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Tropico 4 Usurping Your PC Next Year

El Presidente needs you!

It's fun to be el Presidente in Tropico 3. Presumably, it'll be even more fun to be el Presidente in Tropico 4, Haemimont Games' in-the-works PC simulation game that once again blends the economic, the political, the banana republic, and social control.

According to the press release sent this morning, Tropico 4 will feature 20 new missions and 10 fresh maps, as well as 20 new buildings ranging from shopping malls to an aqua park. As with the last game, you'll be charged with taking good care of a tropical island as a benevolent or tyrannical dictator. The notable change introduced in Tropico 4 is that you won't be doing this alone--a Council of Ministers, a board of directors composed of appointed citizens, is being added to help with "controversial" decisions. 


When you successfully push through legislation, you'll be able to tell (or annoy) your real friends about it via social integration, since Tropico 4 will support Twitter and Facebook in-game and update both services "automatically" as you progress and earn achievements.

Tropico 4, for now, is a PC-exclusive title. In the press materials, publisher Kalypso Media hints that console information will "be made available soon." 

Tropico 4 is due out in Q2 2011. The first screens of the game are available just below. How does it look, los Presidentes?

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