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We're Playing Video Games for 48 Hours - For The Kids!

This weekend only, observe the Giant Bomb team fight sleep and each other for the good of kids everywhere.

It's that time again, people! Remember last year when Alexis and I played 24 hours of Halo for the kids? Well, we're doing it again, except this time we're playing MORE games with MORE people for TWICE AS LONG. On to the details!


We're playing video games to raise money for charity! Specifically, the Children's Hospital of Oakland. Brad's going to do one 24 hour stream from his house, and then, MINUTES LATER, the rest of us will do ANOTHER 24 hour stream from the office!

Do not disappoint this man.


Brad: 9am (Pacific) Saturday, Nov 2 - 9am Sunday, Nov 3

Everybody else: 9am Sunday, Nov 3 - 9am Monday, Nov 4

How do I donate?

Go here! Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated! It's for the kids!

How do I watch?

Go here for the official Giant Bomb stream. If you'd like to see what other members of the Giant Bomb Extra Life team are up to, check out this amazing thing our moderator Chaser324 cooked up!

What will you be playing, specifically?

We'll probably do at least some Halo for old times' sake, but this will pretty much be a video game potluck. Everybody will bring something (I happen to know Jeff has a number of old dusty games that need to see the light of day). As for Brad, well… who knows?

Will this stream be archived on Giant Bomb?

If nothing goes wrong, yes!

Can I stream my own games and receive donations?

Sure! That's where the Giant Bomb Extra Life team comes in. Just sign up for an account on Extra Life, tie that account to the team "Giant Bomb," and start streaming! All donations you receive will go to the charity of your choice, and the amount you get will be tallied on our team's total. Last year, Giant Bomb raised $17k by ourselves, but the rest of the team brought the total to $25k! Our team organizer (organiser?), Matt Pascual, has been hard at work, and the team has already brought in over $12k! AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED!

So join us, won't you?

Drew Scanlon on Google+
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This is going to wreck you guys for the week.

Can't wait.

Posted by Adrian79

Fight, sleep and what each other? Are we gona need an age-gate?

Posted by 12_Oz_Mouse

I'll watch for the kids, and that sweet 48 hour photo.

Though I do think that Jeff should have been Eddie in that shop, just a nitpick though :D

Posted by hughesie27

good effort guys!

Posted by Vuud

I'm not sure this is good for anyone, but I'll be tuning in.

Posted by fulcilivez

Great Picture

Posted by HatKing

I'm into it. I'll be gone most of Saturday, but I'll check out what I can. Loved having the Halo stream going on in the background as I played Halo 4 last year.

Posted by ArsenalFan

Does this mean that Jeff drives a piece-of-sh!t sky blue Cadillac?

Edited by MooseyMcMan

Great that you guys are going overboard with it this year!

I'll probably watch most of it archived though.

Posted by TruthTellah

This weekend on Giant Bomb, anything is possible.

Edited by El_Derrico

Hope Vinny brings in some FMV games. Nothing better than FMV game acting!

Edited by UberExplodey

for the llamas. and kids.

Posted by Greenshoes

Great, but the placement of the 8 front page was unfortunate.

Posted by DualFayte

Fantastical. It's gunna be a great weekend

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jeff gerstmann with nick nolte's hair from 48 hours is just about the most sexually charged image i've ever seen on this website.

Edited by SuperWristBands

Oh god. Oh god.


I'm ready.

Posted by forkboy

I clearly chose a bad weekend to go away. Although saying that, I should be back on Sunday late afternoon. GMT. Which is about 9am PST. So I'll miss Brad's shenanigans but probably see the Live From CBSi part. Assuming I am insane & forsake sleep. And worst, Sunday Night Football.

Edited by dahlis

That picture is so appropriate since 48hrs was my favorite movie as a kid. It IS a kids movie, right? Oh man, I loved that car Nolte had in that movie.

Edited by Nightriff

Fantastic weekend, fuck football, this is what I'm watching

Posted by cloudymusic

Around hour 37 or so, things are going to start getting pretty grim.

Edited by Operon

They should record the bombcast immediately after the stream is finished Monday morning. That would make for an interesting podcast.

Edited by fisk0

I predict that after 24 hours of DOTA, Brad will be in a DOTA infused trance, unable to get out of the virtual world. The staff quickly realize the shock of severing his Internet connection would kill him, so Drew puts on his video helmet and enter the cyberspace to track down Brad and convince him to quit.

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This weekend on Giant Bomb, anything is possible.

Holy Christ that's the best.

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Sleep deprived Dark Souls with sleep deprived "help" from the others.

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Posted by Daneian

Unprofessional Philanthropy

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Wait, Brad is doing his thing before everyone else. So, does that mean Brad doesn't count? :P

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I've heard McNuggets can keep you awake for longer....

Posted by Stimpack

Such commitment!

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I always find it awkward watching even a few hours, thinking 'wow, that's a lot of watching them playing games' and then come back hours later, and they're still playing! Anyways, this might be great.

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The timing couldn't be better. Cannot fucking wait. Might even donate some on my limited budget.

Edited by bananas

Wait. Daylight Savings ends this weekend. So Brad's stream will be 25 hours long.

So it's really a 49 hour stream...

Edited by Illyr

I am all for some fight sleeping!

Edited by RobotHamster

That picture of Alexis is even better than I imagined it would be. And this weekend is going to be great, I plan on doing nothing but watch this and catch up on my backlog!

Edited by forteexe21

I'll be tuning in even if it is just Jeff playing Blinds on Game Room... again.... while he goes out to buy dinner.... again....

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Kind of nuts that one guy is going to be doing 24 hours straight. So excited for this. #teambrad

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Drew Demands Dollars!

Alexis Anticipates Action!

Brad Bucks for Benefits!

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Is it weird that when I first saw that photoshop picture I thought that was Brad Shoemaker and John Candy?

Edited by MosaicM80

Really looking forward to this and staying up late to see what brad looks like at 2 in the morning! lol

Posted by Winternet

That Brad pic is way too good. Congrats to whoever came up with that.

And the explosiveruns website? Pretty darn good as well. Well done, @chaser324

Edited by MEATBALL

This is going to be so goddamn awesome. Kudos to the guys for going all out on this stuff this year!

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Posted by Bombzinski

Oh I think I know what Brads gonna play!

Edited by ArtisanBreads

jeff would be the racist character.

Edited by MarkWahlberg

At least now when people ask why I'm hiding in my room all weekend, I can say it's for charity... although I haven't been able to watch twitch videos for a while now, not sure what's going on there. Oh well.

jeff gerstmann with nick nolte's hair from 48 hours is just about the most sexually charged image i've ever seen on this website.

You, um.... you probably haven't seen this thread yet. I'm assuming.

Posted by kunoh

Oh I think I know what Brads gonna play!

Yea seriously - we all know what Brad's gonna play

Posted by heatDrive88

If it was up to me, Jeff would be Eddie Murphy, and Brad would be Nick Nolte.

I mean come on, Jeff IS street knowledge.

Posted by Tiny_Tank

Yeah, my whole weekend is going to be one big orgy of GB. This is going to be great! So sitting around staring at a screen for the entire weekend... hmm, doesn't sound any different than most of my weekends.