans for ever daring to doubt his commitment to creating the Mona Lisa of video games.

Phil Fish embodies everything that's wrong with the industry right now - an entitled, self-important developer who reacts to any criticism by insulting his fanbase, refuses to acknowledge or amend any of his game's shortcomings, and focuses on gimmicks over gameplay while accusing his competitors of doing the same or worse. This, and he believes he's one of the greatest developers of all time.

He's probably just pissed that the Fez 2 announcement didn't cause everyone to spontaneously jizz their pants and preemptively award him IGF's GOTY for 2014-2016.

(game to be released 2019)

No, Phil Fish doesn't embody everything that's wrong with the industry. He actually represents a growing part of the industry that might rescue the rest (although Jonathan Blow, Supergiant Games, thatgamecompany, Dennaton Games and others might be more, shall we say, family friendly representatives), as the AAA game development model is financially unsustainable for most companies. I don't mean to suggest that Indie Games will be a panacea that can cure all that ails games, but it is a positive development that is increasingly financially successful and providing a wider variety of interesting experiences than we might otherwise expect.

Things that are genuinely wrong with the industry include: concerns over working conditions, as the Team Bondi incident is probably not an exception; issues over the financial health of the industry; bringing to an end the culture of harassment that hangs over much of the gaming community and industry, while also continuing to diversify the experiences available in our games; issues over ownership of purchased games (consider the XBox One as the start, rather than the end, of what's going to be a long back-and-forth debate over consumer rights in the digital age); issues over the acceptability of violent content in video games; issues over quality control as bugs in shipped games becomes a more accepted element of the industry.

You could fashion an argument around any number of developers calling them entitled and self-important, whether it's Phil Fish, Jonathan Blow, Markus Persson, David Jaffe, Cliff Bleszinski, Patrice Désilets, Mark Cerny, Tim Schafer, Greg Kasavin or others. Because the words "entitled" and "self-important" are perspective based. And to return to the point above, a perspective about someone's personality is really of little value to the wider collective of humanity. Leave the lecturing of Fish's faults to the people genuinely entitled to such opinions, his family and friends.

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@likeassur: What I don't understand is how people like you a) are calling this criticism, and b) are acting like this is the first time Fish has been "criticized."

The dude literally gets hundreds of hate emails, twitter, and forum posts a DAY. In that kind of environment, anyone might flip a shit.

Also, insults and personal attacks are not "criticism." if Beer had merely adressed the situation, but by calling Fish names and adressing him with such disrespect, he drowned any point he might have had.

Edited by GaspoweR

@zevvion: He wasn't necesarilly dismissing Beer's opinion. He disagreed with Beer's view of the relationship between press and developers/publishers being just a strictly symbiotic relationship (e.g. You scratch my back, I scratch yours) since if that were the case then game reviews would more often than not be skewed due to publications/sites and devs and/or publishers would be beholden to one another. The last time something like that happened 5 or 6 years ago, it lead to Jeff getting fired from Gamespot and when EGM/1UP got blacklisted by three publishers.

I agree though with some of your points with Phil Fish. I think Polygon's resident cherub Justin McElroy's thoughts over twitter pretty much sums up my thoughts on it as well:

cc: @patrickklepek

Posted by Hilts

This thread is awesome. Can't beat a bit of drama!

Posted by GogDog

I appreciate your thick skin, Patrick. But i don't like the fact that nearly every article you write for Giant Bomb ends up being about yourself. It's like the website has turned into your personal blog rather than you writing about games.

Posted by Mike76x

Game developers do not owe us anything, and I don’t owe them anything. It’s archaic to view the press-developer relationship as strictly symbiotic, and is indicative of an old view of the press-developer relationship. Do I often rely on developers to open up and allow me to tell their stories? Yes, but it’s an optional dance we do the tango to. No one is indebted to the other once that exchange has run its course, and that's the end of the road. If you're on a writer/journalist making this argument, that's really bad.

Fish and Blow went out of their way to criticize Microsoft's handling of indies.

Since Fez launched Fish was bitching constantly about lack of advertisement for Fez, and paying to patch Fez. Blow to this day tweets about how horrible Microsoft screws over indies.

Never once did Fish or Blow have a problem commenting to the media.

Then Microsoft makes a potentially huge announcement for indie devs, and the gaming media reach out to the biggest names in indie gaming. Then the biggest names in indie gaming take to Twitter to bitch about being asked their opinions.

Do they "owe" the media? Probably not, but they are part of that story, and it would be foolish to not look for their responses.

Beer's comments were not kind, but he's not kind. He speaks with his heart before his brains and doesn't give PR approved appropriate responses, and that's just fine by Cliffy B.

Posted by MrCaptain

" 99% of the Internet has been nothing but nice to me"

Holy crap you must be the luckiest guy in the world, hehe.

On topic; He really does come across as whiny sometimes.

Edited by leinad44

@gogdog said:

I appreciate your thick skin, Patrick. But i don't like the fact that nearly every article you write for Giant Bomb ends up being about yourself. It's like the website has turned into your personal blog rather than you writing about games.

Wasn't the point of this site that the members of staff put themselves out there more? Most gaming sites are reporting the exact same bloody thing, nice to see a personal slant to this.

Posted by Mike76x
@leinad44 said:

@gogdog said:

I appreciate your thick skin, Patrick. But i don't like the fact that nearly every article you write for Giant Bomb ends up being about yourself. It's like the website has turned into your personal blog rather than you writing about games.

Wasn't the point of this site that the members of staff put themselves out there more? Most gaming sites are reporting the exact same bloody thing, nice to see a personal slant to this.

That and he is a member of the gaming media, which make his personal opinion relevant to this particular story.

Posted by knightlyknave

@keres said:

"I’m an asshole, but that’s what I am, that’s what I do."

This is the worst part of the whole thing. If you take pride in being an asshole (or, worse, make it the basis of your professional career), you're part of the problem. You lose any right to comment on the behavior of others.

I couldn't agree more. This really struck me when I was listening to it too.

Posted by PJ

Look. Marcus Beer is a fucking asshole. That's the end of it.

Phil Fish is also a fucking asshole. There is no argument there. He tells people to choke on his dick and to go kill themselves(not just this time). He also comes across as incredibly whiny and pretentious.

This was an argument between two massive assholes where the other couldn't take being called an asshole and threw a fit.
Fez is a good game. Fish has talent. His personality is horrible and it seems to have been his downfall.
If he comes back to games then that's great. But don't expect a massive crowd running after him begging him to come back.

I don't feel sorry for Fish, he brough it om himself. It's karma.

Posted by GogDog

@leinad44: Sure, but the difference between other members of the GB team is they give their opinions on things rather that it being a by the book article that could be written buy the Associated Press. Patrick's articles are most often: Here's a headline, now here's the other half of the story which is 100% about me. it's annoying to me, and is the main reason I am considering no longer paying for a subscription, despite having one since they rolled out the feature.

It's cool if other people dig his style. But no other member of the team consistently derails articles into self-referencing like Patrick does. He could easily make a weekly blog, linking important news to his own life, but he does it in nearly every article he writes, and now that he writes MOST of the articles on Giant Bomb, the site has effectively become his blog. I didn't become a member here to read his blog. So yeah, that's my problem, and perhaps it's time I moved on. But sadly, there isn't another site like the Giant Bomb of 3-4 years ago. What what was once an amazing unique place on the web is dead and irreplaceable.

Posted by buckybit

Funny, how Phil Fish gave a great description of what Marcus Beer is to me.

I don't care about anonymous Internet hate Fish has to deal with. I don't understand it. I DO understand, how some people "in the industry" are NOT really "in the industry" - they are on the sidelines. Unlike Phil Fish, who created something 100.000s of people seem to have enjoyed, these indeed "leeches" use every opportunity to seek attention and "eyeballs". Shitting on someone else's work in videos and podcasts, while having nothing achieved by themselves in this world? Making A LIVING out of this 3rd-tier interaction, and calling themselves "game-journalists" or "media" ... laughable!

I am amazed if Marcus Beer still has his job (I am not interested enough to googlebing it). But he acted completely unprofessional (since he has no real "profession", not a surprise?). In Europe, Fish and Blow would have a good chance to pursue legal action against this kind of hate speech.

Beer's eulogy on Ryan Davis now sounds weird to me, like the most cynical attempt to seek attention to himself(?!); on his path of "branding" himself, being "relevant" and getting as many "Twitter followers" as he can, to maintain a lifestyle of talking shit for a living and crying crocodile tears when it suits him?

People who create video games are bringing joy into other peoples lives. Making these things is extremely hard. You should try it, next time you feel compelled to write a smug comment or "produce content" as in shit out of your mouth in front of a camera for those Google Analytics web "hits".

Edited by Trilogy

@bleaker said:

I like how everybody is calling him whiny and a man-child, but by projecting their anger at him, aren't they technically the whiny man-child.

The problem with that logic is that he is acting rather childish, imo. However, I don't think I have to be angry to feel that way. I honestly feel that pulling his game and resulting to name calling is only lowering himself to the level of the people that enrage him. He's letting people get to him too much. The dude is capable of making a solid video game. He should take pride in that, lower his head and carry the fuck on. All of this shouting matches he's throwing himself into aren't helping anyone.

The more Phil feeds into the internet, the more it bites back. He's just tossing fuel onto the flames by acting out. He's trying to tango with thousands of anonymous people by himself. It's really pointless.

Beer, on the other hand, is just trying to be a "voice of the people". I think the whole thing is a gimmick and he really needs to lay off the pandering bullshit. It's just so fucking forced, imo.

All that being said, even though I think pulling Fez 2 was incredibly childish, it's ultimately the right move. I don't think Phil should come back, though. Not until he's learned to ignore the assholes on the internet. The current way of things are just too much of a circus for me to want him to change his mind. I'd rather him just take a permanent vacation from the internet and the gaming scene, rather than have this back and forth teasing of his games as punishment for his own issues with anonymous assholes.

Edited by Johnman

Good article, Patrick.

Posted by Roger_Klotz

It's his game and he can cry if he wants to. Cry if he wants to. Cry if he wants to You would to if it happened to you. bum da da da bum bum bum

Edited by LP_Green

@danlongman: haha, don't worry man. I wasn't taking it personally ;) I'd send you poutine if I could. haha

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

The sad fact is you can go back and cherry pick comments by ANYONE to make them look bad. Does Phil Fish come across badly sometimes? Yup, but so does Marcus Beer. I put them both on the same level - they both over react.

And, think the point Marcus Beer was trying to make was valid without the vitriol. If he had just said, "Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish benefit from the games media, so it is sad that when approached on a subject they KNOW and it pertinent too their work that they are insulted when asked...merely comment."

If Marcus had left it at that, he would have had a point, and the whole discussion could have moved on.

Posted by Fealiks

I've just started playing Fez. I'm finding it phenomenal but I've never even considered contacting Phil Fish to tell him that. The sort of people who feel the need to reach out to creators to tell them about their work tend to either be other creators or cynics. The adage of the vocal minority is very true; the simple fact is that it's easier for a lot of people to express feelings of superiority than it is to express feelings of humility, forgiveness, thanks, etc.

It's sad to see that this sort of thing has got to Phil Fish, but I hope it's only temporary. He might never know that most of the people who played Fez love it because most of those people don't have the inclination to reach out to him about it, but I'm confident that it's the case anyway.

Edited by Fealiks

@zevvion: You're saying it's okay for him to be a dick because he's a dick. I disagree. Just because there's piss in the pool...

Posted by Hawkins1701


...I'm not sure if I'm rooting for any of the personalities involved in this kerfluffle.

Bummer if the game won't be made though. I hope Mr. Fish finds fulfillment doing something else in that case. I understand being really pissed off about or at something....but the "kill yourself" quote will stick for a good while. Hope he's willing to own the words.

Posted by Papacheeks

@sergio said:

Yea, I disagree with Marcus Beer.

It is a two-way street, it’s a symbiotic relationship.

I can live without games journalists, but I don't want to live without games.

BTW, you were extremely rude in your response. I said I may have misread or misinterpreted your comment.

No, reason to be dick about it. Also video games outside of Conventions do need some sort of publicity. Which usually comes from videos, and articles written by..........Journalists. When you wrote your comment did you mean to put a comma in-between "games, journalists". Because you are on a game journalist site, saying you can live without them, kind of hypocritical if you meant it that way.

Don't know how else I was suppose to take it unless you didn't use....Proper grammer. On a fucking comment/forum section of a website.

Posted by Palaeomerus


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@knightlyknave said:

@vinnie_ton said:

I like Patrick, but not sure how or why this turned into an article about himself.

Just by listening to the way they talk, it seems to me that both Patrick and Phil Fish have a bit of an inflated ego.

Yes. Patrick is a bit of a narcissist, and should reflect a little.

Posted by Hoecake

I can't help to think Phil Fish is becoming the Kanye West of video games to me.

Edited by groverat


"Marcus Beer always attacks everyone" is not a context. You are free to take what he's saying "with a grain of salt", but no one has an obligation to simply take insults and attacks because Marcus Beer constantly attacks and insults people.

He's a bully, and bullies get reactions. All you are really doing here is blaming the victim for his reaction to the bully's attack. If you're going to ignore judging Beer's bullying then you should also ignore Fish's response to being bullied. Yet Fish in your analysis is the one who is "nuts" and Beer is virtually ignored. It's like watching a bully's toadie snicker by the lockers.

None of us here have ever endured 1/100th the online tormenting that Phil Fish has. For every 1 unit of shit he's put out he gets 10,000 units in return. I have never going insane on the Internet, but that's not really relevant.

Just for some historical background, since Fish can't get away from anything he says (even when he apologizes), here is Beer's commentary about Hideo Kojima's weak grasp of the English language when giving a keynote speech:

"If you wanna come and present a video at the video game awards in the US learn the fucking language so you can say your speech...learn it...biggest fucking insult of the night was him up there dicking around not able to speak the language..."

Posted by Sergio

@papacheeks: I don't see how it's rude pointing out that you failed at reading comprehension when you did. I even pointed out what you were ignoring. And now you're calling me names. I no longer need to explain anything to you. Good day.

Posted by groverat

Patrick has been a lightning rod for assholes since he started here so sharing his personal experience is 100% fucking relevant.

Maybe a better headline would have tipped off the inflexible and angry readership that this wasn't just about Fez II, but that might be Patrick having more faith in his audience than they deserve.

Then again, those of you who live to get mad at Patrick should stop clicking on things written by him. I'd bet those who spend time getting mad at Patrick are also those who think Fish needs to grow a thicker skin. Irony.

Edited by thosewholeft

Nice piece, Patrick. I'm not sure why I continue to be shocked at the depths anonymous individuals on the internet will go to. Also, welcome back to Chicago.

Posted by JimmyPancakes

I think that's a brilliant simile.

Posted by alfighter27

Great article, seriously. Really warmed my heart at the end Patrick, you're doing fantastic.

Edited by Owlright

We have such unrealistic demands for people in the public eye. We deride them constantly and expect them to take it all without batting an eye. I think the glorification of 'thick skin' is misguided. Since when is pretending to not be injured by hurtful statements so wonderful? Sure Fish could be slightly more tactful in his responses, but I don't give a rat's ass if he does get deeply hurt over derogatory comments. So what? I do, and most people do too.

Asking people to develop 'thick skin' is just asking people to take our derision better so that we can continue to show it, because we don't like being confronted with the fact that we're the ones being dicks. It's not about the other person needing to be anything at all, it's about us needing them to act a certain way.

Posted by emp231

I love Marcus Beer. It's even better when his trolling is successful.

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I don't understand why people are dicks. Regardless of the situation (and the past), Phil Fish had the opportunity to disagree in a respectful way. Instead, he told Beer to kill himself after being "masturbatory" in the whole "compare your life to mine" comment after railing against the exact same thing. That's 100% unacceptable. When you choose to be a public figure and choose to have a public persona, you have a responsibility to present yourself in a fashion that you know will be judged publicly in return. Regardless of whatever or whoever irks you, your reaction is how you're going to be judged, and Fish blew it. Good riddance.

@patrickklepek, your point was made with your bag comment alone. you're not phil fish and you're not beer. You can rest easy in that.