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BREAKING: Is Giant Bomb's New News Editor Starting Tomorrow?

With this important change in place, Brad will finally get to focus on his seafaring video games round-up while Jeff will... also wear a hat.
I'm pleased to announce that as of Monday, seasoned newsman and all-around good guy Patrick Klepek will be joining the Giant Bomb team as News Editor. We've all thought long and hard about how best to expand our focus and provide higher-quality content for you, and adding Patrick to the team will bring exactly that. In addition to bringing his expertise to our current news output, one of the things Patrick will be focusing on is honest-to-goodness original reporting, ensuring that there are even more things on Giant Bomb that you can't find anywhere else.

Why news? Why now? Well, I should probably back up a bit.

Right around the time we started Giant Bomb back in 2008, I grabbed myself an RSS reader and subscribed to almost every single full-text gaming news RSS I could find with the idea that if we were going to start a site with no dedicated news person, I was going to need to be up on what's happening out there in the world. While we focused primarily on covering the games themselves, we'd dabble in news here and there, reporting things when they came our way and, more often than not, linking out to sites that were doing the legwork that we weren't. Beyond positioning some rugged soldiers like Brad Nicholson in direct path of the press release hose, It felt like it would be crazy to get into news. Other people--like Patrick, for example--had that buttoned up.

These days, I almost wonder if everyone decided that there's no money in news reporting or something. The sites that were fully devoted to it seem a little less focused these days. Some of them broke out and got into other types of content at their news team's expense. Others branched out into so much off-topic coverage that I had to cull them from my RSS feed. Still others straight-up vanished. Point being, I'm not getting as much news from the news sites as I used to, but the post count from these sites just seems to go higher and higher. I'm left with way too much digging to get to the important stuff from the authors that matter.

Actually, this addition also grants me more time to focus on reviews. Touchdown from all angles.
So I've decided to, in my own way, do something about it. We've all known Patrick for awhile and have crazy respect for the work he's done. Everyone's pretty excited about having him here. We've been tossing around names for potential news candidates for what feels like a year now, but none of them felt quite right. Once we began talking to Patrick about coming over here, it didn't take long for all of those other names to sort of fall by the wayside. He'll be working directly out of our office and we'll all be thinking about presenting you with the most important game news out there with the level of insight and experience that you've come to expect from us.

And we'll probably manage to have a good time while we're at it. That, after all, tends to be our way.

But enough about that. What I want from you right now is two things! First, join me in welcoming Patrick to Giant Bomb. Second, I think we all have some ideas about what an ideal news organization should look like these days, but I want to know what you think about it. How do you want your news delivered? Is text the thing? Should we develop some kind of weekly news wrap-up show? Call-ins? A daily podcast where the day's headlines are delivered directly to your earholes? Should we beam our news stories into space so that aliens can know about updated release dates and the reasons behind their favorite studio's layoffs? Should we rope Patrick into some kind of heinous Tested live show segment where he's blindfolded and eating some kind of awful "food" during his first week here? Like I said, let me know.

(Photo by Becky Pineo) Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
Posted by Bub

A daily news podcast would be absolutely fantastic.

Posted by Baraka528

Welcome Patrick, wish you the best!

Posted by demonknightinuyasha

This is awesome, I followed Patrick (metaphorically speaking >.>;;;) since first seeing him at 1up. Looking forward to him joining the team. 

As far as content, I think doing something with text that is easy to kinda get through, see the stories I want and move on would be ideal, and maybe like Comic Vine does, have a short end of week wrap up video. 

Also definitely to the tested segment, that should be his first appearance on the live show XD 
Edited by Jackel2072

i like the idea of doing a weekly news show.  this sites strongest suit is its video content/podcasts. 

Posted by Jinto

Wow, "The" Patrick Klepek from G4? That's impressive. Wonder why he would leave G4.

Posted by targetrender


Posted by MisoRonery

Great to hear!  Congrats to the Whiskey Media family and Mr. Klepek!  Everyone wins today!  I am going to stop exclaiming, I promise!

Posted by Phobos

I love me some text, baby! This here GiantBomb got me to come back and read video game news on teh webanets. Why? Bevity (except for Brad and his 4 point essays). 

Boiled down & tasty soup is so much better than a bucket of water & a carrot. Keep up the fine work.
Edited by GunslingerPanda

A daily news podcast or something would be excessive. I think there should just be regular written news, kinda like there is now but with more QA and less copy-paste, a new news segment in the regular Bombcast, and a weekly video.

Posted by Otacon

Welcome to the site Patrick! But yeah I think a weekly news roundup video would be good and fit in with the rest of the content of the site.

Posted by Zelnox

You could start the Rocketboom of video game news.

Posted by ChickenPants

Daily news podcast would be excessive and incovenient. Just give it to via text and maybe incorporate a news video at the end of the week too.

Posted by FluxWaveZ

I don't want a daily news podcast at all. Like ChickenPants above me aptly stated, it would be excessive and inconvenient. A weekly news wrap-up show, however, sounds fantastic and something that I'm sure many would look forward to every week.

Posted by natetodamax

I don't like the idea of a news podcast. Important news is covered already in the Bombcast with great commentary. No need to separate that.

Posted by chilipeppersman

Good to hear that a new dude is one the scene. A weekly video wrap-up would be much appreciated to those of us who work a lot during the week and get most of our time on the weekends. And more video reviews are always appreciated to full-text too :P Keep up the good work, GB

Posted by doublezeroduck
@Jinto said:
" Wow, "The" Patrick Klepek from G4? That's impressive. Wonder why he would leave G4. "
He probably got tired of Sessler. I got tired of him and I didn't have to work with his @$$ every single day. 
Posted by Tofford

I would like some low production videos about news. Like when you guys made a video about Duke Nukem being cancelled or some of the Kessler Kam stuff.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Shit load of comments.

Edited by MB

@guyver0: Nicely done, we get several pages of responses asking why this topic was bumped after three years.

Posted by guyver0

@mb: It was linked on the gaf thread which is currently in a state of groundhogs day. couldn't help myself.

Posted by Alyssia

I thought this was announcing a new hire called Patrick. Until i got to the part where Jeff says Klepek.

Posted by 49th

Awesome! Welcome Patrick, hopefully the news starts to improve from here on.

I hope no one starts to complain about a new member of the site, I'm sure that won't happen.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

I don't know about this Klepek fellow. Time will tell if he's a good fit for the site. The only thing that'd get me to like him is if he covered horror games, maybe even did an occasional live stream around them. We'll see...

Posted by LordAndrew

I'm glad that hiring Patrick will give Jeff more time to write reviews.