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That Horrible 3DS Analog Stick Rumor Is Coming True

Bizarre, awkward looking add-on being developed in conjunction with Monster Hunter 3G.

I didn't report on the rumors Nintendo would be releasing an add-on for the 3DS that would provide the handheld with a second analog stick for two reasons. One, I couldn't verify them. In almost every case, if I'm unable to come up with secondary confirmation of a rumor, you won't read about it here. It's not my style. Two, it sounded ridiculous, a move that would make more sense--if any at all--for a re-design. Even if you entertained the idea of it coming prior to a re-design, why split users?

Turns out, it's looking to be true.

The add-on, which reportedly acts as a cradle for the handheld and simultaneously adds several shoulder buttons (there are conflicting reports on this specific fact, hope to have clarity in the morning), has appeared in the newest issue of Famitsu. It's being released in conjunction with Monster Hunter 3G, apparently scheduled before the end of the year, at least in Japan.

What's this monstrosity look like? Your wish is my command, courtesy of Twitter user @south1996.

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No, you haven't lost your mind! This isn't some crazy dream!

Granted, much could change; we're getting the very first details on this translated from a magazine reveal. Nintendo has a press conference ahead of the Tokyo Game Show this month, currently scheduled for September 13. We should see more about this add-on there. I'm especially interested in finding out whether Nintendo has the balls to charge for this.

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