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XBLA "House Party" Games Dated And Priced

The party starts on February 16. Mark it down!

Those Xbox Live Arcade “House Party” games that were revealed at CES are coming sooner than later, according to a recent Major Nelson blog post. Konami's side-scrolling throwback Hard Corps: Uprising will lead off the themed releases starting on Feb. 16, and will then be followed by...


This is the XBLA version. See, button prompts and everything!     

That’s at least a couple of potential must-haves, right? The prices there are fairly tame considering the more high-profile nature of these downloadables, too. According to Nelson, Bejeweled Blitz, Beyond Good & Evil HD, and Full House Poker will all hit at an agreeable 800 MSPs. Torchlight and Hard Corps: Uprising will hit at the usual 1200 Microsoft Banana Dollars.

So, what games are you thinking about grabbing?        
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Posted by BulletproofMonk

Any idea when Beyond the Good & Evil HD is coming to PSN?
Posted by ZmillA

finally get to play BG&E

Posted by Chris2KLee

Finally time I knuckled down and played Beyond Good & Evil it seems.

Posted by mourernet


Posted by Parsnip

Nice surprise with the BGEHD only $10!

Posted by ExplodingTuba
@Jolt92: Agreed. Both high quality games.
Posted by Haseo

Might of been interested in Hard Corps if it was cheaper but to me no live arcade game is worth 1200 points sorry Micro$oft

Posted by Pabba

I'm definitely picking up Torchlight, but I'm also tempted for BG&E. I have a PlayStation 2 copy already, but am too lazy to dig it up, set up the PlayStation, and replay. However, for 800 space bucks, it could be just what I need to revisit Jade and company...
Posted by CastroCasper

Wow, this time Microsoft got it right for me at least. I'd play Torchlight on the 360, plus I've never played Beyond Good & Evil. Plus that poker game is the live one right? Is there going to be a deal if you buy all of the games? 

Posted by Togechu64

It starts on my Birthday! :D

Posted by Shasam

Is there any kind of deal for buying them all? Or a select amount of them? Usually there is, the difference being I could see myself buying 4 out of 5 of these (Sorry Poker), so if I got free points for buying that last one or whatever I might do that. 
Still, despite having played hours and hours of Torchlight on the PC, I am excited to get it on the 360. I spend more time in front of my TV than monitor, so I will probably get a little further than I have done in the past.