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Thursday Night Throwdown 08/11: Left 4 Dead 2

Join us this Thursday for a Good Ol' Fashioned Down South Zombie Massacre, and get infected...with FUN!

Grab your chainsaws and shotguns, we're headin' down to the Big Easy to whip the necrotizing flesh clean off some zombie ass in Left 4 Dead 2 on this week's edition of Thursday Night Throwdown! If that's not hot enough for you, we'll be playing alongside none other than Chet Faliszek from Valve!

You can expect a little bit of everything from our two hours of nightmare melee, though as active members of the L4D2 community already know, Valve has been publicly beta-testing new maps, with Dead Air being the current target. To help sweeten the deal, an achievement called "Connecting Fights" for finishing Dead Air in Versus mode has been added. Once 60,000 people have earned this achievement, Valve will unlock a beta version of their next map, Blood Harvest, and we'll be doing our part to help reach that goal!

If you care to pitch in, click here to join the Giant Bomb Left 4 Dead 2 Group on Steam, and be ready to send those soulless devils to the Hell they deserve at 4PM Pacific time this Thursday! Here's some of Ellis' best stories to get you in "the mood."

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Posted by MeatSim

I wonder if there going to continue the streak of FPS's on TNT next week.