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Why Can't We Quit You, Call of Duty 4?

Microsoft joins Giant Bomb in our collective inability to let go of one of 2007's best games.


Last night I was flipping through the channels, or sections, or whatever in the New Xbox Experience (is it OK to stop calling it that yet?) when I ran across the promotional image you see there above. Sure, cool, it's early 2009. Time to see what games the people loved last year. Lord knows we did it ourselves recently.

But what's that, there, on this "best of 2008" graphic? Call of Duty the Fourth? You mean the one that came out in 2007? Yes, it occurs to me that they may simply be referring to the top games based on Xbox Live activity in calendar '08, but until today I thought we were utterly alone in our recognition of COD4 as 2008's best 2007 game. So alone and so, so cold.
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Posted By TwoOneFive

i still play it a lot. 

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Posted By Darniaq

Still play multiplayer often. My kind of FPS. Like it more so than 5.

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Posted By BigBoss1911
@w34ky said:
" I pretty much play Cod 4 every night. why leave it, it has everything anyone could ever want. "
But was it nessicary to bump a 9 month old topic?
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Posted By w34ky

I pretty much play Cod 4 every night. why leave it, it has everything anyone could ever want.

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Posted By Media_Master

yeah good game

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Posted By TheLongshot

Hilarious. Yet still an excellent game. I've got quite a number of hours logged on live myself, and I'm just now getting into WaW.

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Posted By Osaladin

CoD4 has the best multiplayer I've ever played online. So yeah, I still play it, and I will buy the next modern warfare and play that relentlessly as well.

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Posted By FallJester

i played COD:WaW up until the 2nd prestige....then i tried cod4 again and now am obsessed with getting gold cross 55....only one more prestige to go.

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Posted By bartholomew999

I bought that game for the 360 and the PS3 plus the map packs.  I'm fucked...but I know a shit awesome game when I play it!

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Posted By dsplayer1010

So I wasn't the only one who noticed this

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Posted By natetodamax

It comes as no surprise.

Also, Jeff, I was listening to one of your Giant Bombcasts where you were talking about what the next CoD game would be like, and it was hilarious. I like how you said there wouldn't be any perks in multiplayer, because IW would be like "That was so 2 years ago!". Awesome.

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Edited By Meteora

I've played this game religiously for half the year in 2008. I've stopped playing briefly when most of my friends have went off to play other games and when I began playing WoW. But I keep coming back for the SP; it's just pure awesomeness. The game has offered me the first sample of a 7th generation graphics; I've been stuck in the 6th generation for too long.

I'll hail it as the best game I've ever played and owned; and I think it was one of the best games I've ever gotten in my life (I'm normally terrible at picking out games).

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Edited By Jared


I'm on the opposite end, I like the gritty feel of WW2 and the weapons are great and come from an era when are grandfathers fought to defend this country from world domination. As for the maps I like them a bit bigger, gives me more time to actually enjoy the game and creates a more realistic feel (WW2 was fought on huge battlefields so it makes sense). COD4 and COD W@W are excellent.

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Posted By John1912

Dont know why, but never tried the MP, SP wasnt good enough for a 2nd run threw imo so i sold it.

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Posted By offsprnvid24

More of a Halo guy here as far as multi-player goes

Avatar image for shadows_kill
Posted By shadows_kill

i stopped playing it when i got cod waw...

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Posted By Pugberto

I myself am rather shocked considering that Halo 3 was the most played game of 2008, my vote would of been with Halo 3 but to be honest I was never aware of the poll so I guess those who voted loved Call of Duty 4 the most.

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Posted By JDoobs

Not only is it a fantastic multiplayer experience, (I can safely say the World at War is the lesser "younger feeble brother" multiplayer game) but it is also a simply amazing single player experience. I was a huge Halo fan for years and I still am, but the quality of CoD4 simply cannot  be denied.

Avatar image for scottefresh
Posted By ScottEFresh

A lot of people still playing this religiously.  I've put it away for now because of the holidays but it's one of those games you can always get back into really quickly.

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Edited By GaspoweR

I played both COD4 and COD WaW on the PC and my online experience with COD 4 has always been great. Online is competitive but is always fun in COD4. I noticed certain things in WaW that didn't sit well with me. First off,the dogs seem pretty imbalance especially if your playing with less than 16 people. At least in COD 4, you only had to deal with one big target which was the chopper. My BIGGEST problem with COD WaW is the sound effects. The gun shot sounds lacked the "Ooomph". Treyarch didn't do a good job in trying to make the guns sound as deadly as it should be. Another example of bad sound would be the knife stab and also the foot steps. The knife stab sounded a bit "cartoony" and your foot steps don't sound heavy at all. Multiplayer is also very derivative from both COD 4 and from Treyarch's 1st COD game, COD3 (the War mode in multiplayer being the best example). They didn' do a great job differentiating their game form Infintiy Ward's. To me personally they could have did away with the perks or they could have made theit own. The whole thing just felt like a glorified mod.

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Posted By MHumphreys89

I think COD4 will be popular for quite a time to come, I still play a helluva lot of it.

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Posted By Jensonb

Is it just the Xbox Experience now?

That sounds creepy...It needs a word there....

Current Xbox Experience!

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Posted By DukesT3

Dude, that game came out in 07!? Sheesh... where does the time go? Anyways still an amazing game!

Avatar image for crunchuk
Posted By crunchUK

halo 3 is better than cod4

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Posted By Kohe321
"I still play it, it's a solid multiplayer game.  I'll quit playing it when Modern Warfare 2 comes out."
Same here. It's singleplayer was awesome, but I've only played it once. The multiplayer, though, really has a lot of longevity. Can't wait for Modern Warfare 2!
Avatar image for infamous91
Posted By InFamous91

I truly agree...COD4 was a different experience and didn't feel like a COD game (in a good way).......It was truly a great experience

Avatar image for enemaems
Posted By EnemaEms

I love the new COD, but until they fix the map glitches, I am back to COD4 exclusively.

Avatar image for theineffablebob
Posted By TheIneffableBob

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a TERRIBLE game.

Avatar image for scooper
Posted By Scooper

I played it last night and still love playing it. Although the PC is now a bitch if you've just started, people are going all CS 1.6 on it.

Avatar image for starfox444
Posted By starfox444

really? i like world at war more.

Avatar image for suneku
Posted By suneku

I played CoD4 like crazy for half of 08, guess I'm one of the contributors.

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Posted By citizenkane
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is probably the best shooter so far this generation.  I absolutely love it.  I should go back and play more multiplayer.
Avatar image for tekzero
Posted By TekZero

Shadowrun provides me with enough online shooter action.

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Posted By Snail


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Posted By PapaLazarou

I did....... about 5 mins after I played it...... it was shit.

Avatar image for aurelito
Posted By Aurelito

Yeah it was a great game but i couldn't play multiplayer for more than 2 weeks. I hate seventh generation

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Posted By Jaqen_HGhar

I only played the demo once. Not sold on that, so...
Guess what I am saying is that I am done with the CoD franchise. I guess I was after trying CoD 2...

Avatar image for adthomson
Posted By adthomson

it aint got nothing on Halo 3 :P....

Avatar image for hiroseven
Posted By HiroSeven

I've never played CoD4 online... but realllly want to!

I'll have to get on it after this week is over (ie. after my Pharmacy admission exams are over...).



Avatar image for shadow
Posted By Shadow

Don't get us wrong, COD4, It's not that we can't quit you, it's that you're the only game millions of people have.

Avatar image for dryker
Posted By Dryker

I'm with LegioXIII, someone's gotta fix Gears 2. Brad, same page, I had the exact same reaction to the graphic.

Avatar image for zereta
Posted By Zereta

I don't see what's so great about COD4? I have Halo 3 on my 360 and COD4 on my PC and I got bored of COD4 extremely fast. Sure the singleplayer is pretty awesome but I never so what was so great about multiplayer. 

W@W was a better game than COD4 if you ask me.
Avatar image for bawlzinmotion
Posted By BawlZINmotion

I'm not much of a Call of Duty 4 fan, but I can definitely see this.

Avatar image for discorsi
Posted By Discorsi

I didn't find anything too amazing about CoD 4.  Then again I do not think I have ever liked a modern setting shooter ever unless you include Rainbow Six Vegas 2.  I loved the BF series till BF2 and i do not like CoD 4.  I did however love what I played of WaW.  The guns felt a lot better etc.

Avatar image for legioxiii
Posted By LegioXIII

CoD 4, for me, is THE multiplayer console game right now. Until they fix Gears of War 2, I'll be playing CoD 4.

Avatar image for cubical
Posted By Cubical

im still trying to figure out why people are playing it on the xbox since it looks and controls like  low res ass on the consoles and the limit of 18 players rather than 32 or 64 boring  as hell let alone doing it for that damn long.
add on the fact you have to pay $10 for the damn offical maps that are  in the free pc patches. Also no mods or change wich would drive me up the wall playing that same crap over and over again for that long. also the zombie mode in that new call of duty  war at war  is a total rip off of the PC call of duty 4 zombie mod and i played that longer than the normal call of duty 4 .

IT makes me say one thing WHY? are you people that deprived the games online is not that great. hell even the single player is not that great.

And even the far better real PC call of duty 4 with more damn maps to play  is not even that great I stopped caring about the game after like a week of playing it online since it was pretty damn dull no matter what you are playting it on there is not that much to it just standard fps game .

Avatar image for bulldog19892
Posted By Bulldog19892

COD4 is one of, if not the best game of the decade.

Avatar image for jesus_juice
Posted By Jesus_Juice

I played over 300 hours of Call of Duty 4, and most of that was in '08. Being a Senior in high school was a lot like being unemployed, so I can empathize with Jeff and Rich's addictions to Call of Duty 4. Being a freshman at a demanding university is a different story, though, and I haven't played COD4 since I started in September. I really miss that game.

Avatar image for chronicsmoke
Posted By chronicsmoke

what can i say after all this time I still cant get enough of COD4

Avatar image for hector
Posted By Hector

CoD4 is awesome. I can't wait till "CoD4/2".

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