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With Voices Like Saints

THQ and Volition reveal more of the voice cast for Saints Row 2.

I find myself perpetually surprised by Saints Row. When the first screenshots of the original came out, I thought it looked garish and embarrassing. When I finally played it, I found its cartoonish feel endearing, and many of its nuts-and-bolts mechanics were superior to the game it was ripping off. After Grand Theft Auto IV raised the stakes on what an open-world criminal action game could accomplish, I figured Saints Row 2 for a total lame duck. Rather than try and beat Rockstar at their own game, they just cranked up the absurdity. Well-played, sirs.

Today THQ released a new Saints Row 2 trailer focusing on the game's voice talent, and it's full of great, ridiculous choices. In addition to the formidable talents of Michael Rappaport, Gary Busey, and Keith motherstuffin' David, the game will also feature Neil Patrick Harris, Eliza Dushku, and Michael Dorn (AKA the guy who played Worf). Check out the trailer yourself for more of Volition's high-contrast hijinks.