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Watch If You Are Making A Skateboarding Game

It might be nice to duplicate this in video game form.

Friend of the site, Portland Alex, sent us to this insane and totally sweet footage of downhill longboard skating that blew my mind. As such, I figured I should share it with you.


Skip the first two minutes if you want to cut to the chase and see dudes, in suits, skating hella fast downhill on an open (meaning there are cars driving on it) road. The sound of the wind is what does it for me--someone should make a downhill skating game that replicates this Burnout level of speed. But I can't imagine a game ever feeling as insane and dangerous as this must be. Even watching it made me feel like I was in danger.
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Posted by jakob187

They did make a video-game with this in it...and remember, it sucked balls.

I'm sure that someone could come up with a way of including this into an EXISTING skateboarding franchise of some sort, like Skate or Tony Hawk...but I don't see this working as a full-on game on its own.

The doods have balls, though...I'll give em that.
Posted by Dude_What

What, no fisheye?

Posted by p0tet

that was amazing! im exhausted...

Posted by SomeGuy890

Insanity just reached a new level of AWESOME... but dangerous...but still AWESOME!!!

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