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Xbox One Launches In November For $500/€500

Microsoft finally lets slip both the release date and the cost of their upcoming cloud-powered console.

Microsoft’s E3 press conference was interesting as usual, featuring a bevy of new game announcements, a bucketload of trailers, some awkward audio/visual miscues, and one heck of a price announcement. The Xbox One will officially be priced at $499 at launch in November, which is higher than many expected. The news is perhaps a bit worse for potential European buyers, as the cost there will either be 429 pounds in the UK or 499 euros elsewhere, or roughly 660 dollars. Microsoft also announced a special Day One edition of the Xbox One, but no details about how this version would differ from the standard console were released.

The pricing here is a bit more than some analysts had predicted, and is notably higher than the launch price of the Xbox 360, which launched with two editions at $300 and $400 eight years ago. We’re of course still waiting on Sony’s announcement as to their own pricing, which presumably will be coming this evening at 6 PM Pacific time.

Crazy cost? About right? Planning on pre-ordering one of these, or just upgrading your PC a bit? Feel free to leave your impressions of the conference here, and be sure to tune in later tonight for the GB crew’s recap of the day when they start their livestream a couple hours after the Sony conference wraps up. We'll continue to post trailers from this conference, and the rest of today's shows, as they arrive.

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Posted by Seikenfreak

Exactly the price I expected.. Where's my cookie? ;)

Edited by falling_fast

500 euros, huh. ouch. that seems unfair to non-americans.

Posted by Pie

It's a crazy price for the UK. Right?

Edited by QKT

it works out to be $670 in pounds. fuck that noise.

Edited by NekuCTR

Loss leading doesn't work out so well when everyone but the most hardcore fans hate your guts.

Edited by Spuirrel

€500 is really dumb, particularly if their trying to compete in Europe/keep grasp on the UK.

Edited by taig

Why shouldn't I just use that 500 dollars towards a computer? It seems like I can play everything I want on windows 8

Edited by dkraytsberg

Why is shit so jacked up in pounds? Is there a reason to screw the UK like this?

Edited by Metal_Mills

So at least $700-$800 Aud? Fuck you Microsoft. Fuck you.

Posted by DaBuddaDa

Way overpriced. Most of the games they showed are coming to PC also. Better off just buying a new $300-350 graphics card.

Edited by Wyld

That's a heavy machine

Edited by FuzzYLemoN

As shitty as the idea of exclusives in general are, they continue to be the ONLY reason I would buy a console. Unless Dead Rising 3 comes to PC, I guess this is my box. :\

Posted by Blueblur1

That price is absolutely outrageous. The system does not seem that powerful and the games line-up isn't impressive either. Factor all the anti-consumer policies and I can't help but laugh. I sincerely hope that Sony makes a comment on DRM and announces a sub $450 price.

Edited by avantegardener

Wait, all those 500's aren't the same thing. The old Apple/steam philosophy of ignoring actual currency value. I will be upgrading my PC by the looks of it, and maybe picking one up later when the price drops and the exclusive games look a bit more tantalising.

Edited by Elerigo

€ = $ Yeah no. Thats is a fuck ton more money. 499€ = 660,925$
Also half the features.

Posted by Hunkulese

@nekuctr: it's only the hardcore crazies that hate Microsoft right now.

Posted by Happenstance

I think i'll be going with PC and PS4 next gen. Nothing in the Xbox One makes me want to buy one, regardless of price.

Edited by brndedhero

UK price is more expensive than UK launch PS3.

Edited by Warihay

Kind of high but not going to stop me from getting one.

Edited by Molerats

Europe always gets it the worst for tech hardware pricing.

Posted by PrintedCrayon

That's a gross price for the UK. Comparatively speaking, $499 is about £330 where does the other £100 come from?

(I understand it is unfair to do dollar to pound conversions as I'm not counting tax or anything, but the price still seems excessive)

Posted by gkhan

Presumably the reason it's so more expensive in euros is that the price includes the VAT for various countries, which can go as high as 25%. Everything in Europe is more expensive for this reason.

Posted by MildMolasses

The price doesn't seem great (still better than PS3 was) but the fact is that Xbox One is taking pre-orders right now and is already grabbing market share. Interesting move and one I don't think many expected

Edited by Inquisitor

500 euro =/= 500 dollars, damnit.

Posted by Pete0r

Is that the price before or after tax for the US? The UK one certainly is so 1/6 of that price is all tax.

Edited by dsi1


Posted by Shimakaze

"potential European buyers" is code for "improbable European buyers".

Posted by raynate2022

@taig: Pc master race my friend, you hit it on the nose. I built a $1000 gaming PC and haven't used a console since.

Posted by Beforet

So, does this count as a "$599" moment for Microsoft? I guess it really depends on Sony's pricing. I'm hoping that it will hover around $400, but I'm not entirely confident.

Posted by jasonefmonk

Honestly the price doesn't surprise me. The console are going to be fancy machines.

Posted by iAmJohn


Edited by Jolt92

No thanks.

Posted by Haziqonfire

Too expensive imo.

If I'm paying that much I might as well pay a little more to get PC since I need a new desktop anyway.

Edited by Tennmuerti

Not surprised at all at $500.

But the EU price is fucked. Especially considering that in a lot of EU countries the salaries are not as high as in US in the first place. Plus the whole thing is shaky economically atm with a lot of countries in trouble. For most people i know that's half to a third of a monthly paycheck (before any deductions and expenses).

Edited by SmithCommaJohn

Exactly the price I expected.. Where's my cookie? ;)

Cookies are $500 each.

Edited by mrfluke

not picking up one this year, will wait for titanfall.

Posted by MeatSim

Europe seems to be getting a rough deal.

Edited by bobsob

I would much rather put that money in my PC

Posted by EvilNiGHTS

@dkraytsberg said:

Why is shit so jacked up in pounds? Is there a reason to screw the UK like this?

I remember when answering that question for Apple, Steve Jobs said it was because of how sales tax works in the UK.

Thing is, £429 was pretty much the price of the $599 PS3 over here, although the exchange rate was nearly 2:1 back then.

Edited by Rorie

@pete0r: Almost certainly before tax. In the U.S. prices are always before tax, so it'll wind up being $500-$550, depending on state sales tax.

Edited by BawlZINmotion

I'll stick with my PC and Steam sales. Sorry, but it is true.

Edited by ross2075

If I jump up in the air and salute EA and scream "I am EA's bitch" do I get a discount?

Edited by GermanBomber

@seikenfreak: same here!

I think it was a pretty cool show, except for the embarrassing sound problems (Battlefield 4). My personal highlight was Dead Rising 3, that game looked fucking amazing to me. It's a shame I probably won't be able to play it 'cause I'm still planning to buy a PS4...Microsoft needs to try a little harder than that. ;)

The "2 games for free every month" for Xbox Gold members sounds really cool (and SMART!) tho...

Edited by Pr1mus

For half that i'm going to upgrade the graphics card in my PC. That should give it another 2-3 years until Devs have truly figured out the hardware in those consoles and reached a point where they optimize so much that the old PC of mine finally can't keep up anymore.

Then i'll build a new PC.

Edited by zeekthegeek

$500 buys a helluva video card..

Posted by thevigilanteoflove

I was really hoping for a $400 dollar model. Will SOny surprise us and be lower or higher? Probably not. But man, if Sony could pull a $400 dollar launch price that would be rad.

Edited by RazielCuts

No thanks Microsoft, no thanks.

Posted by TheRealDJ

No announcement for Japanese price. Sounds like they're giving up on the region.

Posted by zMalloc

I was probably never getting one anyway. This puts that question to rest.

I'll just upgrade my pc and keep enjoying the advantages of an open platform.

Posted by zudthespud

Why is shit so jacked up in pounds? Is there a reason to screw the UK like this?

It's a requirement to advertise the price of things with tax, which is 20%. Even so we are paying 33% extra so there's still a considerable discrepancy.

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