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BREAKING: Is Giant Bomb's New News Editor Starting Tomorrow?

With this important change in place, Brad will finally get to focus on his seafaring video games round-up while Jeff will... also wear a hat.
I'm pleased to announce that as of Monday, seasoned newsman and all-around good guy Patrick Klepek will be joining the Giant Bomb team as News Editor. We've all thought long and hard about how best to expand our focus and provide higher-quality content for you, and adding Patrick to the team will bring exactly that. In addition to bringing his expertise to our current news output, one of the things Patrick will be focusing on is honest-to-goodness original reporting, ensuring that there are even more things on Giant Bomb that you can't find anywhere else.

Why news? Why now? Well, I should probably back up a bit.

Right around the time we started Giant Bomb back in 2008, I grabbed myself an RSS reader and subscribed to almost every single full-text gaming news RSS I could find with the idea that if we were going to start a site with no dedicated news person, I was going to need to be up on what's happening out there in the world. While we focused primarily on covering the games themselves, we'd dabble in news here and there, reporting things when they came our way and, more often than not, linking out to sites that were doing the legwork that we weren't. Beyond positioning some rugged soldiers like Brad Nicholson in direct path of the press release hose, It felt like it would be crazy to get into news. Other people--like Patrick, for example--had that buttoned up.

These days, I almost wonder if everyone decided that there's no money in news reporting or something. The sites that were fully devoted to it seem a little less focused these days. Some of them broke out and got into other types of content at their news team's expense. Others branched out into so much off-topic coverage that I had to cull them from my RSS feed. Still others straight-up vanished. Point being, I'm not getting as much news from the news sites as I used to, but the post count from these sites just seems to go higher and higher. I'm left with way too much digging to get to the important stuff from the authors that matter.

Actually, this addition also grants me more time to focus on reviews. Touchdown from all angles.
So I've decided to, in my own way, do something about it. We've all known Patrick for awhile and have crazy respect for the work he's done. Everyone's pretty excited about having him here. We've been tossing around names for potential news candidates for what feels like a year now, but none of them felt quite right. Once we began talking to Patrick about coming over here, it didn't take long for all of those other names to sort of fall by the wayside. He'll be working directly out of our office and we'll all be thinking about presenting you with the most important game news out there with the level of insight and experience that you've come to expect from us.

And we'll probably manage to have a good time while we're at it. That, after all, tends to be our way.

But enough about that. What I want from you right now is two things! First, join me in welcoming Patrick to Giant Bomb. Second, I think we all have some ideas about what an ideal news organization should look like these days, but I want to know what you think about it. How do you want your news delivered? Is text the thing? Should we develop some kind of weekly news wrap-up show? Call-ins? A daily podcast where the day's headlines are delivered directly to your earholes? Should we beam our news stories into space so that aliens can know about updated release dates and the reasons behind their favorite studio's layoffs? Should we rope Patrick into some kind of heinous Tested live show segment where he's blindfolded and eating some kind of awful "food" during his first week here? Like I said, let me know.

(Photo by Becky Pineo) Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
Posted by PoToSkull

Will Klepek be on the GiantBombcast he has a good personality for it, after hearing him on two other podcasts. There shouldn't be another podcasts but he should join you guys and run the news segment part of it. Either way great to see him joining the crew.

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@Jeff: Personally I don't come here for news, because I find news boring and it pretty much hits the forums before articles get posted anyway. IF you can present news to me in a "Giant Bomb" way, be it video or audio, I may care about video game news again!

EDIT: Also, Welcome Patrick. Good luck and have fun.
Posted by 49th

Welcome Patrick Klepek!
Weekly features are always good so I would like to see some kind of news round up at the end of the week, with a desk and paper than he could shuffle. It would also be pretty cool if Patrick was regularly on the bombcast to read the News segment rather than Ryan. This would be in addition to text articles obviously which would be the main source. Good luck.

Posted by Dixperiken

Welcome Patrick. Good to see you guys expanding! I always enjoyed the news segments on the Hotspot and it will be good to start hearing about that stuff again.

I think news posts, a weekly wrap up video and a podcast are all great ideas. Which one to pick i'm not sure. But i'm sure i'll check out whatever you end up doing.
Posted by strangeling

Looking forward to it.

Welcome Patrick, welcome!
Posted by ectoplasma

I want to be able to smell my news!

Posted by SonicFire

Patrick is a great news editor. If I recall, he's the guy who broke the infinity ward story once things started going bad.


Also a very likeable dude

Posted by Kaowas
Welcome,   Patrick!

I want my gaming news delivered in all of the above ways! Make it happen!

Seriously a think a little text reporting on the major stuff and then a news wrap up show would be perfect. He can sit behind a huge, elaborate desk (probably made of some combo of steel and glass) with a Giantbomb logo on it, and say things in a stoic, news reporter-y way. Awesome.
Posted by Xtrememuffinman

Awesome, welcome to the greatest website in the whole wide interwebz, Patrick <>. It's awesome to see more news on Giantbomb. Maybe I'll be able to drop IGN from the favorites soon; I don't really like them, but they have my news fix.

As for reporting the news, a daily or weekly video or podcast update would be fantastic. Reading sucks, and is really distracting and time consuming. If I could get a quick audio update for yesterday's news on the road, my life would be perfect. I'm also rather selective of my reading, so having it all forced on me would broaden my horizons.

Also, more people on Tested segments is ALWAYS welcome. He could also help fill the hole Alex is leaving </3

Posted by ptc

Stick to text for news, and add Patrick to the Bombcast as a full member and to do the news segment.   Excellent add by the way!  Been following Patrick since his days at 1up.   He is quality.  Giantbomb just keeps getting better and better!

Posted by go_diego_go

this is great to hear...

even more reason why GB is the first site I open up in the morning.
Edited by xxNBxx

News is always best served up hot and fresh, the fastest way to deliver the news
would be to have a ticker at the top of the web page. Could be something fun for
you guys to play with (aka quests, and general giantbomb fooling around)    

On top of that you should have a weekly wrap up (either squeeze it into the bombcast or have some kind of weekly video)

And welcome to the show Patrick Klepek. 3 jobs in a year is an impressive feat.

Posted by AlexW00d

I'ma say Text all the way. With maybe a comicvine style weekly wrap-up.

But definitely text so I can read it all from my Twitter Client when I am away from my PC, and have intermittent signal. (Work)
Posted by CastroCasper

This sounds alright, change always freaks me out, so I am sure it's better than alright. As for how we get our news, I always like a good ol' fashion text box. However the idea of a daily 20 minute podcast or something would be pretty cool, ONLY if it doesn't mean losing another Whiskey Media podcast. 

Posted by HydraHam

I am still waiting for drew to get some bombcast action *insertsuperangryfacehere*

Posted by BrianP

This is good news (no pun intended). I always went to kotaku for sheer volume of reposted news, and then GB for original good content, but since kotaku has gone to shit design wise, I would like to just come here for everything.

Posted by GaspoweR

HOLY SHIT PATRICK!!!! Loved him back in his 1Up and MTV Multiplayer blog days! Awesome!

Posted by Ontheocho

A perfect fit.  Why must you be so awesome WM?  You continue to exceed my expectations for excellence.  Mr. Klepic will continue to elevate that excellence.  Well done.

Posted by Monk

Great news, hopefully he will fill the void of talking about games the other 4 don't play. Japanese Games I'm looking at you!

Posted by Lyfeforce

Welcome Patrick.  I hope you like it here.

I always enjoy reading the news more than having it told to me, but it just doesn't seem right to not have Patrick on the News segement of the Bombcast.  The best part about any part of WM for me is the interaction between personalities, usually blending the serious with the silly.  So maybe a continuation of what's going on now, with the important newsy stuff in text and a weekly/big story round up during the 'cast?  Maybe?

Posted by Woodwater

I love the idea of a short daily podcast and an end of the week "wrapup" video segment.

Edited by afrokola

Awesome news guys, welcome to the world's greatest website about hamburgers and video games, Patrick! I would definitely love to see a weekly news segment, picking the creme of the crop, on top of daily news articles.

Posted by Jazz2
@mortal_sb said:
" @Duckchow said:
" Awesome! My only suggestion is to separate the news stories from the videos on the front page so things don't get buried on busy days, or just make the list of stuff longer. "
YES! "
Such a good idea!
Posted by Seraphim84

I usually skim most articles on the site since it's just bare information I'm looking for.  I think that a hard n fast weekly news report with maybe some on-the-day coverage for bigger stuff could go a long way.  The added value that you guys bring by not just spitting out as much information as you can will always be a superior method of communication.

Posted by darkjester74

Glad to hear you guys are focusing on news, sounds like Patrick is a major get and will be an asset to the team.

Regardless of what medium you use to deliver the news, you need to ensure your news stories are timely and, above all, ACCURATE!  Nicholson on multiple occasions has reported erroneous or missing details, which he could never be bothered to follow up and correct.  On several occasions it was left to the community to set the record straight.  Add to how late many of the stories were and it makes the current news organization at GB laughable at best.  Hopefully Patrick's addition will help rectify that particular situation.

Edited by Spiritof

I need to know how Patrick feels about being a passenger on "The Train" before I give this decision my 100% approval.

Posted by leebmx

Welcome Patrick. 

 I think the most important thing is that it is proper news reporting not just reprinting press releases which seems to be the way for most gaming news sites. If GB have to piss off some publishers or PR departments to get at what is really happening then this is price of really being a news reporter rather than just reproducing second-hand guff like the rest of the gaming sites - Kotaku I'm looking at you! 
Edited by c0l0nelp0c0rn1

Though I am not familiar with Patrick's prior work, I look forward to his contributions to Giant Bomb and Whiskey Media as a whole. A weekly wrap show like what's on Comic Vine would be amazing.

Edit: If a weekly video show is too much, then make it a text digest. I don't like to sift through news stories.

Posted by koolaid39

Glad to see Patrick coming to the team. I've followed him pretty much since the beginning and I have definitely seen an improvement and a certain maturity to his writing over time that I really enjoy. Welcome good sir!

Posted by TripMasterMunky

A weekly news wrap-up would be awesome.

Because let's face it, most of the "news" is stuff that doesn't really matter. I don't need breaking news on the same day it's released. If I had to wait a few days before the conveniently organized news wrap-up show - I'd be fine with that.

Posted by RYNO9881

This is amazing news. Welcome Patrick.

Posted by Maajin

This is great! I loved Patrick on G4's Feedback, don't miss the oportunity to have him on the Bombcast, guys!

Posted by scottp

cant stop the bomb, i love this!

Posted by Jazz2
@RaffaChicken said:
" Sounds great Jeff! Welcome Patrick! I've observed exactly the same problem from my news feeds and I'm really glad that you guys are stepping up.

I'll just throw out some things I hate seeing in my news feeds (besides the obvious Kotaku pacman sweater shit):

  • Trailers are not news. You can keep your 15 MMO class trailers and your chopped up BF3 trailer. If a new game is announced, link me to the trailer as part of your story (if you feel there is a story). Shield me from the excruciating PR asset dripfeed.
  • Go easy on reporting things like steam sales, freebie offers and key giveaways. I can follow numerous bargain sites for that and it just degrades your 'news'.

And some things I love seeing (besides the obvious original reporting and info gathering that you've mentioned):
  • Don't be afraid to post about obscure or niche stuff. I love hearing about games that I would otherwise not have heard about, even if they're not for me. I'm always discovering new games on Rock Paper Shotgun that don't get wider attention until months later.
  • I don't care much for sales figures, but I do like being aware of what is coming out each week. Never found a constant source for this info.
Yes! I don't like that half of the news posts on GB are trailers. There has to be a more elegant solution for it.
Posted by BaconGames

I'm just curious if this impacts the "news of the world" segment on the Bombcast.  Is WM okay with the technical redundancy of news being writted/shown by Patrick and then the Bombcast talking about it all once again on the Bombcast?  Will the Bombcast only choose the most important stories?  Will that segment get cut all together? (I severely disagree with that last one).  Will Patrick join the Bomcast for that purpose?  or Will he just be part of the "news of the world" segment?

Posted by Ono_Sendai

Welcome aboard Patrick.  I was a fan of yours when you were at G4. Was starting to wonder what you've been up to.

As for Jeff's question about news format, call me old school, but I say keep it text-based.  Maybe a Giantbomb News-only RSS feed?

Edited by kennybaese

I'm too lazy to read through all of these comments so this might have already been asked, but is Klepek going to be sitting in on the Bombcast now? Because that'd be rad.

Also, a daily podcast would be cool. I think that the text thing is fine because I enjoy reading things on the internet, and you guys already put a ton of work into your crazy videos as it is, but a daily podcast where you do a quick run-through of the different news stories would be neat. Though, if you were to do that, it'd probably be a good idea to break it off as a desperate podcast from the Bombcast.

Posted by shotodrag

A weekly new headline video wrap-up show would be great!  As for a podcast, can he just be added to the Bombcast?  There's a news segment already there, it can just be expanded on.  But would five mics be too much?

Either way, welcome to the team Patrick!
Posted by GozerTC
@shotodrag said:
" A weekly new headline video wrap-up show would be great!  As for a podcast, can he just be added to the Bombcast?  There's a news segment already there, it can just be expanded on.  But would five mics be too much?

Either way, welcome to the team Patrick!
This.  Add him to the news section of the podcast, maybe give him a theme song for the segment. :) 
Posted by RocGaude

I'm confidant that however you guys decide to deliver the news, it'll be bad ass.  Getting Klepek is a major coup.  Great job, old school GB...and welcome to your new clan, Patrick.  :)

Posted by TooWalrus

I'll add my hands to the slow-clap that's been going on for the past 12 hours, welcome Patrick.

I like the idea of a weekly wrap-up, preferably a static shot of Patrick in a suit, sitting at a news desk with a stack of papers. I don't think a daily podcast would really be necessary, especially on slow news days. I don't mind reading.
Posted by smiddy

This is amazing news, welcome Patrick!

As for news updates, I of course want it as soon as possible, but I like the idea of a weekly video with the news highlights. Something that could add a little GB flavour to it all. This has really got me excited about the future of Giant Bomb.
Posted by Beomoose
Welcome aboard, Klepek! I demand the news in the form of daily Sonnets. 

Jeez, I take one day off to trek across the Ice fields of Hyperion and I miss the huge news. No, seriously, Hyperion. I totally wasn't sitting around in my underwear eating Nachos and watching "Gettysburg" incommunicado.
Posted by FormulaDeuce

Welcome to the site Patrick. Hope they give you a nice christening on the next live show. Cause there's no greater honor than having a bottle of champagne broken across your face before they put you out at sea.

Posted by JonDavis
@Ryan: Didn't think "Pat" was insulting, but thanks for correcting me. You're right, I was a jerk. I'll lay off. No excuse for that sort of behavior.
Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

I prefer text articles personally for my news. Keep it brief and to the point.

Posted by YoungFrey

I don't really want a weekly wrap of news (video or text).  Comicvine does that and I find that on top of the feed and the podcast, the news is redundant no matter how well done it is.  As for content, I want anything that is more behind the scenes. 
Posted by AleeN634

Hi Patrick! Congrats on joining the Giant Bomb team.

I like the idea of a weekly news roundup. Perhaps using that virtual news studio set that you were testing once. One thing that I would like to see more of is posting major news related podcasts or videos (like the video talking about the Duke Nukem situation or the Bizzare Creations closure).

For everyday news text would be more than appropriate. Although the frontpage is already pretty cramped. For example when Jeff posted all the Captivate 2011 info he filled up the entire featured stories section (and even then some stuff wasn't on the frontpage). Since News used to go into that section it might push content down that you might have wanted us to see. Maybe a News Ticker (similar to the Blog Updates, Status Updates) with links to the News tab might be best.

Posted by OtakuGamer

Welcome Patrick!

Also i liked the idea of having some kind of weekly news wrap-up show. I love Fridays would seem pretty neat.

Posted by DeadDorf

First off, welcome Patrick!

I think a weekly text news wrap-up is the way to go, with a small section in the Bombcast. I also do not want to see rehashes of press releases, only real news with additional insight or information.