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Thursday Night Throwdown 04/07: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

We revisit our favorite bird-and-bear duo's hard-to-classify Xbox 360 exclusive on this week's TNT!

 An endorsement you can trust!
I'll be honest here: after our recent, relentless string of first-person shooters on TNT, we started feeling the FPS fatigue something fierce. Stepping into the squared circle with WWE All Stars was a suitable palate-cleanser last week, and this week we keep it weird, while also choosing a game that's available outside North America, with Rare's singular Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for the Xbox 360

I bet you didn't even know that game had multiplayer, did you?

Well, it does! And it's nuts. (And bolts. Zing!) If you want to play with us, dust off your kraziest kontraptions and send us a friend request at GBTNT on the Xbox 360. If you don't have Nuts & Bolts yet, you can pick up a Giant-Bomb-endorsed Platinum Hits copy for pretty cheap, and the game is also available through Games on Demand

Either way, we'll be playing from 4PM to 6PM PDT tomorrow, April 7th, and live streaming the whole damn thing. Don't miss it! To get everyone appropriately chuffed for the event, here's a really ineffective Master Chief built in Nuts & Bolts. Enjoy!

EDIT: I almost forgot! We want to try and keep TNT fresh and fun, and your input can help make that happen! If there are some games you'd like to see featured on future TNTs, drop into this thread and let us know.
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Posted by Pandasaurus
@Cybexx: it's the comments on that article that makes me sad about where Rare is right now:

"  Rare doesn't make mature games anymore so I understand why it never came to fruition. 

Actually they don't make good games anymore. There I said it."

That makes me sad :( i  loved both Viva Pinata 
Posted by Crono

Wow, awesome choice.

Posted by Blair

Phenomenal choice!

Posted by xpxTomxqx

I'm up for this but it won't let me add GBTNT as a friend due to a full friends list :(
Posted by KimParnage

Master Chief looks like he had a bit much to drink..

Posted by TheMasterDS

Oh fuck yeah, I have been waiting for this one for a while. I'm bringing my nice looking boat, my all engine mobile, my stability car with 2 jets pointing up so that the car DOES NOT GO FLYING AROUND CORNERS, my Paper Mario Bowser's Castle (actually, it's someone else's, mine was kinda crap and asymmetrical) and some of the dumber vehicles in my possession. Like the party boat!

Posted by jakob187

Very cool to see Nuts & Bolts getting some love.  You guys should SERIOUSLY do Rockstar Table Tennis at some point.  That game is fucking INTENSE!

Posted by Seedofpower

Really? Man up Ryan and lets play some Dawn of war 2 Retribution.

Posted by Ben_H

This game is so awesome!  I've been contemplating playing it again.  It's truly something unique.

Posted by ArclightBorealis

Well I'll be skipping this, I guess.

Posted by paulunga
@Alaska_Gamer said:
" Well I'll be skipping this, I guess. "
Huh. I'd really like to ask why. So, why?
Posted by Awcko

Just impulse bought this since I loves me some Banjo and only recently bought an Xbox. Then I realized I don't have enough for MK9 now :(. Also, you gotta clean your friends list duders, it's full as shit.

Posted by Afroman269 much for getting game solely for the TNT, damn friends list is already full....oh well ill at least dive back into this game then

Posted by CaptainTightPants

What a coincidence, I was thinking of buying this game just last week.

Posted by Maddman60620

Raskulls and Castle Crashers would be a cool TNT too, dont have B-K but might check out the demo

Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by Landon

Those buttholes over at GameTrailers put Banjo: N&B on their Most Disappointing Sequels countdown.

Posted by Little_Socrates

Great choice, I'll watch the TNT before I decide whether or not to pick this game up.

Also, a full GBTNT friends' list means you HAVE to be doing something right...right?
Posted by KyleBaron

F*%^ YES!!!!!!!!!!!

*Redeems 48 hour live trial
Posted by tuesdaythe5th

Holy Hell! Yes My favorite game!

Posted by JohnPaulVann
@Alaska_Gamer said:
" Well I'll be skipping this, I guess. "
You are a very smart man
Posted by JohnPaulVann
@Rufi91 said:
You are batshit crazy
Posted by Ravenousrattler

you are correct i had no idea that game had multiplayer. All right i can post again.

Posted by CastroCasper

I'm super sick and read the headline and freaked the fuck out because I thought I slept through a day. Anyways I think this will be really cool since I haven't seen much of this game. Also since it's an older game, if it looks fun enough, I might just go buy it. In any way you look at it, it's not another damn FPS, they are boring as hell to watch at times.

Posted by JJOR64

Your welcome.   :)

Posted by Driadon

*GASP!* I'm getting in on this.

Posted by McDunkin

Playing nuts and bolts and they still find a way to get some fps action in it!  Not that I'm complaining I just find the video of the Master Chief vehicles to be a bit ironic.

Posted by HatKing

How fucking weird!  Just earlier today I was playing this game and thought they should do a TNT for it!


Also, looks like Master Chief may have had a few too many.

Posted by SuicidalManiac

Friend's list is full :(

I was really hoping to get in on this. It's easily my favorite 360 game. Will be fun to watch at least.
Posted by Khann

Next week: M&B: Warband

Edited by Gerhabio
Posted by dagas

I have this game, but I've barely played it.

Posted by mabber36

aw man, i want to play this game, but i sold it

anyone want  to give me 20 bucks so i can buy it off games on demand?      

Posted by Hizang

Man oh man, never thought I'd see this, woo woo!
Posted by sameeeeam

They should make a direct sequel to this game, with similar mechanics.

Posted by fillmoejoe

I never got to play this online because I could never find a match.

Posted by SkinnyBlue

It's so tempting but...I...I can't! I haven't touched Nuts n' Bolts in two years and didn't play online at all while I was playing it. This game was great but I would've preferred an open-ended platformer like the N64 games. I know that genre is essentially dead and no one likes collecting 10 billion items, but I guess it's just the kid in me who grew up with and loved the first two Banjo games that wants to see a true sequel to Banjo-Tooie that's true to form.

Posted by ThePantheon

Keep keeping it weird Bombcast. Awesome game, can't wait to find out more about it and download it when its put up on the site.

Posted by Sheetsy77
@MooseyMcMan:  I'm Brad Shoemaker and this is my favorite exclusive on the Xbox 360.....

Fail ME2 reference by me, but yes this TNT will be awesome!!!! ;)
Posted by Shirogane

No gold account for me, damn. Oh well, guess i'll just have to watch it.
Posted by Tober

Oh hell yes... oh HELL F*CKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (overexcited)

Posted by Joker369


Posted by Sorax

Most under-appreciated game of this generation. And it will make a very amusing TNT.

Posted by mattman734

Sick!, loved the game and it seems like a good spectator game 

Posted by Nick

shit this is awesome, too bad i'm not gonna be around at 4.....
Posted by AlisterCat

So great to play this again. Thanks guys. My first TNT.

I was the one flying around in the monster. I even won a match. Pretty happy for being a part of it.
Posted by Danielespion

thanks god for the FPS break!

Posted by KyleBaron

I missed the TNT livestream period, but still got to play with tons of other community members. Good times, and tons of giant mechs and penis vehicles.

Posted by AssInAss
@AlisterCat said:
" So great to play this again. Thanks guys. My first TNT.

I was the one flying around in the monster. I even won a match. Pretty happy for being a part of it.
Your monster was amazing! Great work, gave me chuckles! :)