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Twisted Pixel's Kinect Game "The Gunstringer" Announced

Finally, a game where you can control an undead cowboy by waving your hands around.

Another one of Splosion Man creator Twisted Pixel’s in-development projects has been revealed. IGN has the scoop on the The Gunnstringer, a Kinect-supported Western shooter that stars a skeleton puppet looking for revenge on the dudes who made him a skeleton.

It looks like Gunstringer is taking more than a few cues from Twisted Pixel's last Xbox Live Arcade downloadable Comic Jumper, as it’ll feature 2D side-scrolling action as well as double-fisted, perhaps on-rails shooting sections created in full 3D. And as for the controls, it appears as if you’ll be holding out your hands above the action, acting as if you were controlling a character on strings (which makes sense, strangely). 

The game’s development blog has a few more details on the Kinect support in general, soothing some fears out of the gate. Lead designer Dan Teasdale promises that you’ll be able to play the game sitting down. Also, he says that won’t be any motion-controlled shenanigans like mini-games, impromptu photos, or dumb gestures.  

The blog post also gets into the look and feel of the game. As you’d expect, Twisted Pixel is going a bit unconventional with the aesthetic. The game will feature handcrafted “actors” and props and even some actual people if that video shoot in Texas last weekend is any indication of what to expect.  

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“The Gunstringer marries all of this with really fresh and fun gameplay mechanics,” the post reads. “From the start of this project, we’ve focused on getting across the feel of marionetting a puppet’s movement through a 3D world, then mixing that with the fun and mayhem of targeting-focused shooters like Rez."  
"One minute you’ll be navigating the Gunstringer over tricky ravines or towards secret paths, the next you’ll be ducking behind cover to take out a half-dozen clockwork alligators with your six shooter.”
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Avatar image for gamer812
Posted By gamer812
@Cartman86: There are strings.
Avatar image for bricewgilbert
Posted By bricewgilbert
@gamer812: Wow your right. Needed to full screen to see them. Bad eyes.
Avatar image for grilledcheez
Posted By Grilledcheez

I hope this turns out well

Avatar image for jacobmccourt
Posted By jacobmccourt

Looks like the bad parts of Comic Jumper. Awesome...

Avatar image for kalmis
Posted By kalmis

 Twisted Pixel or not, that didn't look good at all. 

Avatar image for mr_skeleton
Posted By Mr_Skeleton
@byrjun said:
"first?  EDIT: Wait, how does that quest work? I thought I finally had it! "

You need to actually be first and I think you need to say something other than "first", better luck next time.
Avatar image for hizang
Posted By Hizang

Looks like Red Dead Redemption has some SEROIUS compotition with this bad boy, or should I say, Bad Skeleton!
Avatar image for vodun
Posted By Vodun

The game genre which requires the most precision...using the least precise of current controllers...AWESOME!

Avatar image for furion45086
Posted By furion45086

i'm ready to pull some puppet strings or at the very least run with my arms in the air and yelling like a mad man.

Avatar image for sirblime
Posted By SirBlimE
@byrjun:  all you need to do is be first.... =) what you write is up to you...
Avatar image for 234rqsd2323d2
Edited By 234r2we232

Okay, Twisted Pixel. You got me with Comic Jumper. I'm not falling for your promises of a fun, competent game anymore. 
@SirBlimE said:

" @byrjun:  all you need to do is be first.... =) what you write is up to you... "

Yeah! Spam the site! Who cares! 
Avatar image for jamesjiao
Posted By JamesJiao

Gameplay and graphics both look underwhelming. I will wait and see.

Avatar image for guthwulf
Posted By guthwulf
EDIT: Wait, how does that quest work? I thought I finally had it!
Saying "first" certainly does not help. Actually it is an instant disqualification even if you really were the first to comment. Which, by the way, you are not.
Avatar image for superfluousmoniker
Posted By SuperfluousMoniker

Rail shooters are fun and seem to be pretty much the only genre you can do with the Kinect that doesn't involve dancing or minigame bullshit, but given Twisted Pixel's history of games with cool concepts and mediocre gameplay I doubt this can hang with the big boys.

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Posted By deactivated-5865c6a5c9438


Avatar image for buft
Posted By buft

I already have a kinect and as far as full priced games go i don't think any of them really give great value for money, i'm hoping this is downloadable and if it is i will definitely buy this. 

Avatar image for jonnyboy
Posted By jonnyboy

Looks great, not 'spend £120/furniture removal/move out of London flat' great, but great none the less.

Avatar image for gravityproof
Posted By GravityProof

This looks like the sort of mockup of a videogame someone would put together to have running in the background of some shot of a living room in an animated film, like a poor facsimile of a game that you're just supposed to glance over and never think about. It looks just dreadful.

Avatar image for slaker117
Posted By Slaker117

I'm interested to see what this is, but I won't be surprised when it turns out to either be ok but boring or just kind of bad.

Avatar image for teh_pwnzorer
Posted By teh_pwnzorer
@ryanwho said:
" Kinect lightgun game. Ew. "
I hear Kinect is all the rage with stupid people.  Luckily for Microsoft, there are a lot of stupid people.
Avatar image for chriskelly123
Posted By chriskelly123


Avatar image for ajamafalous
Posted By ajamafalous

Damnit, I missed the chance to be an extra in this game?

Avatar image for themod
Posted By TheMoD

That game looks like it would play alot better with any sort of input device. Controller, Wiimote, anything.. That's probably why the guy tried them all out in the beginning, just to make sure xD
Avatar image for stafax
Posted By stafax

wow, so they make fun of the input devices for the other platforms, but then the game turns out to be a light gun game? that's pretty sad

Avatar image for iamthemoneyj
Posted By iamthemoneyj

looks similar to poop from a butt

Avatar image for iamthemoneyj
Posted By iamthemoneyj
@RockmanBionics said:
" Funny how there was a Wii-mote in there. "
What are you talking about yes there was.
Avatar image for ajayraz
Posted By AjayRaz

it doesn't look good at all 

Avatar image for zityz
Posted By zityz

You know. I have to say from all the games that these guys put out. They always have great art styles.

Avatar image for andheez
Posted By Andheez

Have to see the pan out reveal of him 'riding' a horse did make me laugh.  I dont buy motion controllers or games associated with them, but Id be curious too see it in action.

Avatar image for coryrx8
Posted By coryrx8

Wow, a lot of hate for this one. I'm intrigued by it. I'm a fan of Twisted Pixel's work. Comic Jumper didn't live up to 'Splosion Man (or The Maw for that matter) by any stretch of the imagination, but it was a solid game that I for one enjoyed playing. I'll be giving The Gunstringer a shot when it comes out.
Avatar image for meshelleee
Posted By meshelleee
@shoddyrobot said:
"a friend of mine did some music for this. should be good!"

aww niiiice!!! Did they let you hear it? Western themes are so much fun to play with
Avatar image for meshelleee
Posted By meshelleee

TBH i am really really excited about this one. The music is great, the narrator is great. If you get a chance to play it at PAX East i think you will enjoy it. The controls are a new concept so I'm curious to see what they go with, but I think this will be awesome. YAY FOR GUNSTRINGER!!!!

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