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Worth Reading 07/19/2013

The midwest is doing its best to remind a certain news editor why people don't go outdoors much in the summer, but that's not gonna stop this pile of links.

Ryan had a dark sense of humor, and so I consider it his last laugh--a final, tragic cosmic joke--that he passed away on the same day my father did, just one year later. That way, I can never forget. You win, Ryan.

Giant Bomb is different with him gone, and I’m not in a place to really write too much about what happened right now. But it felt weird to start Worth Reading without mentioning what’s happened. I still miss you, buddy.

The first couple of weeks outside of the office have been challenging, even ignoring the emotional rollercoaster we’ve all been on. I suddenly find myself with way more time on my hands, and not much to fill it. My workflow the past two years was considerably different, often depended on working with others, and now I’m coming up with everything on my own. In a sense, it’s freeing. In another, it’s completely terrifying, and maybe I should just reload Twitter?

I was often (rightly) branded the indie guy at Giant Bomb, even if I’m not a fan of the term indie. I knew what people meant, and I always took pride in using Giant Bomb’s megaphone to spotlight strange and different games. Remove the weekly podcast, Quick Looks, and Unprofessional Fridays, and I suddenly found myself with way fewer ways to provide the stuff I love with a way to show up on the site. Sure, I could write about them (and I will), but part of what makes Giant Bomb work is showing these games. To that end, I have recorded myself playing and messing around with the two games I’m recommending you check out this week, a video that will live in and outside this feature when it arrives on Friday. It’s only an experiment, so if you have any suggestions on how it should be changed, I’m always listening.

Hey, You Should Play This

And You Should Read These, Too

This is a few weeks old, but I'm still mulling Patrick Miller’s emotional response to a Kotaku story about a member of the fighting game community that was arrested for allegedly hitting his ex-girlfriend. It pissed Miller off, and he waxes eloquently about what the games media gets wrong covering subcultures. I was hit with similar comments from the fighting game community when I published a story about offensive comments made by a player during a Capcom-sanctioned live stream last year, and while I defend my reporting, Miller’s commentary resonated, and I’ll be thinking about it when writing in the future.

"To be sure, we have our own issues with misogyny and homophobia, but they’re complicated. On one hand, there are a fair amount of respected community members who are gender or sexual minorities; on the other hand, we still have a problem with problematic speech and conduct. There is, internally, people who wish for us to grow up and act like mature, respectful adults; I am one of them.

But there are also people who view that kind of thing as the “political correctness" that they seek refuge from. Like me, these folks view the FGC as a welcoming place where they can let their hair down and be among like-minded folks; they haven’t yet realized that their behavior prevents other people in the community from feeling the same way. They will come around, but it takes time — just like it takes time in any other community, game-related or not. We are doing that work on ourselves, and perhaps this weekend was a much-needed reminder that we need to continue."

The standard preview is no longer a useful piece of writing. Giant Bomb stopped doing them long ago, and we only write, talk, or feature games ahead of release when we are particularly struck or have something to say (see: my coverage of The Novelist earlier this week). What we need are more pieces like Evan Narcisse’s take on Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, in which he leverages his personal connection to an element of the game’s setting--slavery--to write introspectively about why he’s interested in seeing more of the game. Narcisse’s article has raised my interest in Black Flag more than yet another damn trailer.

"The reason I'm interested in how video games feature black people in big or small roles is to see how the multiplicity of the black experience gets represented, if at all. And when it's in a series like Assassin's Creed, which prides itself on meticulously researched recreations of past centuries, characters like Adewale and Aveline are chances to see how the present reconstructs the past."

If You Click It, It Will Play

Crowdfunding Has Promise, Hopefully Developers Don't Screw It Up

Tweets That Make You Go "Hmmmmmm"

please like things and dislike things and be open about that, but that doesn't mean you have to be dismissive or caustic. What's the upside?

— Steve Gaynor (@fullbright) July 18, 2013

like really, if your whole stance is that it doesn't matter that im an asshole, don't write a whole post about how im an asshole.

— PHIL FISH (@PHIL_FISH) July 18, 2013

@PHIL_FISH The point was admiration for designers who are uncompromising, which people tend to react to by saying "asshole."

— BenKuchera (@BenKuchera) July 18, 2013

Oh, And This Other Stuff

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Worth Playing and Worth Reading?!

EDIT: Gen_Ironicus' comments were particularly insightful.

Posted by Fobwashed

Thank you for this =)

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Hot live video content with WORDS?

My my.

Edited by mrfluke

nicely done sir, finally you decide to do a complementary video alongside worth reading. thumbs up from this user.

although, embed the bigger version of the video on your stories please :P

Posted by Gordo789

that gamestick video was kind of arousing.

Edited by Rincewind

Love the new feature.

I honestly wouldn't mind Worth Watching being 1 hour long so you can either look at stuff in depth or cover more ( say 15 minutes a piece)

Edited by MrMazz

I really like the These Games Are Worth Playing video. Normally I'd just click the link and check out some of the developers media material but getting to see the game in action is much better. Having watched the Idle Thumbs crew play Viscera Cleanup Detail I'm left wanting that kindo of smallness to be replicated in Surgeon Simulator even if that's not the point of Surgeon Simulator.

Plenty of stuff to read this week

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@patrickklepek I don't think it was mentioned in the article, but the Ryan tribute picture featured at the top was done by Ian McConville of Three Panel Soul. You can see his work at

If it was mentioned and I just missed it, my bad!

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Worth playing video feature is really good! You having weekly video content is gonna be an awesome addition.

Will continue reading weekly as per usual.

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Wow what Patrick Miller wrote on his Tumblr. I feel like that's crazy that he has to actually write out a whole diatribe stating the most obvious, common sense things that should already be in games journalism. Game journalists really need to grow up if they have to be taught something like that (to be fair, mainstream journalism isn't that much better).

Posted by RetroVirus

I really liked that Youtube reacts video. The voices were great! Also the new feature seems rad!

Posted by DocWattson

Whooohooo, worth reading is back!

Posted by zeekthegeek

@retrovirus: The Youtube Reacts videos are almost entirely Lets Players from Something Awful. Those who follow the LP community will surely recognize a few!

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Love the mop! Just the concept why.

Posted by Video_Game_King

I must admit, those perspectives are totally.

Posted by mikeeegeee

As a firm believer in voting with my dollar, I bought many copies of Journey. Glad to hear it's profitable!

Posted by Silver-Streak

@patrickklepek I like the new video idea. I think that's a cool way for more content to come out, and for a way to not lose focus on the games you always liked to highlight during streams. Of course, what you could do is set up that OBS remote plugin we spoke on, and then get Vinny to connect to that internal webpage on your IP address. Then Vinny could still do Vinny Magic even with you in Chicago.

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Posted by cooljammer00

It's so weird that after the fact, PS Move has become basically a must have device for weird artsy games like JS Joust or Edgar Rice Whatever it was called in that jungle gym video.

Evan Narcisse at Kotaku is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers due to his damn good articles about his experiences being a father, a black man, a gamer, etc. Kotaku really seems ahead of the curve at times with this sort of thing, and it always seems like he uses the scant privilege he has been afforded for good. He's a minority, but he's also a straight and fairly young man. That means that he doesn't seem to get ganged up on the way other outspoken games writers seem to be. He's not a woman, or trans, or gay, so I've noticed people tend to shout at him less about how he needs to "shut up", as they would with say, a Patricia Hernandez or Anita Sarkeesian.

Posted by flanker22

Ryan had a dark sense of humor, and so I consider it his last laugh--a final, tragic cosmic joke--that he passed away on the same day my father did, just one year later. That way, I can never forget. You win, Ryan.

well fuck i just laughed, and cried at the same time.

Posted by legemamo

I like the idea of these games are worth playing video but I also think that doing a quicklook style version is optimal to really show these types of games off. While I know it might be harder to find an individual to do a video like that in Chicago it would still be a better option than a solo play version where (and I mean no offense) the commentary is not as helpful or entertaining.

Posted by FreedomTown

"There is, internally, people who wish for us to grow up and act like mature, respectful adults; I am one of them."

I think whoever said this confuses those who don't believe in his PC opinions "immature" and "not a respectful adult". People don't have to respect everything, that doesn't mean they aren't respectful. People don't have to accept everything, and that doesn't make them an immature non-adult.

Posted by Chango

Love the new video feature, Patrick.

Posted by csl316

I like that video, I'd like to see more.

And it's not always 95 and humid, Patrick. I swear to God that summer here can be quite alright!

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Posted by SwiftTheRedFox

It's nice to have this back. Keep up the good work!

Posted by darkdragonmage99

lol Patrick I don't know what possessed you to move this way when the weather has started in on it's slow decline to hell isn't 90 degrees at 90 percent humidity grand

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Love the Worth Playing video, please do more!

Posted by TronCorleone

Always worth reading, Patrick - my favorite continuing feature on GB.
Thanks and welcome back.

Posted by Daneian

Wow. Patrick Miller's FGC piece was great.

Posted by WMWA

So glad this is back. Also, really like the video idea. Id still appreciate some links to other interesting games youve come across, but highlighting the best/most interesting two in video is a great feature.

Posted by Brendan

@freedomtown: You realize that he's talking about racism, sexism, and homophobia, right? There is nothing okay with that.

Posted by CitizenCoffeeCake

Those YouTube reacts videos are hilarious. GiantBomb reacts, anyone? Maybe not enough ignorance.

Posted by drakesfortune

That first picture is a piece of art. I love it. I wish I could capture people that way. The only one he didn't get right was Patrick.

Posted by drakesfortune

That first picture is a piece of art. I love it. I wish I could capture people that way. The only one he didn't get right was Patrick.

Posted by JackSukeru

That EricBound humming sounds familiar...

Aaah yeeaaaaaaah!

Posted by Vasper_Knight

Nice it was a good read thanks PK, Still wish you were on the site but ill follow you however you decide to do your work.

Posted by fisk0
Posted by wgoldie

Was that guy in the melee video in the hover hand thread on 'Gaf?

Posted by yellownumber5

That is the porniest video of a gamepad I have ever seen.


Damn right its hot outside! FUCK!

Posted by triple07

I like the worth playing. It's a cool idea and I like seeing more Patrick content on the site. Personally I'd like to see more indie games in alpha, I know there are quite a few of those kinds of games making the rounds but its hard to keep track of them especially if they are asking for money to try their game (which is perfectly understandable).

Posted by Paul_Tillich

@patrickklepek The two ideas should work in tandem. Write introductions to the games in your Friday articles, and then treat videos like short quicklooks without needing to introduce and explain the games. Text gets the introduction out of the way, letting the videos function like most do on this site - getting right to a gut reaction to the game and conveying that to the audience.

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This is the second video I can remember on here from that speedrun/caster guy Cosmo, and I really enjoyed both of them. It's awesome watching detailed analyses of game mechanics from someone deeply entrenched in that community. Plus he seems like an upbeat duder. I'll have to see if he has other videos like that online.

Edited by Redbeard_Jones

I always love reading this column. Thanks Patrick, love your work!

Posted by Tortoise

I think the video content is great, please keep it up in some form. I'm glad the cat got his milk.

Posted by C_PoHo

Loved the These Games Are Worth Playing video, that was great. I'd be very happy to see more.

Posted by von_wemberg

I just realised... Cosmo sounds just like Bob Colayco!

Posted by Castiel
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