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FIXED: Italians now live in New York instead of California.

New York Vinny Concept Art

Imagine a train leaves San Francisco at 9:00AM. This train is carrying a bunch of content to the Internet. It arrives safely and everyone is super happy!

Now, if you will, imagine a second train leaves New York three hours earlier carrying a whole bunch of other content to the Internet.

Now imagine they let me drive that train. OK, don’t imagine that. We’ve seen how that goes. Um, imagine… uh…

What I’m trying to say is we should have more trains. It’s time to expand. It’s also pizza time.

Next week I’m going to be heading to New York to join Alex and launch this Giant Bomb East office into the stratosphere. I’ve played Kerbal. I know how this stuff works.

I’m extremely excited. Having multiple bases of operation is something we’ve talked about forever. It was actually a real plan kicking around for the last three years. We wanted to wait until we had secured resources in San Francisco before expanding out. We’ve got some new blood coming, we’ve got Patrick killing it in Chicago, and now it’s time for Giant Bomb East to throw its hat in the ring as a major contender.

Of course, there is the part where all of my family is in New York. Living out in this pretty, yet expensive, little town has always been temporary. After having a kid it became pretty obvious that my time out here was ticking down. I was headed back home regardless, and it has made us really think about what we want to do about this whole Giant Bomb thing. It became clear that lumping a bunch of new people onto the same content in the same office with the same point of view wouldn't be that interesting, and we quickly happened on the idea of creating multiple Giant Bombs. As Jeff put it:

"Like a franchise, but not one of those weird lawless 'locally owned and operated' franchise things, more like a Kentucky Fried Chicken that serves homemade burgers when no one else is looking."

Anyway, having offices recording simultaneously throughout the day hopefully lets us do a greater variety of content. We remove the issues of competing with ourselves for studio time and people. Alex and I have been spitballing a bunch of different pieces of content, and ways we can ease the load for Jeff, Brad, Drew, and Patrick so they have more time to make the content we all want to make.

Most of all, this is something different and we’ve needed some something different for a while now. All of us, the staff and the community, we’ve been through a lot over the years. Some of it fantastic, some of it terrible, but we made it here, to today. Now we have to look and say “What’s next?” Hire a bunch more people? Sure, but how does that work on a very personality driven site? Are we happy with the content we’re making? Can we do more? Can I afford to buy a house and raise a family in San Francisco? How much do I really like pizza? Some questions are easy. I really like pizza. Others are extremely hard. Hiring new faces without giving them an opportunity to shine seems like a terrible waste. We need to expand Giant Bomb, bring awesome new people into the mix, and take over the world. It seems pretty clear to me.

Is it scary? Hell yeah! Alex and I are basically starting from scratch out there, but that’s just the kind of challenge I’m looking for. I didn’t start with Giant Bomb because it would be easy, I started because I love making and building things. It’s going to be a lot of hard work to get up and running, and it might be bumpy and slow going for a bit, but crazy has always been our way. At least this time it will be on my home turf.

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Posted by Fear_the_Booboo

Awesome !

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Good luck, guys.

Also "Filed under: Pizza"

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who gets custody of the tricaster?

follow question is this covered in my season pass or is this separate DLC?

Posted by INCSlayer

Cool good for you. but what about small business man? will we ever find out if he learns to use the internet?

Posted by JamesJeux007

Well... Best of luck to you !

Posted by Conqu3ror

Wow. Great news and a big change.

Posted by nickernzen

I'm so excited! I'm so scared!

Posted by Milkman


This is exciting, sad, crazy and awesome all at once.

Posted by orderseeker

Good luck Vinny! I'm hoping this all works out!

Posted by Stonyman65

Best of luck Vinny! This is going to be very interesting.

Posted by Steadying


I'm really happy and excited for you guys. Hope it all turns out well! I'm gonna miss your awesome laugh on the live shows, though.

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Godspeed, Small Business Man!

Posted by broL4W

Best of luck. Sounds bittersweet.

Posted by Dasdude

Wow. Good luck out there Vinny, can't wait to see what crazy shenanigans you and Navarro get up to. Also, I'm glad you were up front about other motives for making this moves, it makes it far easier for me to sympathize and understand.

Posted by BulletStorm

I'm excited to "bump" into you in New York.

Posted by Relshak

no more jeff and vinny...

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Oh no. Giant Bomb New York has turned from being the hilarious joke to the scrappy underdog we all want to root for. Bombin' in the AM with Scoops, Vinny and the Wolf?

Posted by thdemn

God damn Vinny. As a fellow East Coaster, I proudly proclaim: Welcome back, stay for a while, have a frappe and settle in.

Edited by Xtrminatr

hope you guys call into the bombcast so we can still hear you every week small business man!

Posted by SandwichApoc

Giantbomb's attempts to take over the United States slowly begins to take place.

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Vinny, I'm gonna freaking miss you man. I know you're not actually leaving, but by not being in SF, it means you and Jeff probably won't be able to do another Endurance Run anytime soon, and you won't be on the Friday shows. On the plus side, I hope you and Alex make a ton of new content.

High five Saiyan man! Power up!

Edited by DrDarkStryfe

Incredible news, and I am glad that you work for a place that gives you, and Patrick and Alex, the flexibility to do what you do from other parts of the country.

Posted by spree4567

Good luck Vinny!

Posted by InternetDetective

that is a-one a-spicy a-news!

Posted by ripelivejam

i don't know how i feel about this...

Posted by Nameless2000

This is... dang insane.

I wish you the best of luck with this big change. Neither San Fransisco or New York will ever be the same.

Edited by Aegon

On the one hand this is exciting because we all know what happens when Vinny is heading a project. On the other, I'm wondering if we'll get Vinny on Bombcasts regularly anymore? How often will he appear in content with the OG crew?

In any case, the train has already left the station. We'll see what happens next.

Also, I'm pretty sure this was referenced around the first 10 minutes of the latest Bombcast. Haven't finished it, so maybe Vinny talks about it more explicitly later on.

Posted by ChalkCharmer

Do you, Vinny. You can make it happen wherever you are. Giant Bomb is lucky to have multiple frontmen, otherwise this would be a doomed endeavor.

I am excited. I don't think I have ever disagreed with Vinny, so I can't imagine his presence over GBNY would be negative.

Also, GBNY sounds pretty legit.

Posted by B_Philip

Good luck in New York Vinny, you beautiful son of a bitch!

Posted by TDot

Okay... so I'm bummed about this. Vinny has been the source of hilarity on this site. He's the single reason i'm a subscriber because the funny crap he does with his magic machine on live shows. He has such great chemistry with Jeff and Brad. I mean I like Alex, don't get me wrong, he's a super cool guy but I have to say, and I super don't mean to be mean about this, I just don't like his content.

I wish you all the luck Vinny, I know you have to do what's best for your family but still... I'm bummed.

Edited by SgtSphynx

This is gonna take some time for it to sink in, but good luck and I will miss you on the live streams.

Edited by teaoverlord

I hope this means that Bombin' the AM becomes the regular Vinny-produced podcast I always wanted.

Posted by ahgunsillyo

I'm rooting for you, Vinny. You're certainly a brave man to go back home after all the terrible things we've heard about New York in the past few weeks. Surely, absolutely all of that was completely and utterly true.

Godspeed and good luck, Mr. Caravella.

Posted by VashDaDanish

Good luck, have pizza.

Posted by robtea

Exciting! Simultaneous Unprofessional Friday stream with live look-ins across all 3 HQ's, please? :)

Posted by SleepingLesson

Really bummed to hear Vinny won't be in GB Prime content anymore. But at least this may mean they'll actually make Premium content again, since that has been on the back burner this past year or so.

Posted by teaoverlord

This is gonna take some time for it to sink in, but good luck and I will miss you on the live streams.

Hopefully this means more live streams.

Posted by Brashnir

Just a note, Vinny - You should be cautious about declaring on the internet that you're bringing a Giant Bomb to New York.

Posted by OneKillWonder_

The interaction between all the dudes in the main office, especially Vinny, is like my favorite thing about the site. Not having him there anymore is gonna be a huge bummer. Live shows just won't be the same...This is a very exciting and major change, but it's still kinda hard not to be sad about it at the same time.

Good luck, Vinny! I know you and Alex will make some ballin' shit out there!

Posted by Novis

This is scary awesome. This is all a plan to make Jeff president, right? Cause I'm on board until his "Anime is for jerks" foreign policy takes effect. Then we got to fight. With knives!

Edited by Brendan

I'm happy for you Vinny!

I'm also sad because this means less time spent with both Jeff and Vinny teamed up. They're the only two true comedians of the bunch after Ryan passed and without them together there's no hilarious pass back and forth of quick humour.

Posted by Lyisa

But what about VinnyxBrad quick looks?! I watched the Wolfenstein quick look after the transistor one, what am I going to do now?

Good luck in New York, though! This probably means more Alex content, too.

Posted by SolidOcelot

This is awesome, good luck Vinny and the entire GiantBomb crew.

Posted by Demoskinos

I'm. Man. Speechless. Like, I know I should be HAPPY because Giantbomb the thing I love is getting bigger and getting more people but fuck man Vinny and Jeff's interactions with each other are always gold. And I'm sure we'll get that again in the future but no vinny on the podcast seems like a bummer as well. I don't know this is probably a good thing but god damn it I don't like change and I'll have to stew on this for awhile.

Posted by Food

Good for you Vin! Tricasting in the tri-state! And Max needs to be raised on some real floppy-ass New York slices, not whatever artisanal, organic, avocado drenched asian-fusion bullshit they serve over on the other side of the country!

Posted by BigJeffrey


Posted by joshwent

Wowwie. Sad about this for the most selfish of reasons.

But... this is a great idea. Fellow duders, we may be witnessing right now the start of Giant Bomb becoming a real (lasting) player in the wild world of games stuff coverage.

GiaNYt Bomb?

Posted by SlvrCow

As long as we continue getting a steady dose of Vitamin V I'm all for it.

Good luck with the move home Vinny!!!

Edited by RA20R

You guys have done the unthinkable, well not the unthinkable but what some of us (me) are afraid to do.... putting yourselves out there. You took this idea, created a plan, implemented it , and are now expanding it to the other side of the country. This is not an easy task but you didn't let that stop you. I congratulate each and every one you and hope you guys are successful in your future endeavors. I know this is wordy but still... you guys earned this recognition and every bit of success that is coming to you. Keep it up and good luck.