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BREAKING: Is Giant Bomb's New News Editor Starting Tomorrow?

With this important change in place, Brad will finally get to focus on his seafaring video games round-up while Jeff will... also wear a hat.
I'm pleased to announce that as of Monday, seasoned newsman and all-around good guy Patrick Klepek will be joining the Giant Bomb team as News Editor. We've all thought long and hard about how best to expand our focus and provide higher-quality content for you, and adding Patrick to the team will bring exactly that. In addition to bringing his expertise to our current news output, one of the things Patrick will be focusing on is honest-to-goodness original reporting, ensuring that there are even more things on Giant Bomb that you can't find anywhere else.

Why news? Why now? Well, I should probably back up a bit.

Right around the time we started Giant Bomb back in 2008, I grabbed myself an RSS reader and subscribed to almost every single full-text gaming news RSS I could find with the idea that if we were going to start a site with no dedicated news person, I was going to need to be up on what's happening out there in the world. While we focused primarily on covering the games themselves, we'd dabble in news here and there, reporting things when they came our way and, more often than not, linking out to sites that were doing the legwork that we weren't. Beyond positioning some rugged soldiers like Brad Nicholson in direct path of the press release hose, It felt like it would be crazy to get into news. Other people--like Patrick, for example--had that buttoned up.

These days, I almost wonder if everyone decided that there's no money in news reporting or something. The sites that were fully devoted to it seem a little less focused these days. Some of them broke out and got into other types of content at their news team's expense. Others branched out into so much off-topic coverage that I had to cull them from my RSS feed. Still others straight-up vanished. Point being, I'm not getting as much news from the news sites as I used to, but the post count from these sites just seems to go higher and higher. I'm left with way too much digging to get to the important stuff from the authors that matter.

Actually, this addition also grants me more time to focus on reviews. Touchdown from all angles.
So I've decided to, in my own way, do something about it. We've all known Patrick for awhile and have crazy respect for the work he's done. Everyone's pretty excited about having him here. We've been tossing around names for potential news candidates for what feels like a year now, but none of them felt quite right. Once we began talking to Patrick about coming over here, it didn't take long for all of those other names to sort of fall by the wayside. He'll be working directly out of our office and we'll all be thinking about presenting you with the most important game news out there with the level of insight and experience that you've come to expect from us.

And we'll probably manage to have a good time while we're at it. That, after all, tends to be our way.

But enough about that. What I want from you right now is two things! First, join me in welcoming Patrick to Giant Bomb. Second, I think we all have some ideas about what an ideal news organization should look like these days, but I want to know what you think about it. How do you want your news delivered? Is text the thing? Should we develop some kind of weekly news wrap-up show? Call-ins? A daily podcast where the day's headlines are delivered directly to your earholes? Should we beam our news stories into space so that aliens can know about updated release dates and the reasons behind their favorite studio's layoffs? Should we rope Patrick into some kind of heinous Tested live show segment where he's blindfolded and eating some kind of awful "food" during his first week here? Like I said, let me know.

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Posted by Apollo87

Great, this means less sites I'll have to keep a track on, that's certainly great news, and I guess the format I'd like the most is the weekly video, It's faster and I don't have time to check news everyday so I don't really need to get the news on the minute.

Posted by PLWolf

Welcome Patrick!!
What about having him on the Bombcast to discuss with everyone the previous week's news and any known upcoming news for the week. Then he could have a segment on the Live show to discuss the current week's News.

Posted by Moriarty

I don't know what any of this means, but I'm excited for the fact that "the fab 4" will have more time to be on camera instead of writing.

Posted by Roger_Klotz

Welcome Patrick!

I prefer text, when it comes to daily news. That way we can read it for over selves and reread it if we need too. Also, I like to send links of news articles to other people and it's a little easier if it's text rather than a segment of audio or video file.

P.S. I think Patrick should eat something disgusting anyway. Kind of an initiation into the whiskey media family.
Posted by BonOrbitz

Welcome Patrick! I've been following him since his days at Ziff and G4 so I'm glad to see another familiar face at Giant Bomb. A Whiskey Media Happy Hour Hazing is definitely in order.

I don't mind text, but I'd like a quick, down-and-dirty daily podcast or video with discussion on the day's headlines.

Posted by NegativeCero

Welcome, dude. I've been a fan since EGM/1UP.

Posted by Dick_Mohawk

Welcome Patrick to the funnest gaming site on the net. I look forward to seeing your work here.


HHmm, well I enjoy reading  the standard news posts, but it could be great to have Patrick have a segmant on the Whiskey Media Happy hour, or have him do the news on the Bombcast with his own unique insight which gets my primary vote.


Another podcast is a real possability or maybe Patrick could have his own mini show going through the stories of the week. I miss all the features that used to be packed into the video section so that could be cool.

Edited by angelfan91


Welcome to the bomb Patrick!!  Good luck Have Batman! 

Posted by SuperZamrod

Welcome Patrick!

Posted by mpgeist

Good, hopefully this means I don't have to ever think about Kotaku anymore.

Posted by MormonWarrior

Welcome to the Giant Bomb crew Patrick! Hope to hear you on the Bombcast...if you're funny and crazy too, that is.

Also, as far as the best organization possible for news, I feel like this site and many others are spammed by so many random posts that the really good stuff gets buried. If there can be like a daily news roundup or something that might be best, with the really big pertinent stories getting their own articles. Just an idea.

Posted by Stupot

I think a wrap up show would be an amazing idea, very helpful. The rest of the news reports should remain text base as i preffer to re-read it ect, plus can read in it while listening to something else ect.

Posted by BalrogsBain

i would to see a weekly video podcast of that weeks news in gaming from everything from rumors of upcoming games to who said what in tweets and blogs something to watch on the journey to work in the morning,

or a Monday night live show so theres only Tuesday not filled with whiskey media content   
Posted by NoXious

Welcome Patrick! Could someone please throw in a link of his profile so I can follow the duder?

Posted by Elow

I'm not sure I understand what GB is trying to do.

 Doesn't GB report news all the time? Sure, they may grab a headline from some other site, but then GB puts their own thoughts/spin/flavor on the story.

Or does this mean that GB wants to become a Kotaku-ish site? Updating GB like every hour or so with news?

Anyway, welcome Patrick!

Edited by PixieNinja

A big welcome to Patrick!

How we receive the news is pretty much dependant upon how much of it we're likely to see - will it wind up being posted onto GB like the stuff is now, or are we likely to see some form of digest version of it? If the latter, I'd love to see something twice a week, and video is always good, so long as knocking out something like that isn't going to be too time consuming in amongst what you already do.

The more reasons I have to come here for my news, instead of elsewhere? The better.

Posted by StriderNo9

I'm not saying they need to be the first in news, but a bit more timely would be nice, and of course bringing what makes GB so special to the news would be even better.

Posted by EvilTwin
@Elow:  Giantbomb's news is generally slow and second-hand.  In which case it's kind of useless to people who just follow RSS feeds.  I think Patrick is here to get news up faster so it's more relevant, and to actually break some stories of his own.  I doubt it's going to be Kotaku levels of useless information.
Posted by Unlogik

Only good things can come of this! 

Welcome Patrick! Give me a shout whenever you want to get crunk in Vancouver.
Posted by TigerDX

News is already discussed on the Bombcast, with its own neat little jingle and everything, but what if it was broken out into a separate thing, either in audio or video form? I want to keep hearing the entire crew's input on the news, so I definitely don't want to lose out on that. Maybe having a focussed production would deliver that while also reducing the overall size of the Bombcast, so you guys don't have to rush on other topics of discussion.

In general, I'm in favor of more Giant Bomb input on what's going on. The insight is what interests me more than any amount of timeliness - it's why I love the Bombcast!
Posted by jimmdogg

Just what GB needed, a sweet afro.

Posted by Rastapasta

I hope he's on the bombcast a lot, I like the sound of him

Posted by Cube

It's good to see Giant Bomb finally realizes (unique) news is important for traffic.

Posted by Xeiphyer
@Elow said:
" I'm not sure I understand what GB is trying to do. Doesn't GB report news all the time? Sure, they may grab a headline from some other site, but then GB puts their own thoughts/spin/flavor on the story. Or does this mean that GB wants to become a Kotaku-ish site? Updating GB like every hour or so with news?Anyway, welcome Patrick! "
GB usually misses a lot of news stories because they can't cover them fast enough, or they end up showing up a few days later. This will let them be more punctual, which is a good thing. I hate having to get my news from other websites.
Posted by jimmdogg

Wow, 42 pages of comments?  I think people are excited!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Neat-o! Glad to see some "fresh blood" at Whiskey Media! 

Posted by MSUSteve

Patrick's first scoop should be about Ryan Davis' terrible arm band tattoo. I've been wondering for years what the story is behind that thing. Lost bet? Drunken 21st birthday party gone wrong?  Get on it Mr. Klepeck!

Posted by AncientMecha
Green screen shenanigans should be a mandatory day 1 activity.
This news news excites me, lots! As far as what I'd like to see in news, a daily headline summary would be overkill, since most of the day-to-day gaming news is largely unimportant, press release-ey, junk.

The Bombcast already does a weekly news summary with opinions, so having a separate rundown would be redundant. Only one would be necessary. Maybe have Patrick come in and make the Bombcast news more robust, then break that out into a separate RSS for the people who want just the news? That's where my vote is, for what it's worth.

Similarly, a daily headline summary would be overkill, since most of the day-to-day gaming news is largely unimportant, press release-ey, junk.

It's funny, just last week I was thinking that it would be nice if Giant Bomb went into more in-depth reporting and journalismizaton. I did a quick mental rundown of actual newsmen in games press, and the only person I figured would be a great fit was Klepek!
Posted by RoninAutomaton

News is exciting and New~s ...

Standard daily articles with a weekly wrap-up Podcast highlighting the “hottest” articles of the week— with comments from Bomb Squad—sounds good to me.
Posted by StingingVelvet

I think Rock, Paper, Shotgun is about as good as you can get for gaming journalism outside of regurgitating press releases.

Posted by Napalm
@patrickklepek: I think text articles that are thorough and well-defined would benefit the site greatly, especially the bigger news that pops up.

So, my suggestion as many have said would be text form articles throughout the week, like normal reporting, and at the end, either having a big text round up of the (biggest) news, or just a quick thirty-minute podcast talking about important news and developments.

Duder, it's so good to have you at The Bomb! :D
Posted by skewt

I like Patrick, he does good work and seems to have a knack for being on the fore-front of a story. So I'm looking forward to seeing his work on a site I enjoy.

Edited by cikame

Text news on the home page is the quickest way for any website to deliver news.

That being said, ever since i saw it on Family Guy i've wanted to see some kind of "you know what grinds my gears?" report on video game news.
Though video production takes time so it couldn't be used for news announcements, just like a "Pats Corner" at the end of the week or something. (edit, "Pat's Bomb")

I'm unfamiliar with Patrick, but it would be cool to see a respected person speak freely on their opinions of leaks and rumors in this sometimes mysterious and silly industry.

Posted by NekuCTR

This news makes me happy.

Posted by Orange

 You should have daily video clips for each news story.

1. NEWS HAPPENS (you know, it just happens)
2. Patrick dishes out the facts and everything in an entertaining video.
3. Thousands of viewers can watch the news story clips throughout the day with the all new VIDEO NEWS FEED. *hint hint*

Videos will be uploaded seconds after Patrick records them!

It'll be ALMOST live.

This, or just have a live cam on Patrick at all times in the office.

Posted by DrSwank

Daily Video News Show, similar to Destructoid on That... would be amazing.

Posted by imsh_pl

I would loove to see something is style of Comic Vine's weekly news. Just a basic roundup of the industry's recent events. The podcast idea is incredible as well.

Also: welcome to Giantbomb, Patrick!

Posted by washedupgamer

One more comment among the hundreds already here... I've been listening to the Bombcast for a while now but just started regularly visiting the site.

I'd love to see a more consistent stream of text based news updates throughout the day so that I could make this site the only one I need to visit for videogame coverage -_-

The Bombcast is almost like a weekly news wrapup in itself so having another one on top of that would be a bit overkill.

Posted by buzz_killington

If it's big news and it's important to break it sooner that others (like the IW thang) : a news story.
If it's ordinary stuff, just do like a weekly thing (segment on the Bombcast, or some video thing).

Posted by efriman

This is the one big thing the site has been missing, excellent :)

Posted by DeadPan

Welcome sir!

I agree with a video about the news of the week. That way you can pick and choose whats the most important news of the week and talk about it. Maybe bring in the the rest of the GB crew to talk about.

Exciting times!

Posted by This_Dude

Welcome to GiantBomb Patrick,  I've been following you on twitter for some time,  and look forward to reading your contributions to the Giant Bomb Community.

Posted by Tordah

Considering that Giant Bomb is about the only gaming site I visit and get news from, this dude sounds like a great addition.

Posted by Hyper_Bunny_Meow

Big welcome to the Bomb crew Patrick and wish you all the best. I really like the idea of a daily round up, im a sucker for the video section and a daily video round up would be amazing but i know that it might not be possible or easy to do.
Posted by ninjalegend

'ello Patrick, and welcome from this Giant Bomb fan. I'd like to see a news ticker type feed at the bottom of the front page with click-able links to top stories be they text, video, podcast, or whatever you feel the story demands. Not sure how resource heavy that would be, though, would hate to F with the tight code that makes this website load so quick, unlike others (they know who they are). Just thought something like that would draw the "this just in" kind of feel. 

Posted by Moppy


Posted by The_Interrupter


Posted by TheGamerGeek

This is the best thing. Welcome, Patrick!

I want my news to be text but also at the end of the week, a weekly wrap up video (featuring Patrick of course) devoted to letting us know exactly what the big stories this week were.
Posted by DonutFever

Man, this is great news.

Posted by 4f3f4324f342