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This Is What Giant Bomb Sounds Like/Sounds Like/Sounds Like

Why hesitate? Experience this incredible music video created by Hamst3r and the Giant Bomb community.

When Giant Bomb drops all this "video game coverage" nonsense and turns the office into a bass-pumping nightclub called "Rave On Bungling Bay"  (name not finalized), this is definitely going to be the video and song we'll project onto every wall of the club. 
Ridiculous props to Hamst3rTurbomonkey138, Matthew, TurboMan, JJweatherman, Cerogravian, Claude, Fudge_Wirlwind, 6ZZA, Jimbo7676, FlyingRat, One_2nd, damswedon, grant742, Osaladin, Dante_the_Jedi, Dejkrigeren, Hockeymask27, Bionicmonster, Diamond, ZeroCast, Axxol, AlwaysBeClothing, Pepsicolaboy, DTAT, Internet "Lemon" Steve, Sweep, CL60, Metal_Gear_Sunny, Gizmo, and CookieArmyLeader for this incredible collaboration. The Giant Bomb community is still a threat! 

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Posted by TehBuLL

I've watched this 3x now and it's still crazy everytime.  vnice.

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Now I have to go buy EZ Muze: Hamst3r Edition.
And delete it. And redownload it. Six or seven times.
And create another eight or nine Silver accounts to buy it again and download it again.
Gonna be a busy night.
Top hamsters! :D

Posted by dinoroar

too god damn good guys, just too good.

Posted by Mars_Cleric

This is why I'm glad to be a part of the Giant Bomb community 
MASSIVE respect
Posted by IrishBrewed

Say in all seriousness, this is WIN on so many levels..

Posted by ajamafalous
@CL60 said:

" @Anwar said:


Every time I forget. Somebody brings it back up. "
Goddamnit, me too.
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 I humbly suggest that anyone coming in to Friday's happy hour chat change their avatar, for great justice and great community. Turn your key sir.

Posted by Stefan

this is so awesome, I can't believe I just watched that

Posted by cowdrunk

Posted by NickDynmo

So good! MAD props to everyone involved!

Posted by Jerome85

holy shit. lol.  yall are crazy

Posted by somamilk

Freakin' amazing, just blew my mind!

Posted by DASH

Holy shit, that was awesome.
Posted by ssj4raditz

That was the best thing that's happened to me all day. Great googlymoogly, stupendous!

Posted by Capum15
Awesome. Fucking awesome.
Posted by bjorno


Posted by IrrelevantJohn

O DAIM!!!!! That was Great!!

Posted by Bubahula

holy holy holy moose on a motorbike thats amazing

Posted by tswizzle22

All that matters is that  Giant Bomb is amazing.

Posted by nrain

Hamster, you did it again! incredible!

Posted by temmink

May many victories be bestowed upon all who contributed, especially Hamst3r. 
Epic + Awesome = Epwaesomic (that might need some work)

Posted by ChasingTheSun

Download link for this amazing tune?

Posted by Prolix

Lawl @ Kessler sucking up to the crown to get a better rep.  But hey, at least we don't have to hear him. 

Posted by JSwan13

Holy Crap! That was awesome!

Posted by JJWeatherman

Way to do a quick article on this Kessler. It deserved it. Hamst3r was always a threat.

Posted by CL60
@Prolix said:
" Lawl @ Kessler sucking up to the crown to get a better rep.  But hey, at least we don't have to hear him.  "
Posted by Deusoma

You guys did a newspost for this meh video, but not for his Giant Bombstep video? Okay, sure, whatever.

Posted by El_Derrico

Wow. That's a well made video. No idea how you did that.

Posted by ghostNPC

Seriously well done video. Holy shit, someone knows how to do some damn good typography.

Posted by wightboy


Posted by selbie

Fuck yeah! Amazing video guys!
At least the GB crew knows where to go for talent if they need more awesome content than they already have.

Posted by Hamst3r
Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar

I love the knife stabbing part.

Posted by TurboMan

Giant Bomb Community is ALWAYS a threat

Posted by Echo

Aw, the song got so far without using the amen break, then went and ruined it all.

Posted by Undeadpool

Holy Goddamn fucking shit craplousy ASS! shut down all the centers of my brain except the cussing ones with your awesomeness. Fucking awesome.

Posted by Redbullet685

This is amazing.

Posted by Mayu_Zane


Posted by Coombs

That was awesome

Posted by Branthog

This is the first I've even heard of this, but HOLY FUCK.

Posted by Olivaw
No one is more authentic than Hamster.
Posted by Jeust
@Coombs said:
" That was awesome "
Yep. Great work everyone!
Posted by mbkish

Amazing. Keep this shit going!

Posted by Tactical_Kill

I'm glad to see this on here. It really is epic.

Posted by jakob187

Sick, guys.  Fucking sick.  Enjoyed the beats, enjoyed the usage of voice, and now I'm thoroughly jealous that I didn't submit a clip. 
Great job all around.

Posted by Ravenlock

......HOLY SHIT. 
This is fucking awesome. Bravo, all of you. :D

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Great stuff. I really like the UH space stabber.

Posted by Kratch

God Bless the Giant Bomb Community and God Bless Giant Bomb!

Posted by FesteringNeon

Pretty jealous here as well! That was fucking sick. Niiiice work on the editing skills. Top notch SON!

Posted by Sarkhan

Im really glad this got the place on the wall. Very impressive. Kudos to all of you who contributed. 
Shows why the GB community rocks the net.