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Touch Solid Snake All Over Your... iPhone

Remember that weird green Metal Gear equation Konami posted recently? They went and solved for i. iPhone, that is.

Apparently Apple wasn't beating its chest about the iPhone being a "gaming console" just for kicks. Konami has demystified the Metal Gear teaser site it posted a couple of weeks ago by announcing--drum roll--Metal Gear Solid Touch, an iPhone-specific mission for Solid Snake based on the story of MGS4.

You know what this means. We have to actually start caring about iPhone games now.

Here's all the revealed info so far, straight out the press release.

METAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH is an original game that brings to life the world and characters of MTAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS (MGS4).

With direct control through the touch panel, it's simple for anyone to move their alignment or switch to zoom mode. Each stage's location and characters are based on the story of MGS4. The initial download will contain 8 stages, with additional stages to be added later. There are many ways to enjoy the game as points earned by clearing stages unlocks images and wallpapers from the METAL GEAR series.

Aaaaaand screens!

A one.
And a two.

Doesn't look half bad, honestly. We'll see how well it runs, though, and more importantly how well it plays. Console-style games don't have the best track record on the iPhone/iPod Touch so far. Why is that? Oh, perhaps the lack of any traditional controls whatsoever? Let's hope Konami figures out a way to overcome that limitation.
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Edited by thiago

This whining is hysterical, haha. Cry, xbots! Cry!

"project seems like a waste of time and money for Konami and Apple. Regardless of where I fall in the console battle, it seems more profitable for Konami to create a 360 version of MGS4."

Let's see, should I trust the creator of the game or a random fanboy in an internet forum? What do you know about what makes money or not? Who are you to decide it? This ARROGANCE is an exclusivity of xbots. I can't find a single Wii owner flooding the internet with BS saying that it would be much more profitable to port Gears of War to the Wii (maybe they are too busy having fun on a console that doesn't self-destruct?).

This game was never intended to go to the 360. I won't even fit a single DVD and your console is not powerful enough to handle it without some serious reduction of quality. Porting it would be like creating a whole new game from scratch.

Nowhere in the teaser it said X360. Absolutely NOWHERE. Any intelligent person would take the "i" as a clue, and many did thought of iPhone, DSi or the Wii. Only the fanboys got all worked up because of the universal power button. Haha.

Cell games sell, maybe you won't hear about it because this is the "giantbomb" and they don't speak of such things. But there's a huge market for it, with virtually no piracy (yes, the X360 is piracy ridden piece of crap) . The costs of creating such a game are much smaller than a console game because the graphics and content won't be as big.

Please xbots, make us laugh some more... continue your whining. I will come here time to time to check what ignorant BS you are spewing since the last time.

Posted by crusnchill

Wow! I don't think I could care any less about this news. Thanks konami! I mean you would have made a garaunteed profit by releasing it on the XBOX 360, but noooooooo!
(before anyone says it. No I'm not an XBOX 360 fanboy, quite the opposite infact. No, I just like the MGS series alot, Oh well... there's other games I suppose, plus who's to say it won't eventually be released on the 360.)

Posted by Buscemi

This is so not cool.

Posted by DaBigDawg

I will express my sadness and dissapointment with a very sad face :-(

Posted by chapman12

that sucks I wanted it for 360 but hey if I ever think of wasting my money on 1 of them at least ill be able to play mgs

Posted by Stokes

Wow, this seems like one of the biggest waste of time and effort for Konami.  Maybe Hideo is actually sold on the whole "iPhone as a gaming console" deal.

Posted by Aas

The van diagram of the people who care about MGS4 and the people who care about iPhones; TWO COMPLETELY SEPARATE CIRCLES!

Posted by drh8

Can I be the one to point out MGS4 took up almost the entire Blue Ray disk.  Thats almost 50gb.  I don't think there was ever any chance it coming out on the 360 as a 5 disc game. 

Edited by Azeroth

The iPhone could have done better with a rendition of the 'AC!D' series trademark rather than a 'SOLID' experience, the controls are just too limited when compared to other handhelds. Also, to all 360 owners, it's been discussed over and again, a MGS4 on the X360 just wouldn't work gameplay wise and in relation to industry as well, you can it's just not profitable to be selling a game that takes up 4+ discs, you would have just start from scratch and build a whole new game. It's disappointing that the great experience cannot be shared on all consoles but there are just too many hardware limitations that would hinder the ability to make a quality game. Just be patient, Kojima did hint that they may develop a game exclusively for the X360 system due time, I do hope that 'Metal Gear Solid Touch' does achieve, even though I am not an owner of the hardware but in my honest opinion, an "AC!D" game is much more suited to the iTouch.

Posted by Buckwyld


Posted by thiago

The good side of exclusives is that they are the only games where the true potential of the hardware will be shown, and that's what MGS4 do and many others will do this year.

Multiplatform games mean "the minimum common denominator" because of the lazy developers that won't bother taking full advantage of the PS3. They only make the game to look similar to what you find in the X360 (and under 8GB of size, because the X360 can't handle more than that).

I hope the new PS3 games start using a full Bluray disc worth of data and push the Cell CPU to the limit.

Posted by momentarylogic

It's a trap!

Everyone knows that Jobs doesn't care about gaming.

Posted by Lev_Arris
JJOR64 :  You can always get a iTouch
Posted by Media_Master

The only thing they for got is some one's finger tapping all over the screen

Posted by Meowayne

I can't believe Apple managed to pay Konami for supporting their new "Teh Ipod are gaming console!!!2" approach.

Posted by vidiot
Duckbutter said:
"Vidiot's crackpipe typed:
"I think he speaks of the relation of the green power symbol, and how the 360 shares that same green power symbol. Perhaps he does not know the context that most electronic devices share this green power symbol, that it is universal."

look here, holmes. Metal Gear Solid is a video game. out of all the consoles this generation both portable and big, including the iPhone, the 360 is the only one that has that specific power symbol light up green. and it's its center piece. the same color as the power symbol in the equation. how do explain that, smarty-nuts?

let me explain it for you: Konami wants to have a shit in all Xbox owners mouths. they wanted to get our hopes all up so we could nut our pants so we'd all have that ocean/hospital room smell, ya know? the smell of sperm? because Konami is fuckin discusting like that. they're a bunch of perverts who would fuck their own Milkman in the anus without his consent if they got a chance. that's the only logical answer so deal with it. "
I was going to type a rebuttal regarding the common use of a green power button, how the Ps3 has the same power symbol with complementary green light, but then I read the end of your last paragraph and everything for me came into perspective. It's the part where you explain your "logical answer" versus mine. To refresh, my final conclusion resulted with both experience with online research, knowing people personally in the industry, and a good amount of simple common sense regarding the logistics of these "resources" everyone is yelling about here.

By contrast: Your "logical answer" involves metaphorical hospital rape.

I'm done for this thread. :P
Posted by Duckbutter
thiago was like:
"Multiplatform games mean "the minimum common denominator" because of the lazy developers that won't bother taking full advantage"

i fuckin concur with that shit. be nice to see a cross-platform developer make a dope ass dope game more than 7 measly gigs for the PS3, then port it down for the Xbox version.

problem is, porting down is like making 2 games. nobody has time for that these days. making 1 game for the current-gen takes long enough. dudes can't see their kids, can't fuck their wives, they gotta switch to homosexuality and fuck each other in the office like its prison or somethin. i seen that shit happen.

the only way past this is for the PS3 to start out selling the Xbox. then the developers will come a' runnin top speed because that's where the money is. they don't care how much it would hurt to dive into a pile of gold coins and swim in it, they still just wanna be Scrooge McDuck. luckily for me and you the PS3 is startin to take over Xbox markets. PS3 now outsells Xbox in every country on the planet except the good ol' USA. and even the USA gap is closing, i think its like a US overall 2 million console difference now. so finally we can start to get out of this 8-gig rut.

the 09 is a good example of climbin out of this barely-next-gen shit storm we're in. i can name like 6 games commin out in the 09 off the top of my head that have the testicles to bring us 30-50 gig games and still charge us the same $60:
Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, White Knight, Final Fantasy Versus, Yakuza 3, Mag, God of War 3, Final Fantasy 13. dude, thats like 9 games off the top of the dome.
Posted by Scarabus

Thank god it' was for a platform I don't care about.
Had it been a 360 exclusive I'd be real sore.

Posted by NateDogg

I have an iPhone and would prefer it come out on the Xbox 360 so i can metal gear on a REAL gaming console.. WTF Apple, don't embarass yourself trying to get into gaming.

Posted by Arcane_Workshop

There are so many people with gray names indicative that they are neutral in the "console war" yet their comments do not reflect this in any way. Interesting.

I don't own an iphone, or an iPod touch, so I'm a bit disappointed. I was really hoping to hear news of a "Metal Gear: Raiden" or something new in that respect. But a dumbed down MGS:4 on the iphone is a real let down... I would imagine even those who own only a 360, would want to see the full ps3 version, over an iphone version of the game. I'm no expert in what sells or doesn't, but it just doesn't seem like a worthwhile effort. But... hey, maybe I'm wrong. This may turn out to be really cool, but I still wish it was news of a sequel =(

Posted by AngeTheDude

No MGS on 360 :(

Posted by Patchinko

I have an iPod Touch. I love MGS4.

Sooooo not enthused for a Touch MGS.

Posted by Jesus_Juice

Ipods suck. Metal Gear sucks. This comment sucks.

Posted by kagekage

this demonstrates kojimas love for apple yet again lol
still love the itouch games i got hooked on a couple of em
finally gettin 1 for birthday!

Posted by moog

You guyus like duck hunt that much that you'll buy it with a MGS face for a crappy "gaming" platform?  c'mon!

Posted by ChestyMcGee

Lol at all the people who were thinking MGS4 would be released for 360.

Posted by Meowayne
Posted by Ottosmann

If it works that would be.... mind-blowingly awesome.

Posted by Old_Snake864

cool cant wait glad i have an iphone bring it on =)

Posted by TwoOneFive

I just cannot wait to touch a Solid Snake... O_o

Posted by ocdog45

it doesn't look have bad. WTF. makes me wonder where the iphone is going.