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TNA iMPACT! Commentary With Samoa Joe & Jay Lethal

Midway's first wrestling game in well over a decade is out next week. Check out this footage, narrated by Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal.

I want to say that this video speaks for itself, but perhaps it does need a little setup. It's a pair of the wrestlers in Midway's upcoming TNA iMPACT! doing commentary while their in-game equivalents bust each other up.

Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal's faux-trash-talking is totally ridiculous in a way I can totally get behind. Give it a look. The game hits stores next week. As closet wrestling fan who has become increasingly disenfranchised with the wrestling games that have been coming out for the past five or six years, I'm interested to see if this game will be any good. It's felt pretty nice the last few times I've played it.


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