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Sources Say Lionhead's Milo (And Kate) Has Been Scrapped

At least the tech will supposedly be used in an upcoming Fable game.

If a source close to Lionhead Studios has it right, then you'll have to find a real little boy to squash snails with instead of Milo and Kate's digital little kid. The Kinect research and development project headed up by visionary designer Peter Molyneux has purportedly been scrapped, according to a Eurogamer report, and as a sad result, 19 contractors have possibly been let go from the Guildford, UK-based studio. 

The same source believes that the tech birthed from the Milo project won't go to waste. Instead, it will be used in an unannounced "Fable-themed Kinect game," the source has said.  

Milo and Kate (or Project Milo, if you'd like) first appeared at E3 2009. Doubts that the project would ever become a real game followed the presentation, because, frankly, the child-interaction project seemingly didn't have the framework of an actual game. Microsoft and Lionhead launched something of a mini-PR campaign rather recently this June, confirming that the title (or project, or demo, or whatever) was still in development, though was not in fact guaranteed to become a real game.

Milo later made a splash at TEDGlobal in July in its first public appearance since E3 2009. Molyneux wooed the audience with a similar multi-environment demo that teased the fact that Milo's AI had some sort of ability to learn and adapt based on the player's interactions with him. Crushing snails, for example, would make Milo feel sad, but I suppose he'd get used to it if we made him do it enough. Unfortunate as it is, it appears as if we won't get the chance to see just how far we could push him down that dark, dark road.
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Posted by xyzygy
@MrKlorox said:
" More Fable? Fuck that shit. I'd rather have a new Black & White. The Milo/Kate interaction fits that game so much more closely anyway since that's what inspired it in the first place. "
Hey, maybe that's what they're going to do. You're right though it does fit Black and White way more than Fable.
Posted by Brenderous

Skittles got loose... :(

Posted by wllmyrs

dang-no nature versus nuture experiments on milo and kate

Posted by LordAndrew
@Phished0ne: A lot of people don't seem to realize Kate is Milo's dog. But that's okay, because it makes their posts more fun to read.
Posted by Junpei

can't be too shocked that it wasn't an actual game. If the tech works though then there's no reason it can't be harnessed or licensed like a development or physics engine is for games

Posted by JazzMaverick

No surprise.. it was blatantly scripted.

Posted by LiquidHelium

Have your say here...

Posted by Swick
Posted by tehplums

The most recent demonstration I watched was very different from the original demos. All the interactions were cursor based, the Kinect had essentialy become a PC mouse. So I am not suprised by this potential

I saw it on YouTube. Molyneux was demoing it at a University I think. The primary control was moving a small bubble with your hand and "clicking."

Posted by ZebN

Too bad, I was interested to see how this would turn out.

Posted by Mitch0712

I always hear about things being "scrapped, canceled, and pulled" from Lionhead news

Posted by afrofools

surprise-surprise-surprise (ooh-double negative!)

Posted by DT9k

Man, nobody saw that coming

Posted by sbowers88

Too bad. Looked interesting.

Posted by nekoNari

I'm not surprised. The gameplay shown at TED was nothing more than glorified adventure/RPG game. Basically, they just added voice recognition for saying Yes/No or selecting options and so on. 
I believe Lionhead should refocus at making great games, not some tech demos.

Posted by InfamousBIG
@afrofools said:
" surprise-surprise-surprise (ooh-double negative!) "
I think that's a triple positive, bro.
Posted by Chris2KLee

Narp, didn't really see how this was gonna be a thing anyways. I imagine any tech that might have actually existed will be rolled into something else (Kinectimals?). It looked like pure concept chicanery anyhow.

Posted by kollay

Milo & Kate seriously fucking sounds like a Disney Channel TV show.

Posted by Nekroskop

Good call on Microsoft's part here. Thousands of filthy pedophiles all over the world could have been molesting children if it came out

Posted by ApolloBob

M' balls?

Posted by AuthenticM

...does anyone really care?

Posted by strembones

Of course it is canceled. It was an interesting concept. The only thing Kinect and move are good for are mini games and dancing. Ugh even more reason to never get this crap

Posted by JJOR64

Doesn't surprise me.  I think it would be a tough sell.

Posted by Mikemcn

Who is kate?

Posted by habster3
@AuthenticM said:
"...does anyone really care? "
Posted by SeriouslyNow

Makes sense.  It would've been expensive and complicated to ship two Lionhead employees with each copy.

Posted by Alcamin

I wouldn't be surprised if this is true. I've been under the impression that this has been on the card for a while now, what with the amount of rumours floating around. Still, I'm not that bothered really, not because I didn't like the look of the game, quite the opposite actually, but because of the three words that were used in this very article:   research and development. Milo was an impressive concept but was probably nothing more than a tech demo and, more importantly, an experiment into the uses of the new Kinect hardware and what it was capable of. Even if Milo himself dies the amount of information and, most importantly, ideas that come from it will probably be invaluable for future titles. At least that's the hope. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some cool stuff. 
RIP Milo. Let's hope your death will not be in vain.

Posted by CrazyCannuck
@fwylo: @fwylo said:
" Damn. I was so ready to whip it out and fap in front of that little kid just to see what he would do. 
...OKAY not ONLY to see what he would do. "
see! this is what I'm talking about!  THIS GAME IS A LAWSUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN!  you'd get sued by his virtual parents and the worst part is they would win!
Posted by JFetch

To all those asking who Kate is, she was the female version that wasn't shown at E3.

Posted by TheUnsavedHero

Who was even going to buy this anyway? I mean it seemed like it was just a tech demo than an actual game.

Posted by DSale

Now... jump in the river.  Yess...... Yes.....

Posted by WilliamRLBaker

which is funny since we knew this all ready, It was a tech demo it was a method by which to learn things and such. then it was simply rumored and hinted at it was a real game...

Posted by IronScimitar

Shame...Kate had a killer ass.

Posted by WickedFather

Milo hit puberty and needed more polygons, Kinect wasn't up to the job.  He also turned out to be a wee bit racist.

Posted by gunslingerNZ

I don't think anyone is surprised by this. It is a little bit of a shame though since it might be the beginning of the end for the hopes people have for real games on Kinect.

Posted by TwoOneFive

reminds me of all the fanboys defending it despite how incredible stupid it was. 

Posted by Trylks

Everything will be allegedly used in a Fable game...

Edited by CitizenJP

edit: that the game is scrapped. looked dumb. :) 
PS: yay for Fable.

Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab

Up next: Milo And Kate Plus Eight?
Posted by welshguy
Posted by Ravenlight

Wait, I don't care.

Posted by PlasmaMachine

I hope "Muh Balls" is still slated for a Q1 2011 release.

Posted by tweetspot

the game they were coming out with was complete crap - search for slugs/butterflies sounds terrible

Posted by Jost1
@jonnyboy said:
" Gary Glitter just canceled his Pre-order. "

Posted by Ne0teric

I never actually cared enough to take a look at any of the Milo stuff anyway. Ah well.

Posted by Hailinel
@Trylks said:
" Everything will be allegedly used in a Fable game... "
Fable IV:  Milo's Chronicles...confirmed!
Posted by Onlyzemeryalive

World Domination by Skynet averted 

Posted by Arjuna
Maybe because the tech demo of it was fake? I do not think they ever intended to release it to the public. 
Zactly. This shit ain't possible.
"Computer: End program"... The day that I say that and end up on the holodeck is the day that this will happen.
Peter Molyneux is a techno-hippy.
Posted by masterlink64

im am glad this is just going to be tech for fable. creepy inappropriate kids being a game would highest product sold to the demographic of men 40+