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Sony Reveals New PS3, PS+ For Vita, Not Much Else

Not much happened for Western players at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference, and it didn't show The Last Guardian.

In a press conference unsurprisingly targeted at a Japanese audience, Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference didn’t feature much in the way of major new announcements (for us).

No, there was nothing new about The Last Guardian.

Confirming rumors, the company revealed a third iteration of PlayStation 3, a new model that goes on sale September 25 (yes, next week) over here for $269.99. It’s a 50% size reduction over the original PS3, 25% over the already skinny PS3 Slim, and the hard drive’s upgraded to 250GB and 500GB. The 250GB model goes on sale September 25 with a copy of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and other digital goodies. The 500GB model arrives October 30 with Assassin’s Creed III.

For the record, my Xbox 360 (a launch model) still has a 20GB hard drive. I’m cheap and sad.

The increasingly attractive PlayStation Plus service is also coming to Vita, and won’t cost anything to existing subscribers on PS3. According to the PlayStation Blog, that rolls out in November, and includes access to unspecified free games, an additional 1GB of cloud storage, discounts on games and downloable content, automatic updates ala PS3, and automatic trophy syncing. The last two are a complete joke for a premium service, by the way.

The recent acquisition of cloud gaming platform Gaikai was mentioned, but it wasn’t clear when any new features would be rolled out for PS3, Vita, or if it’s being saved for an unannounced platform.

New Vita models--Blue, Red--were announced, but no word on a price drop.

Keiji Inafune’s Soul Sacrifice was shown, though it was also delayed until next spring. Muramasa: The Demon Blade is getting a Vita port. Namco Bandai also announced a sequel to its Monster Hunter-esque God Eater series.

(Thanks to Twitter user @Cheesemeister3k for the excellent translation of the event.)

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Edited by vinsanityv22

Kotaku put up a live blog. They announced some other games, but nothing interesting. A lot of variations on Monster Hunter games... even a new Gundam for Vita that's some sort of hunting game. Where you battle Gundams of different scales? That's... the saddest thing in the world, to be honest.

They didn't bring Final Fantasy XIII 3. No actual Monster Hunter (guess that's sticking to Nintendo consoles for the time being). No Ground Zeroes or Metal Gear Rising. No God of War, Sly Cooper 4, no Playstation All Stars.

Just a handful of Vita games. Still some PSP stuff. And the hardware announcements. So all they talked about was Soul Sacrifice, God Eater 2, a port of the 3DS Senran Kagura game (a more pervy game than Dead or Alive Xtreme even), a years-late port of the super disappointing Muramasa: The Demon's Blade (screw you critics. Just cuz it's different doesn't mean it's awesome. What a waste of money. There's NO level design there; just empty rooms and mindless one button combat), Valhalla Knights, and a Tecmo Koei game called Touikeden.

WTF Sony? The Vita is screwed. This was a sad way to start off TGS '12. Please be better, rest of show...

Edited by SomeJerk

You know what's a great thing about that cheapest new PS3 with the tiny SSD? (not listed here, appears to be Euro-only 12gb model and turns out to require a bracket to stick a new drive in, still nice though)
You can stick any new 2.5" drive in there. Even that cheap-as-muck terabyte drive you just saw on NewEgg.
If there is a dog, Sony will continue this great tradition with the PS4.

Posted by Nomin

Sony now making mad profits from its console now. Any chance of current model PS3 prices being cut for some more savings?

Posted by Blunt

Release hardware revision.

Charge more for it.


Posted by AuthenticM

Muramasa on the Vita !? Fucking SOLD !!

Posted by Anund

You know what's a complete joke for a subscription service? Getting f-ing access to the online component of the games I buy. Until that changes, I want no complants about anything in PS+.

Posted by ervonymous

Muramasa will look absolutely amazing on the Vita. Just another port but one I'm definitely getting.

Posted by Spitznock

Why in the world are they putting out yet another model of the PS3? Did they at any point explain their thought process?

Posted by Seraphim84

Last Guardian has to be a next gen launch title now right?

Posted by Jay_Ray

I am kind of shocked that people are getting ready for a new console generation but the current hardware is still pretty expensive to buy.

Posted by BradGrenz

@Anund said:

You know what's a complete joke for a subscription service? Getting f-ing access to the online component of the games I buy. Until that changes, I want no complants about anything in PS+.

No kidding. We're talking about a feature the competition doesn't even offer while they instead lock stuff you're already paying for behind additional pay walls.

Posted by JamesJeux007

Don't worry Patrick, I'm like you. I have a big old launch PS3 with 37GB of space... and it is perfectly fine !

Now, I CANNOT comprehend why Sony still thinks it is totally fine to include automatic updates and trophy syncing as part of their premium content, when it should be a main feature included in the system. Especially knowing that it is one of the PS3's big weaknesses.

Posted by Kaigan

Heh, people still think The Last Guardian is ever coming out?

That's almost as bad as thinking Versus XIII is still in development!

Posted by Zace

PS+ for Vita and are Muramasa port? That's enough for me (along with their current line-up) to get a Vita.

Edited by Smashlampjaw

@Kaigan said:

Heh, people still think The Last Guardian is ever coming out?

That's almost as bad as thinking Versus XIII is still in development!

Quiet you, we can dream damn't

Posted by Vextroid

But does the logo rotate?

Also, Reppin' 20GB 360 users!

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish
@Spitznock said:

Why in the world are they putting out yet another model of the PS3? Did they at any point explain their thought process?

Thought process: profit margins.  
Posted by FMinus

I wish for one day where all console manufacturers start thinking smart and design a perfectly rectangular console ala Pioneer AV Receivers/BR Players so it actually fits my living room and other electronics that sit right next to them.

I'm trying to hide my Xbox360 Elite (black thing) as much as I can beneath my TV, since it just looks like a fucking alien between other stuff there. I'd have to do the same with the Playstation 3 if I had it.

Posted by MattClassic

Has there ever been a new console revision that sold for more, or even the same price, than the previous version? I thought consoles were supposed to get cheaper when this happens.

Posted by GS_Dan

@Broadcastorm said:

You guys forgot to mention that new thing includes dust 514 as well :)

...Isn't that free to everyone anyway?

Posted by ManicMyna

why go back to an atari/ps2 style case?

Posted by Blunt

It looks bad and Sony should feel bad.

Edited by bushlemon

New PS3 looks slick

But I'm gonna stick with my fat

Also: I think they are saving the price cut for the WiiU launch

Posted by lordofultima

My fully backwards-compatible 20gb model says "what's up?"

Posted by Stinky51012

Paying to play online and for everything that is free on PSN to begin with is a complete joke for a premium service (Xbox Live Gold).

Posted by Orange_Pork

@Stinky51012: "Microsoft's service is bad" is not an excuse to not make PS+ better.

Posted by metalsnakezero

Muramasa on Vita, sweet!

Posted by onan

Any word on if the new model reintroduces PS2 backward compatibility? The larger HDD is attractive, but not the point I'm willing to trade down on features.

Posted by Rowr


You guys are working a little to hard to poke holes. Who the fuck ever screws around syncing their trophies.

In other news i have a shitload of free games from psplus, and will get a bunch more when it rolls over to my vita for no extra cost.

Any game announcements will be saved for E3 when they will need to put on the big show in the face of the competition and everything else was announced last month at CES or GDC or whatever it was.

Meanwhile Live just put through my annual bill of 100 dollars or whatever the fuck it is, which i'll no doubt spend another year not using because everything on the system looks like fuzzy brown pixels and is cheaper when it eventually hits steam.

So look i know you all love your xbox's and Live and that's the route you chose, I loved mine too for 4 years too it was great.

But if you are dissing psplus, you are clearly not someone who uses it.

Posted by dropabombonit

Blue Vita looks dope, will get it when it comes down in price

Edited by cmblasko

@Rowr: Not sure if you listen to the Bombcast, but Patrick and the others routinely praise PS+ for being such a great service and compare it favorably to XBL. He just apparently feels strongly that those two features should come standard to PSN users rather than sit behind a pay wall.

Posted by JerichoBlyth

R.I.P Sony

Posted by grbear

Pricing on the new 12GB model they introduced for Europe is terrible. It's only €20 cheaper than the old 160GB model for a much less useful machine.

Posted by muralbat

So people pissed at the WIi U price but happy about 6 year hardware costing the same? I gets confused sometimes.

Ugly piece of kit is that play station. I think the revision before this was gorgeous. Can everyone accept Last Guardian is now a PS4 game and move on? Thats how I feel

Edited by PandaShake

New ps3 looks sleek as hell. Gives hope for Orbis. Looking forward to durango or next xbox and orbis announcements now.

Edited by AndrewB

I wish I knew what the PS4 was going to be about. Otherwise, I'd think about picking one of these up for the games I missed, plus Blu-Ray. The latter end of the Xbox360 life cycle has left me wanting for new console games. That thing has been in the same dormant state that my Wii has been in for years, not including Mass Effect 3.

Posted by WebScud
automatic updates ala PS3, and automatic trophy syncing. The last two are a complete joke for a premium service, by the way.

While I can agree with trophy syncing, iOS, a closed system like the PS3, don't automatically update itself. I never quite understood the "not a premium feature" argument.

Posted by cosi83

Soul Sacrifice is going to be excellent as is God Eater. Invest in the Vita folks

Posted by Mandrewgora

It's to late in the cycle to buy another PS3.

Posted by TranceQuina

The Muramasa port is the most exciting thing here to me.  The only thing I didn't love about that game was the Wii controls.

Posted by Neurotic

Next week? Wow. I only got my 320GB slim in April so I think I'm good for now. It looks nice though.

How was PS+ not on the Vita anyway? Whatever, that's actually good for me since I'll be getting one soon (for my sins).

Posted by stenchlord
Posted by sickVisionz

So the cheapest model of PS is now going to cost $270? Weren't they selling for $250 before this? Am I missing something or did they seriously announce a price increase?

Posted by thatdutchguy

no thanks

Posted by stenchlord

Is it just me or does it look like a PS2 slim but more curvy on top?

Posted by BrianP

Holy shit, patrick has a launch 360 that still works?

Posted by Doppelgamer

Muramasa on Vita!! While I'd prefer it on PS3/360, this is still excellent news. Oh, and a new model PS3 to choose from...

Posted by Nakiro

Coverage from Giant Bomb for Vita is shit as always. Keep up the great work guys.

Posted by ProfessorEss

Sad that the biggest news of the event is the lack of The Lost Guardian.

...err sorry, The Last Guardian.

Posted by MjHealy

Christ we have come far in this generation. We started off at 20GB and now we're at 500GB. That's hella bytes.

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