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The New Greatest Picture On This Website Of Ours

Hint: It's Ice-T. Again.

From Ice-T's Twitter:

Provided you aren't going to be in line somewhere, come back around midnight PST for our review... which I should probably finish writing, now that I think about it. Jeff Gerstmann on Google+
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Posted by roofy

now we only need a picture of the giantbomb crew in the exact same pose

Posted by Inquisitor

So what? :/
Posted by WUNDABAR
@GreasyTayTay: Now look what you've started (epic picture though)
Posted by wefwefasdf

Sick. I wonder how well they work...

Posted by Meteora

The GiantBomb crew needs to take on the challenge and pose with night vision goggles.

Posted by sdauz

that's great! what a great pic lol...made my day, probably made Jeff's to lol

Posted by InFamous91

oh man

Posted by deusdigit

Thats seriously awesome. Atleast its not Dane cook.
Posted by Dethfish
@buzz_clik said:
" When are they getting The Ice on the Bombcast? "
Yes. Jeff, make this happen please. Contact his "people" or something.
Posted by LiquidSwords
@TiltReptilian said:
" Damn now that playa see in the dark nobodys safe "
Posted by Artemis_D

I hope he's wearing these in Pimps Up, Hoes Down 2.

Posted by DJJoeJoe
Jeff Gerstmann , the leading authority on Ice-T and Ice-T related media. 
Posted by ErgoProxy77

My brother pre-ordered the prestige edition, but then cancelled it to save money.  I can't believe it, I was soooo close to getting real nvgs, dammit all!

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@Dynamitekyle said:

" @TheMustacheHero said:

I love you. Lmfao "
I don't see it...  Tell me...  Naked Girls?  This is the internet...  I've seen many a naked girl... 
PS:  Never mind...  I saw it...  or rather, "him"...
Posted by Jayzilla

That SHOULD be everyone's mandatory avatar without the MW2. Kotick kissed my money goodbye a while ago.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Holy shit, that's hilarious.
Posted by AllanIceman

Prestige. I expect nothing less from Ice-T.

Posted by iamthemoneyj

he looks pissed

Posted by SJSchmidt93

I lol'd.

Posted by Lukeweizer

Damnit. I wish I bought the prestige.

Posted by thedez


Posted by Bigandtasty
@Crispy said:

" Oh. My. God. "

 Becky, look at her butt. It is so big, ugh! She looks like one of those rap guys' girlfriends. 
Posted by UnsolvedParadox


Posted by chstupid

Best picture ever
Posted by Heartagram


Posted by Arjuna

I'm never sure if, when Giantbomb says "midnight", if they mean:  Midnight East or West?...

Posted by CrazedJoker
@Arjuna: Probaby 11 AM CST.
Posted by withateethuh

He said PST.

Posted by Meteora
@Arjuna: West. PST. GiantBomb is located in California, so they go by midnight by PST.
Posted by GrimReaper29045

Well GiantBomb, now that I've seen this I think it's about time we wrapped this whole thing up, don't you?. I mean this is it, there's not really a point to keep it going. It's over, you've won.

Posted by smokeyd123

This is officially my new avatar.

Posted by RobotHamster

Damn I wish I had those! Then me and Ice-T can play in the dark together :)

Posted by Meteora
@RobotHamster said:
" Damn I wish I had those! Then me and Ice-T can play in the dark together :) "
That sounded wrong.
Posted by XmanNZL

Coolest human on earth?

Posted by Kamikaze_Tutor

I bet he went blind when the camera's flash went off.

Posted by BagSquad


Posted by Downsize

Original Gangsta!  Law and Order rocks!   Go Ice T!

Posted by JJOR64

I love this site.  :)

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Posted by Suicrat

If I believed in an idea as foolish as monarchy, Ice-T would totally be my king of choice.

Posted by Ban360

no matter how hard you try not one person is gonna look that gangsta with night-vision goggles on

Posted by ImperiousRix

Goddamn, Ice T is awesome.

I WILL prestige, good sir.  I do not eat dicks.

Posted by 88Fingers

 Now I really don't want this game.
After seeing that smug shit face...
ugh... gag...
seeing all you idiots cheering and praising this douche
excuse me I have to go vomit a lung
facepalm the world

Posted by Complex

Posted by Meteora
@88Fingers said:
"  Now I really don't want this game.After seeing that smug shit face...ugh... gag... seeing all you idiots cheering and praising this douche excuse me I have to go vomit a lung facepalm the world "
Heretic! Burn the witch!
Posted by Curufinwe

6 vs. 6 Team Deathmatch lol.

Posted by GearsofRabies

lol wut?

Posted by BagSquad

While Ice T is upset over the lack of dedicated server support for the PC version, he is still a supporter of Infinity Ward.

Posted by Linkyshinks

 Who dat gangsta tripping on MahWahToo?    

Posted by MarkWahlberg
@TheMustacheHero: how the hell did you.. whatever. that wouldn't even help him anyways.