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Three-Player Online Co-Op Coming In Trine 2

Dibs on the Knight.

Leading up to the whirlwind that is E3 2010, Atlus announced that it was set to publish Trine 2, a sequel to last year's indie darling physics-based platformer. At E3 proper, the published unveiled the game in trailer form (below) and teased a new wrinkle on its predecessor's practically hidden wrinkle: online three-player cooperative functionality

Trine 2 will see the return of the knight, thief, and wizard--all of which will be playable in co-op and are set to be given new powers. Despite the freshness, don't expect a departure. The press materials reassure that Trine 2 is grounded in the foundation of its predecessor. So, do expect the same kind of physics-based puzzles as well as the free-form solving and navigation.

Trine was a hip game, for sure. I hit up the PS3 version and managed to enjoy it after unplugging my PS Eye and USB headset (don't ask). But I also felt like it never came into its own--it never quite pushed the boundaries of its character-swapping. The amount of puzzles that required a heavy and intelligent usage of its core mechanics were too few for me.
That said, Trine 2 could totally push the bar. We'll have to see whenever it hits, and play it on whatever platform it comes to. Atlus didn't provide those details. So, here's some screenshots instead:  

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UPDATE: I've made fun of the fact of how nestled away Trine's co-op was before, but I didn't realize it supported more than two players. But Trine 2 will take it online. Corrected and schooled. Also, according to several other outlets, including Joystiq, Trine 2 is slated to hit the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.