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Thursday Night Throwdown 07/15: Team Fortress 2

Grab a sandvich and a can of Bonk! It's time for a some proper BLU versus RED! HEROIC PROMOTION!

In the spirit of Mann Co. CEO Saxton Hale, let's cut to brass tacks, gentlemen. Giant Bomb's lack of proficiency/familiarity with Team Fortress 2 is no secret. A lot of people have been playing this game non-stop since its initial launch way back in the Mesoproterozoic Era of 2007, but we are, shamefully, not among them. Luckily, the Whiskey Media family has a deep bench of TF2 enthusiasts, which we'll be calling on for this week's Thursday Night Throwdown!

That's right, y'all! Soldiers, Demomen, Medics, Engineers, Pyros, Spies, Scouts, Heavies, and Snipers will all be in full effect as our friends from, as well as key members from the Whiskey Media engineering team, prepare to brutally murder/be murdered by you! That's right, YOU! If you want in on this World Series of Blood, hop on the Official Giant Bomb Team Fortress 2 server at or if domain name services scare you. We'll be playing, and broadcasting LIVE, at 4PM Pacific Daylight Time this Thursday July 15th, though the server is up now if you want to hone your skills, and will keep going after we've turned off the cameras. 
If you missed the live stream, enjoy the archived version below, and stay tuned for our announcement of what we'll be playing on next week's Thursday Night Throwdown!