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Vinny's Top 10 Reasons Why Dave's Top 10 CRPG List Is Wrong

Have you even played any of these games?

So Dave recently posted this:

"Coffee in hand, it's about time to start the morning off with a list of something. Since many of you know I'm a big RPG nerd I thought it would be fun to list out some of my favorite modern-era CRPGs." - Dave Snider

I might not be as big an RPG nerd, but I do have a bigger coffee in my hands. In my mind that gives me the authority to tell you why Dave's list is completely wrong.

10. Divine Divinity
I can invent games too.
I can invent games too.

I absolutely adore surprise attack RPGs from Europe that I know nothing about until it lands on a game-shelf near me. -Dave

How about you pick a game somebody has heard of? Why don't we try that first. Hey, you know what game I really like? Deus Imperium. See, I can make up RPG titles too. Obviously this game should be number one.

9. Fallout a fan of TBS combat Fallout took everything I loved about the X-Com games and put them into a completely original world - Dave

So you're telling me that Fallout just edges out your totally invented European RPG? Number nine?  A few sides short of a 20-sider to even crack your top five? I'll tell you what, you stack up every elf, half-elf, half-elf-half-orc-half-furry you want against the Bloody Mess trait and see who is left standing. Number one RPG of all time.

8. Baldur's Gate II

...when it comes down to pure story and quest options, Baldur's Gate II remains a favorite. - Dave

Yeah, Baldur's Gate II is a great game. So great that it made it all the way to number eight. I mean, this is the reason people make a Top Ten RPG list, so they can get to number one and say "Baldur's Gate II is my favorite game EVERRRRRRRR!" You obviously did not play this game correctly otherwise it would be number one on this list.

7. Planescape Torment

I know I'll catch a lot of flack for this, but I almost didn't include Planescape Torment on my list. - Dave

The fact that this game is not number one speaks volumes. You can never die! It has the best dialogue and supporting characters of any RPG in the history of video games. Morte and Ignus alone would push this game to the top. In fact, this game is probably too good to even be on your list.

6. NeverWinter Nights 2

This game had a pretty gripping story, a hugely enhanced party control system and much better dialogue. - Dave

Ok. I agree with this one, though it should be number one.

5. Icewind Dale II

It's a hard, brutal game that loves to throw not two or three, but ten monsters at you at any time. - Dave

WHAT-ever, Dynasty Warriors throws like 100 characters at you at a time. R.A. Salvatore is only connected to winners. Number one game ever.

4. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

I still think the combat in the Elder Scrolls games are pretty weak, but when you want to actually visit another world, I can't recommend a better series. -Dave

Morrowind has some of the most readable text in any game ever made. Combine all the text of all the games on this list and it might fit into one of the forwards of one of the billions of books that you'll find throughout the game. This game is like a Kindle with swords and it deserves to be number one. Why walk, when you can ride?

3. Wizardry 8

Wizardry still remains the weirdest CRPG universe to me... - Dave

I haven't even played this game, but I know a series really doesn't hit its stride until about its 8th or 9th installment. This is like the Jason X of video games and should be at the very top of anyone's list.

2. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Oh Arcanum, the game you could have been. - Dave

Ok, in all honesty, if this game actually worked it would be number one. Seriously.

I dare you to find better box art.
I dare you to find better box art.
1. The Temple of Elemental Evil

...for fans of the genre who aren't afraid to play a game with very little story, I can't think of a better CRPG. -Dave

How the hell is Crystalis not the number one game on this list? It set the bar for amazing box art and floating towers. It also has a nuclear war, elemental swords, an Emperor, science, magic, and cryogenic sleep. In my mind, you might as well close the book on the RPG  genre.

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