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Xbox One Launch Pushed Back in Several Countries

Belgium, Denmark, and others won’t see the machine until sometime next year.

Nothing will stop me from continuing to use this image.

If you’re a Giant Bomb fan from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden or Switzerland, Xbox One is no longer launching in 2013. Sorry!

Microsoft has narrowed the number of countries Xbox One will launch in come November, and those markets have been pushed into “as soon as possible in 2014.”

“While we wish we could launch Xbox One simultaneously in these markets, there are many factors that determine the timing of specific market launches,” said the company in a blog post today. “This includes work to localize the Xbox One dash, incorporate additional voice and languages, and build partnerships to bring apps and meaningful local content to each country.”

It’d be one thing if retailers hadn’t already started taking pre-order, but that’s not the case. As an apology, Microsoft is offering a free game to consumers who already committed to buying a machine. Details on how the promotion will work won’t be available until closer to launch, though. Free games from a launch lineup!!!!!

Which day Xbox One will launch in November remains a mystery, though Gamescom is soon.

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Edited by MariusK

wow this sucks for me heh

Edited by crusader8463

When was the last time the X-Box 3 had a story that had good news for it?

Edited by Linkster7

What?! Well I guess my Christmas work load is a bit lighter, but still... WHAT?!

Good think I per-ordered on
It seems the Xbox has so little traction here in Norway anyways, guess this will widen the gap even further between it and Playstation. For a while anyways.

Posted by Village_Guy

Fuck them for that, I had already preordered mine, now I'm not sure what to do.

Posted by jimmy_p

Show me someone that is actually buying an xbox in Europe. Because i wont

Edited by ionkinetic

I was getting the PS4 anyways

Edited by deskp

Um, launch it with the english dashbaord, and I do not care if there isnt apps there that I wouldn't use anyways....

Looks like im back on the ps4 train.. damn.

Posted by TheHT

The weird tale of the Xbox One continues.

Posted by Belegorm

Really sucks for those countries, if I wanted an xbone and I was in one of those countries I would much rather have the system in november over getting a free launch game. Especially since those tend to suck often times.

Edited by Pezen

Oh man, it's like the 90s or Suikoden III all over again!

But in all seriousness, it doesn't quite make a difference to me. Wasn't planning on getting it initially anyway (if at all, depending on how it ends up comparing to PS4 etc. etc. etc.) so it being pushed back is a non-issue to me. I need new tires for my car this winter to keep me from dying on the icy winter roads more than I need a new console anyway.

Posted by Larsa

Well I guess I'll get a PS4.

Edited by Hassun

MS are absolute morons with the localisation and they should just offer the interface in English.

My Xbox 360 has been stuck in Spanish since I made my account despite the fact that I do not live in a Spanish speaking country and don't speak a word of Spanish myself.

Oh well, I guess they can always come back on their decisions...

Posted by Superfriend

Seems like Microsoft is actively on fire these days. Wow.

I wouldn´t be surprised if they pushed back everything except the North America launch.. guess all this slapdash last minute stuff is taking its toll.

Posted by Sackmanjones

Don't worry. Next week they will do a 180 and it will release in only those countries in 2013

Edited by MooseyMcMan

Good on you for continuing to use that image.

Also, too bad for those countries! I guess.

Edited by Funkydupe


Posted by Chaser324

Free games from a launch lineup!!!!!

Hmmm...I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here. Maybe some more exclamation marks will get the point across.

Edited by Zaccheus

Well... The doubling back continues.

Posted by Morningstar

No Norway. The bastards! makes the choice even easier I guess.

Posted by jimmyfenix

@linkster7: I hope the "first time registration update" wont stop you from playing an imported console cause wouldn't they activate the neglected countries "live" servers when the console is launched in those countries next year.

Posted by JozoSalt

Hello ps4, bye xbox...

Posted by Talis12

Prolly the countries that would mostly buy PS4 anyways

Posted by TurboMan

Free games from a launch lineup!!!!!

Hmmm...I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here. Maybe some more exclamation marks will get the point across.

Either that or bolding and underlining the entire sentence would have helped.

Edited by mrfluke


Posted by thatdutchguy


Edited by Shevar

Wow, I mean, WOW!!

This is almost exactly what happened with the PS3 in Europe last cycle. That also got delayed and ultimately drove me to buy a 360.

I guess the reverse will be true this time.

Posted by LarryDavis

Guys I think this console that they're changing specs for 3 months from release might not be ready.

Posted by Torticoli

This disaster just never stops, does it?

Edited by Olu

Wow, what a loss

Posted by Linkster7

@jimmyfenix: I'm sure if that's the case someone will find a way around it. I don't think it would be that hard to set up a router which goes through a VPN or something in that vain. But again I could be horribly wrong.

Posted by BasketSnake

They need a Microsoft treehouse.

Posted by Tondo

Oh fuck you MS, this was the last straw. Was supporting the brand for so long and didnt let any of the shitty news bother me but now its time to go with Sony after 10 years of xbox.. (if they dont announce the same thing...) I guess ill get used to Dualshock someday :P

Posted by isomeri

This was a real bummer until I realized that is still taking pre-orders and they will ship to Finland at least. Bought mine a minute ago.

Posted by PolygonSlayer

What the fuck is going on in the MS offices these days, must be utter chaos 24/7. :/

Posted by cyberfunk

Plus since Xbone is not region free they can't even import.

Posted by Stimpack

What the hell is going on over there?

Edited by Nekroskop

I'm pretty sure this has something to do with privacy laws conflicting with MS user agreements.

I remember reading about it once the console was announced earlier this year.

Edited by erbarad

And as far as I know - no planned release in Poland for now :|

Posted by ReCkLeSs_X


I think?

Posted by Domar_DK

I'm a Giant Bomb fan from Denmark but I've preordered a PS4, so no need to feel sorry for me. I do feel for those who really wanted one and already preordered. Oh and Microsoft should just be honest like Sony was back in 2006 with the PS3. They need more consoles for the big markets. Sony could still do the same I guess...

Edited by thatdutchguy

Who the fuck is gonna buy one anyway ?

Everyone here is gonna buy a PS4.

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

So in other words they are saying, "We need to pump as many of these units into the United States, Canada, and the major markets we have in Europe because we need to sell more units into homes in those places so we can be ahead of Sony for at least a few weeks."

They want to say, "We sold 1.102 million units at lunch in N America...Sony only sold 'WE WIN' 'WE WIN'!"

Posted by Ouren


Posted by skronk

A giant fuck you from Norway MS. I will be canceling my preorder and getting a PS4 it seems. This sucks :(

Edited by TobbRobb

So yeah. Fuck you too Microsoft.

Posted by Anund

Well, at least the console market will be more unified around these parts next gen, no more console wars ;)

Edited by FMinus

@cyberfunk said:

Plus since Xbone is not region free they can't even import.

I bet if you buy an Xbox one in Germany/Austria/Italy (depending on where in Switzerland you are) you can use it just as well. Just as an example for the Swiss people. Fins, Danes, Belgians etc., can also buy it right over the border, it is the same region after all (except Russia maybe, they are weird in that regard, sometimes they're in the same region, some times they're not).

I had to set my Xbox 360 to Germany too, cause there is no service for Slovenia, didn't stop Microsoft for selling Xbox 360s in Slovenia either, so I guess the localisation excuse is crap as usual, probably more to do with changing the end-user agreement and EULAs to obey the stricter laws in those said countries, especially now that they switched from points to real money - gambling laws and such.

As far as I remember German, Italian & French are 3 of the 4 official languages in Switzerland, so that settles the localization issues. Germany, Italy and France will have them day one, while Swiss has to wait for localisation, yeah my ass, maybe they want to add the Romansh language too, which is the 4th official one, but I highly doubt it, even so, no point holding it back for that, while there is still tons of countries in the EU that will get the Xbox One on day one without any official localisation support - I bet there wont be no Slovenian language on the Xbox One neither our laws put in consideration, but it's still gonna be available here day one.

EDIT: In the end it's really a no biggie, you can just get it over the border in all of those countries, ships usually over night.

Posted by KaneRobot

@anund said:

Well, at least the console market will be more unified around these parts next gen, no more console wars ;)

Thanks for breaking the news that Microsoft is buying Sony. What a scoop!

Edited by paisan13

And people were wondering how come Microsoft all of a sudden had a whole bunch more X1:s to preorder in the US.

Edited by KaneRobot

@crusader8463 said: When was the last time the X-Box 3 had a story that had good news for it?

DRM reversal. Self publishing for indies. Every console doubles as a dev kit. Where have you been? Those were all in the last several weeks.

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