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FIXED: Italians now live in New York instead of California.

New York Vinny Concept Art
New York Vinny Concept Art

Imagine a train leaves San Francisco at 9:00AM. This train is carrying a bunch of content to the Internet. It arrives safely and everyone is super happy!

Now, if you will, imagine a second train leaves New York three hours earlier carrying a whole bunch of other content to the Internet.

Now imagine they let me drive that train. OK, don’t imagine that. We’ve seen how that goes. Um, imagine… uh…

What I’m trying to say is we should have more trains. It’s time to expand. It’s also pizza time.

Next week I’m going to be heading to New York to join Alex and launch this Giant Bomb East office into the stratosphere. I’ve played Kerbal. I know how this stuff works.

I’m extremely excited. Having multiple bases of operation is something we’ve talked about forever. It was actually a real plan kicking around for the last three years. We wanted to wait until we had secured resources in San Francisco before expanding out. We’ve got some new blood coming, we’ve got Patrick killing it in Chicago, and now it’s time for Giant Bomb East to throw its hat in the ring as a major contender.

Of course, there is the part where all of my family is in New York. Living out in this pretty, yet expensive, little town has always been temporary. After having a kid it became pretty obvious that my time out here was ticking down. I was headed back home regardless, and it has made us really think about what we want to do about this whole Giant Bomb thing. It became clear that lumping a bunch of new people onto the same content in the same office with the same point of view wouldn't be that interesting, and we quickly happened on the idea of creating multiple Giant Bombs. As Jeff put it:

"Like a franchise, but not one of those weird lawless 'locally owned and operated' franchise things, more like a Kentucky Fried Chicken that serves homemade burgers when no one else is looking."

Anyway, having offices recording simultaneously throughout the day hopefully lets us do a greater variety of content. We remove the issues of competing with ourselves for studio time and people. Alex and I have been spitballing a bunch of different pieces of content, and ways we can ease the load for Jeff, Brad, Drew, and Patrick so they have more time to make the content we all want to make.

Most of all, this is something different and we’ve needed some something different for a while now. All of us, the staff and the community, we’ve been through a lot over the years. Some of it fantastic, some of it terrible, but we made it here, to today. Now we have to look and say “What’s next?” Hire a bunch more people? Sure, but how does that work on a very personality driven site? Are we happy with the content we’re making? Can we do more? Can I afford to buy a house and raise a family in San Francisco? How much do I really like pizza? Some questions are easy. I really like pizza. Others are extremely hard. Hiring new faces without giving them an opportunity to shine seems like a terrible waste. We need to expand Giant Bomb, bring awesome new people into the mix, and take over the world. It seems pretty clear to me.

Is it scary? Hell yeah! Alex and I are basically starting from scratch out there, but that’s just the kind of challenge I’m looking for. I didn’t start with Giant Bomb because it would be easy, I started because I love making and building things. It’s going to be a lot of hard work to get up and running, and it might be bumpy and slow going for a bit, but crazy has always been our way. At least this time it will be on my home turf.

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@teaoverlord said:

@sgtsphynx said:

This is gonna take some time for it to sink in, but good luck and I will miss you on the live streams.

Hopefully this means more live streams.

Eastern time zone live streams, even.

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Posted By Video_Game_King

Looks like my chances of getting the Senior Editor job have improved. Hopefully.

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Posted By Flavbot

Exciting!!! Good luck Vinny!

This feels good. Scary, but good at the same time. Man oh man.

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Posted By ripelivejam

i won't be selfish, best of luck to you Vinny and I look forward to what you guys contribute!

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Posted By SpoogeMcduck

Are multiple Giant Bombs kind of like multiple orgasms? Combine that with the NY Vinny redesign and this site is gonna be killin it with the ladies

@vinny said:

New York Vinny Concept Art
New York Vinny Concept Art

multiple Giant Bombs.

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Posted By ThunderSlash

Whoa! I'll be looking forward to whatever you guys have in store for GB New York Edition. Bombcast NY perhaps?

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Posted By Noblenerf

Best of luck, GBE!

I'm looking forward to the content wars between the competing Giant Bomb offices.

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Edited By LegendaryChopChop

No Vinny with Jeff any more? Fuck.

Either way, best of luck to you returning to your roots, Vinny. Giant Bomb "main" will feel sorely lost without you.

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Posted By ReCkLeSs_X

Best of luck to you, duder! I'm really quite saddened by this news though

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Edited By ToTheNines

bye bye JeffxVinny endurance runs of the future that was never going to happen anyway =(

Hello new content =)

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Posted By DarknessMyOldFriend

No... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no... no...

I'm so upset I typed each of those out, no copy and paste.

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I'm nervous, but thrilled for what the future holds. Giant Bomb forever!

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Posted By LameImpala

end of an era

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Posted By KJAZZ

Small Business Man just couldn't resist opening up a new franchise in Barkerville. The best of luck to you, sir.

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Posted By Itwongo

Big ups.

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I'm down for GB East, and it makes sense for Vinny to move closer to family and have them more active in his kid's life. Nothings more important than family to me.

Can't wait for Too Human Part 2 with Eastcoast/Westcoast beef.

Pizza is awesome and there's some damn fine pizza in NYC.

Plus apparently there's coffee carts. Everywhere.

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Posted By Warihay

Happy for ya Vinny! Though a little sad to know you won't be around Jeff and Brad cause you three make a great combo. Best of luck!!

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Posted By Gold_Skulltulla

Change is exciting. Looking forward to the GBNY expansion!

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Posted By bacongames

In the long view, everything Vinny said is exactly what he needs to say and do. Right now? Poor one out for Vinny in the SF office. It really has been a long road...

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Posted By Daveyo520

Welcome back to the East Coast Vinny!

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Posted By TournamentOfHate

I'm actually pretty excited about this and looking forward to what Vinny and Alex do together. Looks like Drew's going to be heading the production ship in SF, good for him!

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Aw It's like watching your favourite band break up (grow up). Why can't everyone stay young and party forevvvveerrrr?

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Posted By Walreese55

This depresses the shit out of me

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Posted By tildebees

what's gonna happen when persona 5 comes out

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Posted By edgeCrusher

"...I really like pizza. ..."

So the truth comes out finally! You can take the Italian out of New York, but you can't take the New York out of the Italian. Welcome back home Vin-dog.

Seriously, how can you people live out there? Awful Pizza, awful bagels, Mexican food everywhere? I could never put up with California for more than a week.

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Posted By TooWalrus

Oh man. OH MAN. But Vinny, the Bombcast... OK. Well, you guys have never let me down before, I'm excited to see who these new hires are.

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Posted By cabrit_sans_cor

Best of luck Vinny!

Change is scary, but necessary sometimes. I look forward to seeing the site evolve.

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Does this mean two podcasts? I need my vitamin V.

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Posted By Steadying
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Posted By Foggen

Change is scary.

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Posted By StriderJ87

@vinny You're a damn fine gentleman, Caravella. Godspeed and goodluck.

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Posted By Funkofages

OK so Classic Giant Bomb is nWo Hollywood, Giant Bomb - New York is the nWo Wolfpac? Is Giant Bomb Chicago the Latino World Order?

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Oh man. Excited for you guys, but instantly thinking of how this will effect Unpro and and making certain Quick Look pairings impossilbe. Vinny remains my favorite duder, so I will follow him into hell.

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Posted By StormLord


Good for you and your family :) but I'm bummed :(

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Posted By audioBusting

Giant Bomb New York is going to serve homemade burgers and pizza? Am I reading this right?

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Edited By teaoverlord

Does this mean two podcasts? I need my vitamin V.

I'd guess this means a better-produced Scoops and the Wolf (and Vinny?).

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Posted By CapnThrash

Good luck guys!

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Posted By DarkbeatDK

Movie' to New York? Fuhgedaboutit!

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Posted By Dallas_Raines

Yep, here comes the tears..

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Posted By Willin

As long as this doesn't mean less Vinny than I'm 100% on board.

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I'm glad that Vinny will be able to share his joy with his family which is always super important. I can't wish Vinny anything other than happiness with all the laughs he's brought me over the years. It'll be sad not seeing Vin yuk it up with Jeff and the gang but I know he'll make it work.

Best of luck to you Vinny and enjoy coming home to New York!

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It's a brave new world! I am totally excited and totally frightened at the same time! Please hold me, internet!

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Posted By RockyRaccoon37

Exciting! Can't wait to see what you guys do, it's been a damn good ride and I'm sure it'll continue to be one.

Best of luck everyone!

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Posted By wumbo3000

I'm really happy for Vinny. He's back living in his hometown and it looks like Giant Bomb is just going to get bigger and better.

But....damn. Jeff and Vinny together have always just been the best and not seeing that anymore on a consistent basis will be a just a huge fucking bummer. Long live P4 ER.

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Posted By MuchoBeans

Man Vinny, I'm so happy for you and wish you the best! This is scary, but change always is and I always try and stay hopeful knowing the best is yet to come.

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Posted By KillDeer


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Posted By bonbolapti

Giantbomb new york, make me hope even more to get a job with ya'll some day. I would look for any good excuse to jump the border and live there.

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Posted By Alle

While I'm sad that there'll be no more Vinny on the podcast or on UPF and the like, this change is kind of exciting!

Best of luck to you in New York, Mr. Caravella!

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Posted By SWD

good luck Vinny and alex! Excited for whats to come from the east coast office! I guess this must mean new hires re coming to the west soonish though. Drew as solo video person would be rough on him.

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Posted By andrew2696

I mean it sucks that Vinny isn't going to be with Giant Bomb Frisco (trademark that) but Vinny is still gonna be with Giant Bomb and it'll be awesome probably.

Though I'll be honest I don't watch anything with Alex usually. I don't hate him or anything I just find his personality less entertaining than the rest of the crew. I do read his reviews though.