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Speed Coke: A Drink Chugging Contest For The Ages

We drink cans of Coke as quickly as possible because a British man told us to.

My teeth feel like they're coated in a sickly film. That's probably because I don't normally drink regular Coke at any speed, let alone under nine seconds. But that's how we spent our morning here at Giant Bomb as we recorded our response to Paul Barnett's video of Warhammer Online maker Mythic employees having a speed contest for fastest Coke drinking time. For reference, here's Paul's video:


After putting me on to the challenge this morning via Twitter, Ryan and I stopped off to get some Cokes on our way into the office. The following video was shot at 10:45 this morning.


Having used a funnel-type device for quickly drinking beers before, I understand the throat pain that comes with quickly drinking carbonated beverages. But the extra-fizzy nature of a can of Coca-Cola makes it way tougher than gulping down two cans of Coors Light. I'm currently using some popcorn to soak up the fluid in my tummy, and hope to make a full recovery.

Oh, and don't try this at home... at least... not yet.
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