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BREAKING: Is Giant Bomb's New News Editor Starting Tomorrow?

With this important change in place, Brad will finally get to focus on his seafaring video games round-up while Jeff will... also wear a hat.
I'm pleased to announce that as of Monday, seasoned newsman and all-around good guy Patrick Klepek will be joining the Giant Bomb team as News Editor. We've all thought long and hard about how best to expand our focus and provide higher-quality content for you, and adding Patrick to the team will bring exactly that. In addition to bringing his expertise to our current news output, one of the things Patrick will be focusing on is honest-to-goodness original reporting, ensuring that there are even more things on Giant Bomb that you can't find anywhere else.

Why news? Why now? Well, I should probably back up a bit.

Right around the time we started Giant Bomb back in 2008, I grabbed myself an RSS reader and subscribed to almost every single full-text gaming news RSS I could find with the idea that if we were going to start a site with no dedicated news person, I was going to need to be up on what's happening out there in the world. While we focused primarily on covering the games themselves, we'd dabble in news here and there, reporting things when they came our way and, more often than not, linking out to sites that were doing the legwork that we weren't. Beyond positioning some rugged soldiers like Brad Nicholson in direct path of the press release hose, It felt like it would be crazy to get into news. Other people--like Patrick, for example--had that buttoned up.

These days, I almost wonder if everyone decided that there's no money in news reporting or something. The sites that were fully devoted to it seem a little less focused these days. Some of them broke out and got into other types of content at their news team's expense. Others branched out into so much off-topic coverage that I had to cull them from my RSS feed. Still others straight-up vanished. Point being, I'm not getting as much news from the news sites as I used to, but the post count from these sites just seems to go higher and higher. I'm left with way too much digging to get to the important stuff from the authors that matter.

Actually, this addition also grants me more time to focus on reviews. Touchdown from all angles.
So I've decided to, in my own way, do something about it. We've all known Patrick for awhile and have crazy respect for the work he's done. Everyone's pretty excited about having him here. We've been tossing around names for potential news candidates for what feels like a year now, but none of them felt quite right. Once we began talking to Patrick about coming over here, it didn't take long for all of those other names to sort of fall by the wayside. He'll be working directly out of our office and we'll all be thinking about presenting you with the most important game news out there with the level of insight and experience that you've come to expect from us.

And we'll probably manage to have a good time while we're at it. That, after all, tends to be our way.

But enough about that. What I want from you right now is two things! First, join me in welcoming Patrick to Giant Bomb. Second, I think we all have some ideas about what an ideal news organization should look like these days, but I want to know what you think about it. How do you want your news delivered? Is text the thing? Should we develop some kind of weekly news wrap-up show? Call-ins? A daily podcast where the day's headlines are delivered directly to your earholes? Should we beam our news stories into space so that aliens can know about updated release dates and the reasons behind their favorite studio's layoffs? Should we rope Patrick into some kind of heinous Tested live show segment where he's blindfolded and eating some kind of awful "food" during his first week here? Like I said, let me know.

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Aliens... definitely the alien thing.

I'm satisfied with text content, though.  Don't spend your time working on a podcast/video/other thing.  I don't want a daily podcast because I won't be able to keep up and it won't be worth anyone's time.  Videos are always great, but I'd rather have more Quick Looks/video features instead.  Call-ins are generally 'meh', unless you make it some kind of sexy video-game hotline 1-888-69-BOMBS.  Rawr.

Posted by jasonefmonk

Welcome Patrick!

Posted by ratzombie

I'm always for more video content; a weekly wrap-up video would be well appreciated.

Posted by Jeff
@Gabriel said:
" @Jeff 

What about Brad Nicholson, I'm assuming he's gonna be let go?
No way, the end goal is to have more news, not less. For that we're going to need guys like Brad working with Patrick to ensure we're covering all of the stories that matter.
Posted by SlightConfuse

awesome news 

Posted by JJOR64


Grats to Patrick!

Edited by SmokePants

Welcome, Patrick!

Stay off of the Bombcast. For the love of God, stay off the Bombcast. I can handle you once in a while, but you are a motor-mouth and a little of you goes a long way.

Posted by Ithryn

Welcome to the family Patrick!

Another show or Podcast would be great ! 
This is a video-podcast site after all. Reading is for chumps.....      >.<!

Posted by Tearhead

Welcome, Patrick!

I would love a weekly "news-only" podcast that would be roughly 30 mins to an hour depending on how much has happened during the week. When it comes to just listing breaking news, that can be done in proper text, while shooting a video would require more production and may be ill-suited to the fast paced "gotta get it to ya quick" type of news. It would be easier and faster to just throw guys into a room turn on microphones and go, plus, I'm much more interested in the discussion than the production.
Posted by Deathbanger

You had me at Patrick Klepek .

Posted by General_D23

Welcome Patrick!

I think keeping news as text articles sounds good. A weekly video recap would work well too, so long as it didn't mess with anything else all too much. I think I lean toward good old-fashioned text-based news.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

One step closer to Ice-T.

Posted by Crono11

Good hire by Giant Bomb. I'll never forget when the IW stuff was going down and Ryan saying that Klepek is killing it, since he was breaking everything pretty much.

As for the news, written posts and then a wrap up video at the end of the week would be what I'd like to see. 
Posted by ShaggE

Fantastic! GB's only weakness is its news area (no offense, Brad N.), so if you get a lock on that, we can one-stop shop right here.

Posted by afrofools

I think you guys already know what you're going to do, and whatever it is things will be sweet.

Posted by RedSox8933

This is very exciting. Welcome to Giant Bomb, Patrick.

Posted by Klaimore

Welcome aboard Mr. Patrick....Welcome..... TO HELL!!! No just kidding we're chill here I'm really happy with this newest addition I'm not going to lie I have been wanting Giant Bomb to post more news so I'm glad that that's going to be the case. Also text form is a fine way to deliver news with a little sense of humor as well, oh wait you know work to Whiskey Media so that talent should come naturally. 

Posted by Sweep

This is excellent news! It's pretty exciting, having watched Giant Bomb from it's inception, being able to observe the company grow and the roster expand.

Welcome, Patrick!

Posted by Snake_Eyes_Ex

This is awful.

Posted by Gunder

Awesome, I always liked Patrick's stuff at 1up, especially on the podcasts. I hope he becomes a part of the Bombcast.

Posted by Jasta

An I love Mondays-esque video solely for news would be fantastic.   

Posted by Mafuchi

Oh man, I'm happy as long as Klepek gets drunk and lets that mid-western accent shine.

I always like the written news bit GB does that involves lots of leg work, like getting two sides of a story and putting it in context (crazy right), not just PR regurgitation. 
Posted by Ventilaator

Have a news podcast, use all of that extra time on the Bombcast for EMAILS

Posted by DrBendo

As new goes, I like things dry. Most gaming sites seem to go for either forwarding press releases or loading their "news" with obnoxious attempts at personality. When it comes to video games, there are very few sources for intelligent, reliable news. Despite numerous "news" sections, there's a distinct absence of genuine journalism.

Text is the best format for serious news; audio and video add limitations and have few benefits. The current format is fine. Depending on the number of volumes, it might be worth having a topical organization scheme (e.g., Business, Studies, Releases, etc.). Given a single news editor, I suspect that there probably won't be sufficient volume for demarcation, though.

Posted by Skytylz

Fuck Yes, I love Klepek!!!!!

Edited by goudaj

Meet your new News Editor, guys! HE LOVES DENIM!!!

Posted by Jayross

Fuck yeah, that's awesome! Also totally: get Tested to test him.

Posted by starfurydysan

Cool a paid member I demand to know what hazing initiation ritual you guys have planned and will it be on a WH Happy Hour?! ;)

Posted by End_Boss

Congrats for snappin' up Klepek, GB.

Klepek, congrats for bein' snapped up.

Posted by sdornan

That's awesome! Can't wait to meet all you dudes in person!

Posted by honeycut1

hurray!  Welcome Whiskey Media!

Posted by baxterpunch

Daily podcast!

Edited by bkbroiler

Glad to have you here, Patrick!
I would love to see some straight-up text news. Makes it easy to read when things slow down at work.  I know text doesn't get a whole lotta love, but I dunno... I think reading is pretty cool.

Edited by Bigbombomb

Welcome to Giant Bomb Patrick!
I think a weekly news video thing would be cool, and more text-news would be great as well.

Posted by Mayu_Zane

Welcome to the Bomb House, Patrick. Looking forward to seeing stuff from you.

Edited by Blair

I'd rather not have Klepec as a regular on the Bombcast, if I can be frank.

No disrespect at all but I'd rather keep things steady.  I'm a fan of having him here but I don't really want to change the scenery of the Bombcast.

Posted by xync4

Ooo a stalwart from those halcyon times of the 1up show's peak - I can of course thank 1up for suggesting I check out GB - AAAAH IT ALL LOOPS BACK AROUND

Posted by napalmtrees

Welcome Patrick!  Much love for what you do!

Posted by triple07

Sweet, I agree about the news sites expanding into too much stuff at the expense of video game news, which is interesting for wasting time but for actually getting news about video games it sucks. I would personally like to see some kind of weekly wrapup video or something along those lines but good old text articles are fine too since its easy to get information across.

Posted by ZombieGoast


Posted by Ravenjade

I like text for news because it's something I can link to friends and they can get the jist of it quickly, with a podcast you can't really tell where the important details are going to be, as fun as news podcasts are!

Posted by Duckchow


My only suggestion is to separate the news stories from the videos on the front page so things don't get buried on busy days, or just make the list of stuff longer.

Posted by ptys

Sweet Patrick welcome! I really, really want more video on the site! Even a couple of segments a week wrapping up the current events, preferably even in an outdoor location where we get to see a bit of San Fran. the awesome city which is the soul of tech and gaming would be awesome. Cameo's from the Bombcast for special events to add a bit of variety? But yeah has too be more video, hands down!

Posted by Zanthox

Sounds great, but what about Brad Warrior of the North Nicholson???

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Welome Patrick


I'd love a weekly news wrap up whether in text or video form.

Posted by shadowwolf9

Patrick K. is joining? Awesome!

Posted by Mendelson9

Welcome to the party Patrick!

Posted by Skald
@Duckchow: That's the difference between the homepage and the news and video pages.
Posted by patrickklepek

Thank you for the overwhelming welcome, guys!

Brad Nicholson is not going anywhere, I'm simply coming in to run the news side.

But, please, keep dropping your suggestions in here. I'll be reading. That's all I'm going to be doing tomorrow.

Again, thanks. I'm mildly freaking out.
Posted by Pullarius_Capax

Patrick Klepek is a great get, he was awesome on the feedback videos from G4. Look forward to more faces on WM videos!!