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Thursday Night Throwdown 4/26: Super Monday Night Combat

So cross-promotional, it's probably illegal in this country!

We've teamed up with the generous, clever technologists over at Uber Entertainment to help make this week's Thursday Night Throwdown a little more Yeah, we'll be playing Super Monday Night Combat with you and yours starting at 4PM Pacific Time, cuz that's jus' what we do. There will probably be some cameo appearances from various stone-cold murderers at Uber Entertainment, but, hey, check this shit out, you can also play as the fucking Luchadeer! Basically! Watch this trailer, go to the website, and get your damn code! Do it quick, though. As soon as TNT is over, we are shutting down the Luchadeer code machine, possibly (probably?) possibly forever!

If you want a chance to play with us, and a select, elite few members of the Uber posse, send a Steam friend request to GBTNT, and be ready to sizzle at 4PM Pacific Time!