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FIXED: Italians now live in New York instead of California.

New York Vinny Concept Art

Imagine a train leaves San Francisco at 9:00AM. This train is carrying a bunch of content to the Internet. It arrives safely and everyone is super happy!

Now, if you will, imagine a second train leaves New York three hours earlier carrying a whole bunch of other content to the Internet.

Now imagine they let me drive that train. OK, don’t imagine that. We’ve seen how that goes. Um, imagine… uh…

What I’m trying to say is we should have more trains. It’s time to expand. It’s also pizza time.

Next week I’m going to be heading to New York to join Alex and launch this Giant Bomb East office into the stratosphere. I’ve played Kerbal. I know how this stuff works.

I’m extremely excited. Having multiple bases of operation is something we’ve talked about forever. It was actually a real plan kicking around for the last three years. We wanted to wait until we had secured resources in San Francisco before expanding out. We’ve got some new blood coming, we’ve got Patrick killing it in Chicago, and now it’s time for Giant Bomb East to throw its hat in the ring as a major contender.

Of course, there is the part where all of my family is in New York. Living out in this pretty, yet expensive, little town has always been temporary. After having a kid it became pretty obvious that my time out here was ticking down. I was headed back home regardless, and it has made us really think about what we want to do about this whole Giant Bomb thing. It became clear that lumping a bunch of new people onto the same content in the same office with the same point of view wouldn't be that interesting, and we quickly happened on the idea of creating multiple Giant Bombs. As Jeff put it:

"Like a franchise, but not one of those weird lawless 'locally owned and operated' franchise things, more like a Kentucky Fried Chicken that serves homemade burgers when no one else is looking."

Anyway, having offices recording simultaneously throughout the day hopefully lets us do a greater variety of content. We remove the issues of competing with ourselves for studio time and people. Alex and I have been spitballing a bunch of different pieces of content, and ways we can ease the load for Jeff, Brad, Drew, and Patrick so they have more time to make the content we all want to make.

Most of all, this is something different and we’ve needed some something different for a while now. All of us, the staff and the community, we’ve been through a lot over the years. Some of it fantastic, some of it terrible, but we made it here, to today. Now we have to look and say “What’s next?” Hire a bunch more people? Sure, but how does that work on a very personality driven site? Are we happy with the content we’re making? Can we do more? Can I afford to buy a house and raise a family in San Francisco? How much do I really like pizza? Some questions are easy. I really like pizza. Others are extremely hard. Hiring new faces without giving them an opportunity to shine seems like a terrible waste. We need to expand Giant Bomb, bring awesome new people into the mix, and take over the world. It seems pretty clear to me.

Is it scary? Hell yeah! Alex and I are basically starting from scratch out there, but that’s just the kind of challenge I’m looking for. I didn’t start with Giant Bomb because it would be easy, I started because I love making and building things. It’s going to be a lot of hard work to get up and running, and it might be bumpy and slow going for a bit, but crazy has always been our way. At least this time it will be on my home turf.

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Posted by moondogg

Good luck V-Bomb. Hope we still get to see your big arms and sultry voice on the podcast and in videos now and then. Now we get to see the best beef though, OG Giant Bomb vs NY Giant Bomb. Ya'll thought the sciences hated each other! YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!

In all seriousness both sad and happy to see things evolve and change. Hope the newbies fit in well, whomever they are.

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Y'all're gonna do great, Vinny. <3

Posted by Brendan

@shakesvoltage: Oh shit, I totally forgot about Alex being able to do Quicklooks now! That's awesome!

Edited by Brake

It's one of those bittersweet things. On the one hand I'm bummed you probably won't be on the Bombcast or live shows regularly now, but on the other I'm excited for what kind of shenanigans you guys get up to on the East Coast.

Godspeed, VinDog!

Edited by csl316

Wait, Alex will have to start wearing pants again? I can see his resentment building already.

Good luck in the east. I hope the concept art makes it into the final product.

Edited by KZeni

First off, best of luck with the move & everything Vinny! Finally, a reason for me to see what this "New York" place is all about.

Edited by MeatSim

I have some serious conflicting feelings about this right now, but good for Vinny I hope it all works out for him in New York.

Posted by heavyplay

Welp! There goes any lingering hope of a new V-J Endurance Run.

Good luck out there Vinny :)

Edited by somekindarobot

I love everything you guys do, so keep it up. I am bummed that you wont be a part of the shenanigans I love and pay for. But, this brings fourth opportunity for a whole new type of shenanigans. . .evil shenanigans? Either way I fear change but this seems easier to get behind because I trust you guys to continue to do your thang. In closing V-BOMB HAVE SAFE TRIP

Posted by mrfluke

Whoa, kind of legitimately in shock at this news, but im with you homies all the way till the end of the road. my subscription is backed all the way to 2016.

so do what you folks feel is best. cant deny though, the new people are really going to have to bring their A game especially since its motherfucking vinny moving,

but i also think a Vinny/Alex duo would be interesting. and im interested in seeing what new ideas come out of having more staff members on hand, could very well have another lightning in a bottle scenario and get something as fantastic as the persona 4 endurance run out of this.

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Oh God, it just occurred to me that this means that Pathfinder is almost definitely not coming back.

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While I'll miss the current dynamic in the San Francisco office, it'll be very interesting to see where you guys take this.

Best of luck with the move and the start of a new project!

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I'm scared of change :(

No but this is rad, I hope for nothing but the best for all you cats. Also the idea of Vinny with even less supervision is kinda awesome.

Posted by Fuzzy_Dunlop

The reason why I started coming to the site and continued to visit it was because of the interactions and chemistry between Jeff and Vinny. The Persona 4 ER is still the apex of the content of the site to me. To be honest, I don't like this at all, although I totally understand it and sympathize. Only time will tell if this is a good thing - at least for me, I guess.

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Good lucky Vinny, I'm really going to miss your voice with Jeff, Brad and Drew. I hope you can get something awesome going over east!

Edited by Unequivocable

If this had happened before Patrick's move I would have been more terrified--but looking at what's happened since his move: Scoops and the Wolf, Spelunkycast, GB Chicago--it really has increased the content in super positive and new ways. I'm excited for what this will bring -- best of luck!!

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I went from confused to sad, excited , scared and finally confused again. I'm not sure what to feel guys :(

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Really excited to see what kinda crazy stuff they do setting up, (I'm assuming GBNY is getting an office, and not just gonna be Alex's house?) this'll be great!

Edited by Nomin

Now I know where all this will lead to:

Giantbomb North (Chicago): Patrick

Giantbomb South: Rorie and Shoemaker

Giantbomb East (New York): Vinny, Alex

Giantbomb West (SF): Jeff, Drew, Danny

Edited by mahalaho

NOOOOOOOOOO! You're breaking off from the rest of the A team! I'll get over it as long as I get a lot of Vinny content. :(

Edited by PlasmaMachine

Bombin' in the A.M. has a new Challenger!

Posted by Kingpk

How fucking expensive must SF be if New York is a cheaper alternative to live?

Edited by kittykatman1

Really excited to see what becomes of this and where you guys take it. It's gonna suck if Vinny can't to the bombcast anymore but it will be super awesome to see what he and Alex end up doing together. Good luck duders!

Posted by Hadoken

Makes sense, it's all good. Though the Vinny/Jeff and Vinny/Brad dynamics will be hugely missed.

Edited by Encephalon

Safe journey, V-bomb. You and Alex are going to kill it out there in NY, not like that den of filth and iniquity that is GB Chicago.

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Exciting times!

Edited by Skanes

Danny confirmed for GB staff you heard it here first

Edit: Best of luck to you and your family, Vinny.

Posted by ocelotfox

Congrats Vinny, hope the move and everything goes as smoothly as possible!

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This is making me sad and nostalgic, but it's good news for Vinny and the site as a whole, right? Best of luck to you, Vinny. This new future is exciting and terrifying, but we'll all adjust. I'm thinking the Bombcasts are gonna have to start implementing a Skype/Google Hangouts solution though. It's not as good as having everyone together in a room, but we all need to continue getting updates on Small Business Man. And getting Patrick and Alex on more often would be most welcome. Wishful thinking? :/ I hope not.

Edited by HeyGuys

I wish you all the best as well as all the other members of Giant Bomb and the organization as a whole. Making this work is without a doubt going to be an incredible challenge, one that might require a larger expansion of staff than the budget of Giant Bomb can handle. Making the best choices for you and your family is more important than any website, no matter what happens I don't think any of us could be more happy for you.

Posted by Existence

I'm happy for Vinny, but..

No more Jeff/Vinny content? No more Brad/Vinny content? No more Vinny in bombcasts/UPF?

Damn, man. :(

Edited by graf1k

I do not envy whoever is going to be the new on air talent. Filling Vinny's shoes is like trying to fill the shoes of someone with really really big feet. Like freakishly big.

Edited by JauntyHat

I'm scared! Someone hold me! I don't like change and yet this sounds necessary... Good luck to everyone involved!

Edited by DEFE

Change terrifies me. But you guys never let me down, and I wish you the absolute best in your move, Vinny. I know you'll make great content like you always have. More importantly, if this is what is best for you and the family, then it's a good thing!

Posted by DallyDoll

This is bittersweet, but exciting! Congratulations, Vinny!

Edited by CornBREDX

Wow. This isn't a turn I expected, but I'm on board. Let's see where this train leads.

Life is full of surprises, and this is certainly one of them.

I suspect quick looks are going to become legitimately strange with no Vinny around, though. And I will miss him on the live streams. Still, this is what you need and that makes it for the best.

Let's get this crazy train started!

Edited by bloodsoul5

I understand all the reasons for this happening and realize that they are all wayy more fucking important then any complaints I or anyone will have. But with that said, Jeff and vinny quick looks were the only tolerable ones left after ryan passed away.. and now that vinny is moving to new york... I guess I don't even care about anything giant bomb SF does? UPF without vinny is shit. All the premium content without vinny is shit. You might as well close down giant bomb SF after this... god damnit. Vinny made this website still work when patrick and ryan weren't there. Now what happens?

Posted by shatteringlast

Vinny is comin' home! Hopefully this means that I'll be able to get a job at GBNY doing stuff! Or just that I'll be able to hang out with the duders from time to time.

Edited by ripelivejam

@nomin said:

Now I know where all this will lead to:

Giantbomb North (Chicago): Patrick

Giantbomb South: Rorie and Shoemaker

Giantbomb East (New York): Vinny, Alex

Giantbomb West (SF): Jeff, Drew, Danny

if everyone's getting split up this is what we need

can we just give in and do a shitload of Skypecasts too please?

Edited by ShaggE

Holy shit. You just dropped a small business bomb right hyurr. On one hand, some features will suffer. But on the other, you'll be helping form Giant Bomb NY, which is fucking awesome. (also, you'll be in the state above my state! Vinny proximity, bitches!)

Posted by godlrod2

Congrats Vinny, best of luck to all you guys with this change!

Posted by Fredchuckdave

Wait so who's going to start Giant Bomb Italy?

Posted by smitty86

This shit is madness i tell you!!! Maaaaaaadneeeeesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edited by daggon55

Not sure what to make of this (other than it sounds like trying to raise a family in SF is difficult), but hey I've been watching since the Arrow Pointing Down days. Lets see where the ride takes us.

Posted by RonGalaxy

Soo.... what happens with the bombcast then? Vinny is like the lifesblood of that feature.

Edited by Nights

Man, this could go a lot of different ways. Vinny was the only person left that brought any energy/enthusiasm to the site since Ryan's passing and now that he's gone, I don't know what to expect anymore. And Alex? Not the biggest fan to be honest, never have been. Vinny plays off everyone so well this is going to be a huge loss because regardless of him still working for the site, he's not physically with the crew. Not only is Ryan gone, but so is Vinny. The foundation is slowly crumbling.

I hope to fuck that the new employees are amazing because that's the only way I see this being a positive move (from a selfish, personal standpoint). This sounds like a fantastic opportunity for Vinny and something that's been on the cards for awhile, so for that I'm happy. Good luck!

Posted by Dr_Monocle

Happy trails, Vinny! I'm pretty excited at the prospect of a Giant Bomb East happening in my neck of the woods. And the pizza, fellas. The pizza!

Actually I could go for a slice right about now...

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Well, I'm not about to back out on you guys yet. I'm trusting you not to mess this up, Giant Bomb!

So when are you guys going to officially bring in Zo...I mean...whoever the new person is?

Posted by joshua1prince19212

I'm gonna hate this at first but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Crying real hard right now though, gotta say...