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This Is What Giant Bomb Sounds Like/Sounds Like/Sounds Like

Why hesitate? Experience this incredible music video created by Hamst3r and the Giant Bomb community.

When Giant Bomb drops all this "video game coverage" nonsense and turns the office into a bass-pumping nightclub called "Rave On Bungling Bay"  (name not finalized), this is definitely going to be the video and song we'll project onto every wall of the club. 
Ridiculous props to Hamst3rTurbomonkey138, Matthew, TurboMan, JJweatherman, Cerogravian, Claude, Fudge_Wirlwind, 6ZZA, Jimbo7676, FlyingRat, One_2nd, damswedon, grant742, Osaladin, Dante_the_Jedi, Dejkrigeren, Hockeymask27, Bionicmonster, Diamond, ZeroCast, Axxol, AlwaysBeClothing, Pepsicolaboy, DTAT, Internet "Lemon" Steve, Sweep, CL60, Metal_Gear_Sunny, Gizmo, and CookieArmyLeader for this incredible collaboration. The Giant Bomb community is still a threat! 

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Posted by KZeni

Hamst3r... dude... you've made something great.

Posted by AuthenticM

I fucking love Giant Bomb!

Posted by Osiris

Fucking awesome!!!

Posted by mspainhour

This is one of the best things to come out of this site ever, and this is from someone who RSS's this site for everything. Also, I think I pooped a little during the "Uh" part.

Posted by PrivateIronTFU

That was amazing.

Posted by invadernick

mega cool

Posted by Vitor

I f*cking love the Giantbomb community. 
Pure, unadulterated AWESOME

Posted by nightbird

yeah, its kinda like that!

Posted by LoggerRythm

That's pretty damn sweet!

Posted by Deusx

Daaaaaamnnnnn! Pretty awesome stuff you guys! That is a real tribute to why we love Giant Bomb!

Posted by HadesTimes

Wow, just Wow!

Posted by UncleBenny

a giant bucket of awesome was just spilled all over my face.

Posted by teh_destroyer

That was pretty damn amazing.
<3 Claude

Posted by Jimbo_N

MAD Voicemodding skills right there. Good job putting it together.
Posted by strangeling


Posted by dsd21

Saw this twitted by Vinny. Fucking awesome. 

Posted by Tesla

That was great.  Good job to all involved.

Posted by pepsicolagirl

truly amazing - my life is complete

Posted by Minos

They should put some of it on the bombcast!!

Posted by Vision

This is why i love Giant Bomb and it's community.

Posted by evilrazer

This was amazing. I want to contribute my east-european english :D

Posted by Mads76

A-meh-zing, Giant Bombster of a piece of work

Posted by DarkPants


Posted by pubbles

some kind of amazing

Posted by JohnZimmerman

awesome!!! mad props to all involve!!!

Posted by Zaccheus

Not really into this kind of music style, but the way the video was edited together with the music was really awesome. This kind of stuff just doesn't happen in that many websites. I fucking love Giant Bomb.

Posted by Sin4profit

woah......that was pretty fuckin good.

Posted by Niklas

Wow. This is really great!

Posted by GreyFox

Very impressive! I really enjoyed it.

Edited by TwoOneFive

thats fucking awesome!!! good work! seriously, mad props yo... 
i need to pay more attention, i am a pretty good musician myself i would have loved to contribute to this!

Posted by DjCmeP


Posted by SpudBug

Well not getting that out of my head anytime soon
I love my wii
I love my wii

Posted by Division_Jay

Wow that was really well made video clip. Great job guys!

Posted by frisc0

This goin on my ipod

Posted by Tactless

that was amazing 

Posted by roughplague

good god this music sucks ass, I love the lyrics though =P
did I mention that I love Giant Bomb?

Posted by Uberjannie

That was AWESOME!

Posted by jesperskoog

where is the like button..

Posted by Bouke

That was truely amazing!
Posted by Sparklykiss

Said it before and I'll say it again: This is amazing.

Posted by Brake

That was incredible.

Posted by Shadow

Goddamn.  That was a thing!

Posted by Nentisys


Posted by TheModestLunatic

My god. That was amazing. A work of art one could say.

Posted by loganWTF

Really really impressive guys! This is such a great community!

Posted by Paulus

Cool he got it featured...well deserved this is awesome.

Posted by StressedOutCat

simply ... awesome

Posted by Gerhabio


Posted by CraigAA1028

Where did my jaw go? Oh yeah its on the floor. That was awesome

Posted by jonnyboy

Nice one Hamst3r. Fucking made my day.