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We're Actively Looking Into Reporting This Metal Gear Solid 4 On Xbox 360 Story

We're also actively thinking about unpacking, taking a shower, and perhaps ordering pizza.

Or maybe this lady could come up every few hours and say "please insert the next disc!"
IGN has the goods on a TGS-related report on multiplatform trends from a Japanese investment research company called Morningstar. Apparently some Konami public relationist was asked about Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Xbox 360, and this person is quoted with "we're actively looking into a release for the Xbox 360."

So consider the whole MGS4/360 rumor thing back on, I guess. 

IGN goes on to talk about the hurdles in putting the large Blu-Ray game onto several Xbox 360 discs. Perhaps everyone has forgotten that as of 11/19, we'll all be able to install Xbox 360 games to our 360's hard drive. While slapping a fat "requires 60GB or 120GB hard drive" logo on the back of the box would probably deter a lot of people, it would solve the problem. That said, a disc swap at every act or so wouldn't be that punishing, either.
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Posted by Tarsier

The problem with the Xbox 360's disk space is purely Sony propaganda.

That is all I have to say about this.
Posted by MachoFantastico

Not this again, please not this again.

So sick of hearing this story. I can't see it happening, but Microsoft have splashed Millions upon Millions of dollars to companies like SquareEnix so who knows. 

I'm no fanboy, but it wouldn't work on 360 as MGS4 was a game built around the PS3's strength. I can see it now. Requiring you to change a disc every cutscene or so.... not much fun! plus I suspect the graphics might need to be lowered a little.
Posted by Bodycount
they really should look into it, getting their game on the big boys system would put them in the competition on the premiere market (XBOX360) Which all devs aspire to achieve that honor. Their game is quite literally being held back from reaching its true potential, quality and sales wise by staying on the notoriously known second rate system.

The game was not good on PS3, but hopefully they can iron out the flaws, and overhaul the visuals with the help of the pure processing power of 360. Right now for hideo, its like painting a beautiful picture, but not coloring it in. what a shame, but maybe its for the best that they stick to appealing to the lowest common denominator, they'd get eaten alive on the real gaming market, so its best they stick to the system with lower standards.
Posted by Discorsi

Dude disk swapping is the shit. 

Posted by Rocko

If FF and Tekken can jump in, then MGS certainly can. Its a 3RD PARTY GAME MORONS.

Posted by Snail

If this happens it will de the most retarded port in the history of video games. Seriously, multiple discs?

Posted by daniel_beck_90

for the Nth time : MGS 4 is not 50 GB , the uncompressed .ISO file is 29 GB .

Posted by SevX1

wouldnt mind thoes ladys comming up telling me to swap disks :)

Posted by musdy

It's only a matter if time now.

Posted by predator

MGS4 should be ported to the PC.
I was disappointed that we didn't get MGS3.

Posted by Superchris129

Metal Gear Solid 4: Existence will probably be on XBOX 360

Posted by NAZAR3NE

Gears on PS3, lmao! Maybe your forgetting that GoW1 and 2 are published by Microsoft while MGS4 is published by Konami. MGS to Xbox is more likely than Gears to Playstation and its already happened in the past, MGS has already appeared on Microsofts box. Deal with it, this could happen.

Posted by ToastyJaguar

as a person without a ps3, this is good news for me. From Konami's point of view, they spent years and millions of dollars making the game and although it has sold well, releasing it on 360 will allow them to make even more money, maybe a year after the game was released on PS3 when sales just dwindle for the game.

Posted by waza
on Oct. 14, 2008
Then what does Sony have other than Little Big Planet!?

lol ... if you ony look into the next 2 months, we got so many games
confrontation, res 2, eternal sonata, motorstorm,  valkyria chronicles,

360 got fable 2 and multiplatforms
Posted by NAZAR3NE
on Oct. 14, 2008
I loved MGS4, a great conclusion to a spectacular series, but the whole install thing kills me, everyone was so hot on the fact that you didn't need to swap discs for this game but lo and behold between every completed chapter, there was a fucking MINIMUM 2 minute install (sometimes as long as 8 minutes for the first chapter or two). You couldn't keep said install data on your Hard Drive so after you completed the game if you wanted to jump around to different chapters you had to reinstall the data every time! Not that it wasnt a blast watching Snake smoke a butt and recieve some awsome health tips from konami but i think i can change a disc in less than 2 minutes!

Wait, so it would actually be better on the 360 in terms of in between chapter waiting? lmao, 2 to 8 min "temporary" installs in between chapters?
I'm getting a PS3 in jan anyways but I already have a 360 and I would get it for both because I'm a big fan.
Posted by killdave
Dude disk swapping is the shit.


Tbh .... playstaion 1+2 games had multi-discs and those were fine enough, Res evil / final fantasy etc
Its not like you are changing your discs over every few minutes. Most of the time it will be every 2nd or 3rd sitdown / gaming session.

Its a big game (abit a boring one in my mind^^) so you'll most likely finish the disc and power down rather than carry on gaming for hours and hours at a time.  If you do ... seek help for addiction!
Posted by killdave
"So sick of hearing this story. I can't see it happening, but Microsoft have splashed Millions upon Millions of dollars to companies like SquareEnix so who knows. 

I'm no fanboy,"

Pure classic fanboy remark ... how do you know or not if sqaure got "million upon million" to get FF ?? If anything it would be a far greater benifit to Square with all the sales from the larger xbox user base ....

The only thing you can "guess" is .. .MS reduced its royality takings on Square games ... instead of taking 20% profits for allowing Sqaure to release FF on xbox .. they "may" have reduced it to only 15% etc etc etc ...

Posted by darkjester74

I would be totally cool with having MGS4 either on PC or 360.  Disk swapping is not a big deal to me, as long as you keep it reasonable.  Lost Odyssey was 4 disks (!) and I was perfectly fine with it. 

I am also baffled as to why people become so strongly opposed to a game going multiplatform.  As long as the quality remains equal across all platforms, who cares? 

Posted by get2sammyb

This is going to happen. Eventually. But get set to wait a good year more.

Posted by NAZAR3NE
on Oct. 14, 2008
Uh, a disc swap would be better than having to install the game and wait another 3 minutes each time.  Geez, a disc swap on the 360 would just be better!  Since you dont have to reinstall the game if you want to start on a different chapter!

If installed to the 360 HDD, You wouldn't have to swap disks and it would segway to each chapter quicker than on PS3... much quicker. It's not a 50 gig game, sheesh. Leave all the references in and just do it, lol.
Posted by Valkyr

MGS 4 should have had the option to full install the chapters at once instead of little temporary sucky installs, the average gamer only finishes it once, you install it, you spend a whole weekend with it and that's i, come on. I don't think they are going to port it to the 360, they were pretty sure that they were not going to do it putting all those Sony jokes and Kojima already said on an interview that AAA titles were banishing because of this stupid thing of releasing every game for all platforms, i bet FF XIII will suck, i will be short and unpolished

Posted by The_Icon

Whats the big deal? I mean how a fanboy becomes jealous when its game goes to another console, its not like its leaving it entirely? Similarly I hope Alan Wake comes to the PS3 as well.

Posted by suneku

If it does come out for the 360...I'll whore some achievements on it since there still aren't any freaking trophies for the PS3 version.

Posted by dtran1212

good game, i recommend it

Posted by Dudacles

Imagine the total anarchy on gfaqs and neogaf if this were to be true. That alone is enough reason for me to hope this'll happen.

Posted by mordecaix7

I really hope this happens.  The previous two MGS games both saw releases on Xbox so why not MGS4?  here's something to think about:  Both MGS2 and MGS3 were said not to be ported to another console:

MGS2 Sons of Liberty = PS2 only
MGS3 Snake Eater = PS2 only

But the re-released MGS2 and 3 as special editions, under a new title with new content.  This makes it a different title:

MGS2 Substance = PS2 + Xbox
MGS3 Subsistance = PS2 + Xbox

Essentially, they never broke their word saying that the previous games would never appear on another console.  They didn't say anything about new versions or re-releases.  So in summary, I don't think we'll see Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots on anything other than PS3.  X360 owners will get Metal Gear Solid 4: Substantial-substance-of-patriot-guns or whatever ridiculous name they'll come up with.

*EDIT*  @Monty144:  Ack!  You're right it did!  Dang, for some reason, I thought it was on Xbox.  Well that kills my conspiracy theory :)

Posted by nZeD_SkunK

is it my understanding that MGS4 was uncompressed. So in reality all they need to do is compress the audio and cutscenes and scooby le boo its on a DVD9. Plus DVD9 is a better format in terms of performance. I didnt know you had to install (2-8mins) between each chapter that sucks, hopefully the 360 version will suss that out and i might consider getting it Kojima (maybe just for achievements)

Posted by rohanspear345


Posted by Toms115

If this does happen it will pretty much cancel out all reasons for me to buy a PS3.

Posted by bowlerry

Oh no i might have to get off my ass for a few seconds to put in a different CD! i did it back when Final Fantasy was on multi disks, didnt bother me the least. I've never liked MGS4, but i would just have to try it out!

Xbox 360 getting, tekken 6, GTA4, Final Fantasy, if we now get MGS4 the 360, people will have no reason to get a PS3  get people will only get a PS3 for, MGS4 which might not be an exclusive, and Little big planet, which i dont care for. I dont like little kiddy games.
Im so glad i didnt get a PS3, i almost did as a, PS1 PS2 PSP owner.

Posted by TOYBOXX
Toms115 wrote:  "If this does happen it will pretty much cancel out all reasons for me to buy a PS3."

I agree. There really isn't any reason for me to purchase the PS3 anyways. Sure there are a few games I would like to experience, but is it really worth $499? Plus what other game, besides Socom: Confrontation, is coming out in the future for the console? Exactly. Sony needs to focus less on competition and focus more on the games. Hit titles that were once on the Playstation brand have already migrated over onto the 360, and for good reason.
Posted by lightwarrior179

I am no big fan of MGS nor do I have any hurry on getting a PS3 for this game (and couple of others) as well. But MGS4 on 360....hmm that's gotta add fuel to the fire especially after FFXIII going multi this E3.

Posted by Lev_Arris

I'm with frenchdork

Posted by artofwar420

It's not about the platforms, it's about the games, everybody should enjoy Mr. Kojima's masterpiece.

Besides, this would force Sony to step it up even more. Competition is good people. Competition drives quality.

-Sony FAN.

Posted by 354g3evwdwdw

Microsoft knows how to do business.

Posted by DukeTogo

Maybe if the game was actually good, I'd worry about it, but I haven't touched it or my PS3 in months.

Posted by Chasmang

The game is over-hyped mediocrity anyway. I can't imagine it being any better on the 360.

Posted by davidgatt

Only in your dreams, 360 fans!

Posted by Seram

Who cares what system its on? As long as people get to play it, everyone should be happy.

Posted by chavafx

only on our dreams well im awake and konami sed is happening oops  mark my word by may 09 mgs4+ will be out for 360

Posted by jhosaphat

Any publisher or developer has to consider multilple platforms in this age of development costs. The days of exclusivity are done. If the developer is not owned by Microsoft, Sony, etc. then it's all fair game.

Posted by Lestater

Fable 2?

Posted by Evinco

Disc swapping never bothered me.

Posted by nate64

this would be so amazing. i was planning on waiting till i got a ps3, which probably won't be for a while, so with this and final fantasy 13 coming to 360 i won't need to worry about getting a ps3 as much. that would be nice.

Posted by Arjuna

MGS4 is the only reason I consider buying a PS3.  This happening would render any such considerations mute.

Posted by balthaser

I would simply call this "Journalist's incompetence of understanding another language, i.e. Japanese"

Posted by Maluigi

HAHA...OMG....I can't believe this is back...god news for 360 owners huh?

Posted by SkylinePigeon

... I'd buy it.  I already played it on a friend's PS3, but I'd play it again.

Posted by KingGamer

MGS4 and FFXIII were the main reasons to own a PS3. But since FFXIII will have a 360 version and if MGS4 gets a 360 version then Sony is dead.

Posted by Gruff182

Who gives a crap honestly? I've got a PS3 and i'm perfectly happy with it. I've played and completed MGS4 3 times already, it's now old news. If 360 users get a chance to play such an awesome game then good on them!

 I don't own a Wii, because it's a piece of crap, Fact. I don't own a 360 because the PC is my prefered platform so theres no need for it.

If your all so happy with the platforms you've chosen, why do you feel the need to argue about it?

Why the hell would you care which platform makes the most money, your never going to see a pennie of it.

Look at the Wii, it's stomping on everything and Nintendo and their 3rd party developers have mostly abandoned the "gamers". Why invest so much time and money into a decent game when you can pump out things like Carnival Games and make a crap tonne?

Be thankful you have Sony and Microsoft competing to push the envelope, otherwise you wouldn't even have your MGS or GoW.

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