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Square Enix's Gun Loco Gets Canned

The Japanese publisher has put the kibbosh on its third-person "spring-action" shooter.

Don’t expect to see Gun Loco in 2011 or, uh, ever. Using the game’s official Japanese site to carry the message, Square Enix has announced that the curious third-person shooter has been canned, according to translations. The game was supposed to debut on the Xbox 360 exclusively at some point this year.

Gun Loco was announced back in August and it turned heads with its strange art. The misshapen, odd assortment of characters, wearing anything from bunny suits to new-age gladiator gear, were a product of toy maker Kenny Wong’s design. Wong is probably best known for his role with Hong Kong-based company brothersfree, which has churned out some toys that feature a similar twisted style.  

The translation of the Web page provided via Andriasang makes no mention of why the game was cancelled. Square Enix previously seemed high on the title’s “sprint-action” that would have players ducking, lunging, and vaulting around arena environments in addition to dishing out physical punishment, but I suppose we’ll never get a chance to see how that stuff would have worked. At least, not in Gun Loco.