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Summer of Arcade Titles Dated

Limbo heading up an impressive line-up set to start July 21.

For whatever reason--and I'm leaning towards a weaker marketing push--Microsoft's 2010 Summer of Arcade doesn't seem to have the same kind of pre-release buzz that it had in 2009. But that doesn't mean there aren't some exciting games set to hit over the next few weeks. The other Brad gave you a tour during E3, and now you know when to expect each title, as Microsoft has tossed out release dates for the five titles being released under the Summer of Arcade umbrella.



 == TEASER ==Limbo and Monday Night Combat are definitely going to be my "must-sees" out of this selection. Oddly enough, the idea of saddling up as Lara Croft yet again is also becoming increasingly pleasant to my cortex. I feel like I should probably go to a doctor and check for damage.

Just like last year, you'll get a deal if you buy all these titles. You'll receive 1200 Microsoft Space Bucks if you purchase all five games, or 400 if you get at least three.

While we're on the subject of XBLA, two more games are releasing today: Blacklight: Tango Down and Monkey Island Special Edition 2: LeChuck's Revenge. A bunch of deals are happening too, if you're interested.

So, Summer of Arcade. It's a thing that will be happening. Are you going to grab them all?    
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After the Quicklook I'm really excited about this game
Sweet, got the AV club complete!

Posted by Pyroph

Ill be getting Limbo definitely.

Posted by DeF

woohoo!! too expensive though

Posted by A_Dog

I'll be getting Limbo and I want to try the trials for all the others.

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Hello, yesterday's news.  Are you well? Have you changed since yesterday?  No?  Well, then...

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Limbo and Castlevania are the ones I'm looking forward to, hopefully the others will be good and maybe I'll get those

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n
@cstrang said:
" Hello, yesterday's news.  Are you well? Have you changed since yesterday?  No?  Well, fuck off then. "
A little harsh but he's not really wrong either.....
Posted by ThePhantomnaut

Castlevania bitches.

Posted by Zeninnnnnnnn

Man. cstrang is such a fucking dick. Piss off.

Posted by cstrang
@G0rd0nFr33m4n said:
 A little harsh but he's not really wrong either..... "
Truth, this.  Came out harsher than I meant it to.  Edited to allow more sunshine and rainbows in this news thread.
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for me summer of arcade has already started, Monkey Island 2 today and Deathspank next week!!!  Limbo,  Monday Night,   Castlevania  and Lara Croft look great too.. I might jump on the buy everything deal if reviews for all those arcade games are good enough.

Posted by Torrim

This might be the best year yet, with me buying 4 out of the 5 titles.  I think the most I bought last year was Trials and Shadow Complex, and the year before that Penny Arcade.

Posted by TheMasterDS

I surprised Laura Kraft is going out last. I'd have thought MNC or Castlevania would've grabbed that slot. I dunno, part of me expected, like last year, the most notable game to grab that slot. 
Well, less waiting for games I want, right?

Posted by Peacemaker

Definite Limbo purchase.  I'll see how the others turn out.

Posted by Crono

I am planning on getting all of them except hydro thunder... but I may as well buy that too because of the points?  @_@

Posted by MysteriousBob

Castlevania is all I'm interested in, even though it just recycles all its sprites and looks like a cheap fangame as a result. 
I'm curious if Lara Croft will be a decent Diablo clone.

Posted by granderojo

All of these are must buys to me except for Monday Night Combat.

Posted by PLWolf

I seriously think Summer of Arcade is just an excuse to charge $15 for each of these games. When, in all reality, they should be "on sale" during this time. 
I'll get Castlevania and that's pretty much it.

Posted by Kraznor

To be clear, if you are a citizen of the United States of America you will get your points back. I made that mistake last year and now I own that travesty of a Ninja Turtles game as a result. Be warned.

Posted by sully

Limbo for sure, Lara Croft is virtually certain for its co-op as well. It's going to be a good summer!

Posted by Cybexx

 All these look pretty awesome, I'm a bit annoyed at $15 being the new $10 and I suspect  most if not all of these are $15. Other than that, I mean Monday Night Combat looks cooler than I initially thought, the DotA aspect is unexpected. I am cautious of Castlevania, its cool that its a new 2D entry but it kind of looks like a multiplayer party game constructed from older 2D Castlevania assets, but I've only seen a tiny bit of it so maybe its more compelling than that. 
Also its kind of cool that you get some points back for just 3 games, unlike last year where I think I got everything except Turtles in Time and got nothing. I am almost certainly going to get at least 3 of these.     

Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

WTB Deathspank

Posted by Hourai

Can't wait for Limbo. 

Posted by President_Evil

There aren't a lot of games like Limbo this gen, so I'll definitely be picking that up pronto.  I'll grab Hydro Thunder and Castlevania as well.

Posted by jos1ah

About flippin' time these got release dates even if they're further off than I'd like. Now if all these are $15 I'll probably get 2-3. If they're $10 I'll probably catch em all.
Posted by GeekDown

Limbo looks really interesting so I might just get that.

Posted by Krataur

Limbo and Hydro Thunder are definite buys.  MNC and Lara Croft intrigue me, as well, and I may consider them depending on their prices.  Castlevania I'm still hesitant on.  I'm hoping it isn't entirely multiplayer focused and still plays like Casltevania.

Posted by Damien
@Cybexx:  They are all $15.
Posted by zityz

Looking forward to Limbo, Castlevania (who wouldn't) and Lara Croft and Lara Croft and the Gaurdian of light. ( Diablo-esque action rpg with gun and spears, Sold. Oh and I guess Lara Croft)
Posted by Napalm

Where the fuck is Shank? Oh wait, that's not really a Summer Of Arcade dealio. God, I want that fucking game.

Posted by masternater27

Limbo definitely, and maybe Monday Night Combat.  The others.. meh.

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Posted by carlthenimrod
@Vorbis said:
" I thought the Summer of Arcade were meant to be exclusives to XBLA? or am I missing something?
    Is listed as PC, XBLA and PSN. "
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 came out as part of the Summer of Arcade last year and that wasn't really exclusive. It just came out a week before the PS3 version. Maybe they could be doing something similar with that game.
Posted by Landon

Summer of Arcade 1 - Awesome, bought every game.
Summer of Arcade 2 - Decent. Splosion Man and Trials were the stand outs
Summer of Arcade 3 - Limbo is the only cool looking one. The new Castlevania looks really weird.

Posted by MjHealy

Stoked for Limbo but DeathSpank is out next week so it's all cool.

Posted by GrandpaJelly

Depends on the price.$15 for Limbo? nope.

Posted by Pkshields

Probably will get Lara Croft, would get limbo too if it came to PS3 at some point, but probably unlikely.

Posted by agentboolen

Definitely want the new Hydro Thunder, online should really be fun with that.

Posted by Faint

im interested in limbo after seeing the quick look but i won't be buying a 360.

Posted by Andorski

Definitely going to get Limbo.  You just gotta support the indie gaming movement -- keep creativity alive!
Monday Night Combat looks cool.  If the XBLA community latches onto that like they did BF1943, then I'm in.

Posted by geirr

I actually just ordered a new Xbox 360 "slim" just for Limbo, which I know sounds crazy.. o.o

Posted by Necrotoxin

I want world of Keflings, but still has not received a release date.

Posted by MDK

I'll buy Limbo and Castlevania for sure. Lara croft is a maybe. The co-op and 400 point discount for beign the third game does sound tempting. It will boill down to the reviews. With Limbo and Castlevania I will use blind faith as I have done with several summer of arcade games in the past. Call it a tradition. 
Posted by MrKlorox

Castlevania, absolutely. But I probably won't get Limbo or Guardian of Light at 1200 MSP unless they're really long.

Posted by th3b1gl

I can't wait to play Limbo and Lara Croft. Even though the other Tomb Raider games were not so great, the co-op addition looks fun.  Also what does Brad mean by "J ust like last year, you'll get a deal if you buy all these titles. You'll receive 1200 Microsoft Space Bucks if you purchase all five games, or 400 if you get at least three." Do we really get 1200 MP when we buy all 5 titles? I have never heard of that.

Posted by gnarlycore

Line up looks pretty darn solid!