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Worth Reading: 11/02/12

It's been a busy couple of days, so a slightly-less-hefty collection of stuff for you to click on this weekend. Click away!

Once again, kudos to Giant Bomb user Fobwashed for this excellent piece of work. ARGH.
Once again, kudos to Giant Bomb user Fobwashed for this excellent piece of work. ARGH.

I’m putting together this edition of Worth Reading really late on Friday afternoon, moments after having my soul crushed by the never-dying, machete-wielding Jason Vorhees. You’ll have to forgive me for not having paragraphs of reflection on the past few days, and instead quickly point you to what I’ve gathered this week.

Apologies for not having a game to point you to, though. Rather than suggest a game I didn’t have enough time to vet, I’d rather just cut that section and focus on the material that I can stand behind.

God damn you, Jason. God damn you.

(I will have my revenge on a later episode of Spookin’ With Scoops.)

Hey, You Should Read These

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Hopefully you had a chance to listen to the podcast this week, in which we spent more than an hour talking about the various issues raised regarding ethics in games journalist in the past few weeks. It’s probably not the last time we’ll have something to say on the subject (and if you have questions, ask!), but rather than delving deeper down that rabbit hole on Worth Reading, I wanted to highlight a few excellent pieces of games journalism filed recently. These are pieces that deserve your clicks, as the only way more of it will be produced is if websites know they can have reporters spending weeks researching material that will only end up in one, big piece. There’s not much of a financial incentive to do that, and we have to support the websites that do engage in that. Bravo to Polygon and Kotaku.

If You Click It, It Will Play

I Don’t Know About This Kickstarter Thing, But These Projects Seem Pretty Cool

  • Whatever you think of Gerztron, I wish more Kickstarter games attached prototypes.
  • There aren't many god games these days, and Maia proposes being the god of a space colony.
  • Sir, You Are Being Hunted should get backed for its name alone. Luckily, it also looks great.

Valve Just Launched Greenlight, So Here’s Some Games That Don’t Look Terrible

  • Broforce. Broforce? Broforce! Wait, Broforce. Right. Broforce.
  • Heard nothing but great things about Walking Mars for iOS. Maybe I'll just wait and play it here.
  • Dino Run is not really a new thing, but if you're into dinosaurs, it's some good, mindless fun.

Oh, And This Other Stuff

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