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We're Actively Looking Into Reporting This Metal Gear Solid 4 On Xbox 360 Story

We're also actively thinking about unpacking, taking a shower, and perhaps ordering pizza.

Or maybe this lady could come up every few hours and say "please insert the next disc!"
IGN has the goods on a TGS-related report on multiplatform trends from a Japanese investment research company called Morningstar. Apparently some Konami public relationist was asked about Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Xbox 360, and this person is quoted with "we're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360."

So consider the whole MGS4/360 rumor thing back on, I guess. 

IGN goes on to talk about the hurdles in putting the large Blu-Ray game onto several Xbox 360 discs. Perhaps everyone has forgotten that as of 11/19, we'll all be able to install Xbox 360 games to our 360's hard drive. While slapping a fat "requires 60GB or 120GB hard drive" logo on the back of the box would probably deter a lot of people, it would solve the problem. That said, a disc swap at every act or so wouldn't be that punishing, either.
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Posted by keyhunter

Hay guys remember when every other MGS game was ported to every other console around at the time?

Posted by EpicSteve

Fuel the fanboy fires

Posted by igl

I would love that! I highly doubt MGS4 is even using 10% of the capacity of a Blueray disc.

Posted by MattTheParanoidKat

 DECA555, do you not remember Twin Snakes? David Hayter sacrificed half of his paycheck for that project, what's to say he wouldn't do the same thing? I really don't care if it ever goes on the 360, I'd go ahead and play the game anyway. Plus, I really doubt the guys in the Xbox department really care about ipods, PSP's the PS1 or the sixaxis. Naturally scenes will have to be changed if this is true. Also, Kojima is only the creator of this game, Konami are the guys responsable for releasing the games. as far as their concerned, Kojima's opinion doesn't mean much. So your just acting idiotic, and a tool for believing everything your told. I don't think that they would put MGS4 on the 360, since that would be idiotic on Sony's part. But, hey, 3rd party titles are notorious for shifting to a different platform. BUT IN NO WAY AM I IMPLYING THAT METAL GEAR SOLID 4 WILL DO THIS

Plus, I hear this is only a mistranslation on the part of IGN. They likely meant that MGS5 could be possible on the 360 in the future. That would also star Raiden, and since MGS2 went on the original Xbox it'll be alright. That's all I have to say.

Posted by Player1

Interesting. Very Interesting. 

Posted by Media_Master

If 360 gets this, than sony should get Halo 3, its only fair.

Posted by Peter
on Oct. 14, 2008
Fuel the fanboy fires

Tell me about it...
Posted by Braynbasher

Everyone go to Kotaku. Konami has made a statement

Posted by Derios


Posted by Raidou10k

Media-Master: Microsoft still owns the Halo IP, so that's definitely not going to happen.

Posted by Crono

I'm cool with disc-swap if it means I'll have MGS4 on my 360.

Posted by MKHavoc

I really wouldn't mind swapping discs.  I have a 20gb hard drive that I've been using since January 2006.  I only 5gb left, so I don't think I'll be installing many games.

Posted by Mjolnir

Memory issues wouldn't bother me - I was thinking about getting a larger hard drive anyway. We still have to see if there's much truth to this, though.

Posted by SentientMoustache

fingers crossed

Posted by Snipes424

Porting it over isn't as easy as pressing a button, like some people think.  First they have comments about the playstation in the game, second, you control your bot with the  sixaxis, so they would have to redo all of that.  And last (and this is the biggest one) the game was built FOR the PS3 so there would probably be a lot of recoding involved.

Now is it possible for them to change all of that?  Sure it is.  Is it likely?  Probably not, especially if they are currently working on their next game,  but stranger things have happened.

But if it does go to the 360 then at least people will finally will shut the fuck up about it and it will be over with.
Posted by Hef

So basically they said "Hey, we're losing money...again. Re-release MGS4?" Maybe this is what existence is? They could release a PS3 and 360 version with a bunch of extras. More people get to play it, so cool.

Posted by Serker

Halo on the PS3?

Posted by Replica23
"Then what does Sony have other than Little Big Planet!?"
Are you for real? In additiona to LittleBigPlanet Sony has SOCOM, Wipeout HD, Resistance 2, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Killzone 2, Infamous, God of War 3, Twisted Metal, Uncharted 2, Ratch & Clank Future 2, MAG and breadth of other franchises they can delve into in addition to new IP creation. If you choose to ingore these games as legitiamte exclusives then your full of ingorance. Seriously though, cut Halo and Gears of War out of the MS picture and the platform is largely reliant on 3rd party titles, which (SURPRISE), are not exclusive to that platform. 

More importantly, good for 360 owners if this happens. Disc swapping is nothing new, through the game on 5 or 6 DVD's and be done with it already. Besides people are acting as if a Metal Gear Solid game never appeared on another console. Right off the bat MGS1 hit Gamecube and MGS2:S hit Xbox.
Posted by Johanz

Metal Gear Solid 1 came to the PC and remade for the Gamecube, Metal Geal Solid 2 came to the PC and the Xbox, Metal Gear Solid 3 didn't get an Xbox port or such because Kojima stated that they were too invested in getting MGS4 out the door. And now MGS4 is out the door, a port seems likely to me. I mean, come one, PS3 has gotten much exclusive time with the game and it has probably moved as much consoles as it can, it would only be logical for Konami as a company to earn more money, and everyone loves Metal Gear too, right? I hope it's true, more games for everyone, and less exclusives. Who needs exclusives anyway? Only rabid fanboys!

Posted by Kenzo287

Forget that I'll wait for the Wii version

Posted by gripman

The rumors, they tear my soul!

Posted by FotherMucker

If this doesn't happen, too bad. If it dose happen, another game for my library!

Posted by Dryker

I'm really starting to feel sorry for those people still out there defending Sony's so called library of exclusives. I have a PS3 and I'm still waiting for them to come out with something that really excites me. Listing a bunch of mediocre-plus games only makes the system look worse.

Posted by Woodtsunami

Oh god i hope this doesn't happen it would be a catastrophic loss for Sony. What will they have left? God of War? Resistance? Yeah.... We can only pray that Konami and Sony still have some sense.

Posted by Ubergeist

Can't hold you breath for this one anymore.

Posted by DragoonKain1687

Lemmings must be dying for a game lately to spin words so much.

Posted by Driadon

Swap out every time the PS3 had to "install" the next chapter. Hell, that might even mean that those parts would be faster to go through on a 360.

Posted by gouveia

never gonna happen

Posted by Systech

Whatever, I don't own a PS3, so it would be cool to see this game come to the 360, too.

Posted by clarke0

If it happens, I will totally buy and play MGS4. This would obviously be a smart move by Konami because they would open up their game to a wider audience.

Posted by Destroyeron

LBP to PC! MGS4 to 360, I'd say fair trade.

Posted by Bulldog19892

Christ, will the 360 be allowed to have any games at all?

Posted by daniel_beck_90

No this time it looks serious , MGS 4 had sold well on PS3 and now it is time for 360 to boost the sales . also considering the recent New Xbox experience it really makes sense .
No it ain't a rumor , it is true

Posted by Pibo47

I highly doubt this is going to happen, but i could...i just amm not really sure....AH!

Posted by AngeTheDude

360 LOVE~!

Posted by MadExponent

I really fail to see how the game couldn't be done on two discs.  I mean, it seems awfully exaggerated to say that it has to be on 6 discs.  Only the most hardcore Sony fanboys spew that crap.  A guy got the .iso file and it is something like 29GB.  Thats with the uncompressed audio.  Hideo lied about a full BD.

Posted by NateDogg

I think it will happen.. in time.

and I won't mind disc swapping when the time comes.. (hello FF7 and FF8)
Posted by chavafx

yeah like virtua fighter 5 it whas intented for ps3 but it end up playing better and looking better on x360 o snap  plus whats the point of 4dvds and one blue ray when you have to install the bluray mgs4 at the start for 16mins and then every chapter install it a ganinm for like 3 mins?

Posted by Monty344

Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence only came out the the ps2. I would like to see it on the 360 just because I want to see it they can solve the space issue. I think it's possible.

Posted by Clint

Morningstar is far from a "Japanese research investment company."  Along with the WSJ/Dow Jones and a select number of other companies, they pretty much provide the basis behind all investment information.

Posted by AngeTheDude

Well then we should all hope that they tell Konami to port that mofo!

Posted by StaticFalconar

Even if it is true, anybody that was a fan of MGS knows about the story now. Its like those delayed releases of GTA and MGS back in the PS2/xbox days. Even if its is true I don't care. 360 can have all of it. the ultimate killer app is like the ultimate high. Even if you achieve it, nothing will ever compare to it again.

Posted by Metamorphic

If this truly happens then there would be no reason for me to buy a PS3 but for the D-Pad (fighting games) and blue-ray.

Tekken and MGS4, Resident Evil, Devil may cry, etc. on the 360... woohoo! keep the good games coming ^_^

Posted by TheHBK

Uh, a disc swap would be better than having to install the game and wait another 3 minutes each time.  Geez, a disc swap on the 360 would just be better!  Since you dont have to reinstall the game if you want to start on a different chapter!

Posted by PitifullPete

You can keep MGS. Give me LBP plz!

Posted by MrKlorox

I don't see why they couldn't include both as an option. You can bet we will be seeing more multi-disc 360 games on the way due to the HDD installs. If only they'd offer 60 GB for cheaper...

Posted by killdave

Luckily for me I already own MSG4 for the PS3. But don't get too excited... it's not all that great. Its good but certainly not worth the hype its been given.

Posted by Wintermute

It seems as though a game would have to be designed from the beginning to be a multi-disc game. Say you have a 4 disc game. Obviously, any content that is exclusive on discs 2, 3 and 4 cannot be in the first act of the game while you are using disc 1. That's a massive amount of content a developer is forbidden from using in a certain part of the game. They would have to design the entire game around that. And I'm not sure MGS4 was built that way. I think this game would have to require a nearly full install to hdd. In which case I wouldn't expect this game on an xbox until the next generation. 50gb is just too much.   

Posted by cikame

I could buy a ps3, but i'd only be getting mgs4 for it then using my 360 for everything else, wouldn't even be getting blu ray movies since i've got dvd players anywhere in the house, so if it comes to the 360, fantastic.
It means i'll get to play the next game in my favorite franchise, and konami will make hella money since everyone has a 360.

Posted by ZeroCast

"We're actively looking..."

What the heck does that even mean? "I'm actively looking to buy Far Cry 2", does that mean I'm going to buy it? It's not going to happen people, simple as that.

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