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FIXED: Italians now live in New York instead of California.

New York Vinny Concept Art

Imagine a train leaves San Francisco at 9:00AM. This train is carrying a bunch of content to the Internet. It arrives safely and everyone is super happy!

Now, if you will, imagine a second train leaves New York three hours earlier carrying a whole bunch of other content to the Internet.

Now imagine they let me drive that train. OK, don’t imagine that. We’ve seen how that goes. Um, imagine… uh…

What I’m trying to say is we should have more trains. It’s time to expand. It’s also pizza time.

Next week I’m going to be heading to New York to join Alex and launch this Giant Bomb East office into the stratosphere. I’ve played Kerbal. I know how this stuff works.

I’m extremely excited. Having multiple bases of operation is something we’ve talked about forever. It was actually a real plan kicking around for the last three years. We wanted to wait until we had secured resources in San Francisco before expanding out. We’ve got some new blood coming, we’ve got Patrick killing it in Chicago, and now it’s time for Giant Bomb East to throw its hat in the ring as a major contender.

Of course, there is the part where all of my family is in New York. Living out in this pretty, yet expensive, little town has always been temporary. After having a kid it became pretty obvious that my time out here was ticking down. I was headed back home regardless, and it has made us really think about what we want to do about this whole Giant Bomb thing. It became clear that lumping a bunch of new people onto the same content in the same office with the same point of view wouldn't be that interesting, and we quickly happened on the idea of creating multiple Giant Bombs. As Jeff put it:

"Like a franchise, but not one of those weird lawless 'locally owned and operated' franchise things, more like a Kentucky Fried Chicken that serves homemade burgers when no one else is looking."

Anyway, having offices recording simultaneously throughout the day hopefully lets us do a greater variety of content. We remove the issues of competing with ourselves for studio time and people. Alex and I have been spitballing a bunch of different pieces of content, and ways we can ease the load for Jeff, Brad, Drew, and Patrick so they have more time to make the content we all want to make.

Most of all, this is something different and we’ve needed some something different for a while now. All of us, the staff and the community, we’ve been through a lot over the years. Some of it fantastic, some of it terrible, but we made it here, to today. Now we have to look and say “What’s next?” Hire a bunch more people? Sure, but how does that work on a very personality driven site? Are we happy with the content we’re making? Can we do more? Can I afford to buy a house and raise a family in San Francisco? How much do I really like pizza? Some questions are easy. I really like pizza. Others are extremely hard. Hiring new faces without giving them an opportunity to shine seems like a terrible waste. We need to expand Giant Bomb, bring awesome new people into the mix, and take over the world. It seems pretty clear to me.

Is it scary? Hell yeah! Alex and I are basically starting from scratch out there, but that’s just the kind of challenge I’m looking for. I didn’t start with Giant Bomb because it would be easy, I started because I love making and building things. It’s going to be a lot of hard work to get up and running, and it might be bumpy and slow going for a bit, but crazy has always been our way. At least this time it will be on my home turf.

Posted by andmm

I really don't know about this

Posted by Quantical

You know what this means don't you..

Posted by Anomareh

Ugh. This is like mom and dad getting a divorce while constantly assuring the kids that they'll still see both of them and that they love them very much. We all know how that ends.

No more Jeff/Vinny Quick Looks? No more Vinny on the Bombcast? A skeleton crew of a staff stretched even thinner? I wish this nightmare would just get it over with with the announcement that Giant Bomb is being folded into GameSpot. I mean, we all know that this is where things are headed right?

Posted by TruthTellah

@cybexx said:

I expect new episodes of How to Build a Bomb.

"How to build a bomb in New York" sounds like something the NSA looks for.

So says AlwaysBeBombing.

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Happy for Vinny.....not so much for GB.

I just renewed my subscription last week so for better or worse I get to see this through.

Yeah, same here. I hope it pans out, but frankly, I dont think giantbomb will ever recover from this.

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Does this mean that Vinny will be on Bombin' The AM ?

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I am telling myself that Vinny is really leaving the offices to become a mediator for all the New York beef from the emails, the only man that can save the city and reunite them.

Posted by CoruptAI125

Yeah this is a real bummer for me personally. To be brutally honest it's Vinny that really makes the site for me. It's his interactions with the whole SF crew that make this site special in my eyes, and that's going to be lost in NY. Sure he'll be with Alex but that won't mean much. He'll either be off the bombcast or on some kind of skype setup that won't be able to recapture the magic, and he won't be in any quick looks except for ones with Alex. I like Alex but I just don't see how the chemistry is going to work there.

Of course I'll still visit the site and listen to bomcasts, but I just don't see it ever being as good as it has been these last 7 years.

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Sad to see ya leave SF Vinny, but I'm sure you and Alex will kill it over in New York. Excited to see what the future holds for Giant Bomb!

Posted by smokeyd123

@splodge said:

So does this mean all the current shows and the bombcast etc will be thrown out? I imagine they have some grand plan for all the new content the are gonna need. No more sports ql's with vinny and Jeff, no more bombast (even if they keep it going, I don't know if I could listen to it without Vinny there), no more vinny flavoured tri-caster craziness, no more FMVinny on UPF.... hmm.

I am glad for Vinny, but I hope the guys give us some more info soon on what is actually going to be.

This no more bombcast talk is HERESY! Let it not leave your lips.

Posted by alishcra

I really don't know how I feel about this. I am shocked and confused. But it is your life Vinny and live it how you need to.

Posted by behardy

Now that thumbnail on the newest Giant Bombcast episode makes sense! I cracked code mom!

Posted by Dalai

Alex could use the company, but I'm not entirely sure how this is gonna be great, awful, or make no difference for Giant Bomb. All I can say is good luck in New York.

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@alwaysbebombing said:

@cybexx said:

I expect new episodes of How to Build a Bomb.

"How to build a bomb in New York" sounds like something the NSA looks for.

So says AlwaysBeBombing.

Oh no! I've been found out.

Posted by dvdwalker8

Good luck, Vinny. God bless you and your family during this exciting time. Keep in touch with us. We all care about you deeply. You make the world a more enjoyable place to live with everything you do on this site. Thanks for all the memories you made with GB West. Looking forward to the new memories you make with GB East.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

We need some pizza videos.

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Posted by Dezztroy

While I'm sure things will be fine, this is awfully sad news.

No VinnyVania, no Vinny on UPF or the podcast. Man.

Posted by Domineeto

This is great news, I'm excited to see the new blood and new content! Good luck duder!

Posted by Kr7stof

Wel as always, you got my support and i look forward to you guys kicking it in new york!

Posted by Hailinel

Well, this is a surprise.

Posted by dr_mantas

At least be like a band, do reunions for game of the year and E3. And PAX. And maybe once more a year to make it hurt more.

Posted by Th3irdEye

@tdot: You took all my feelings and put them into words for me. Alex is a cool guy and all but I mostly skip his content because I'm just not interested. Moving Vinny over to work with him does not excite me. It just makes me sad that he won't be involved in the content I enjoy any more.

This is just like when Patrick left. I loved his presence on the Bombcast and live shows. I barely keep tabs on what's going on with Patrick any more. I long for the old Whiskey Media days of yore.

Also, is it just going to be Jeff and Brad talking with a bit of Drew on the side for the Bombcast now? It was already feeling kind of slim after Patrick left.

Posted by Billy_Ray_Valentine

Glad to hear you're heading home, Vinny! Excited to see where things go from here!

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Guys we need hologram technology like right fucking now.

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Sad to hear that things are going to be changing, but happy for Vinny that he is going home and will be happier there. Change is inevitable and change can also be good. I'm going to be optimistic and hope for a much more awesome and bigger Giant Bomb than we already have. Congrats Vinny, see ya' in the funny papers!

Posted by shotodrag

I'm all for this, despite the fact that some of the chemistry will be shaken up a bit. I'm definitely all-in on additional content, as long as said additional content does not replace VinnyVania.

VinnyVania is still happening, right?

Also, didn't Patrick also move right before E3? Seems like a weird time to move, only to come right back for a week, ya know?

Posted by Xanadu

I feel mixed about this but it's good for Vinny so I'm 100% behind that of course. Still, I'll miss him on live streams and quick looks with Jeff and Brad.

Posted by TurboMan

This obviously sets up a Vinny/Alex Endurance Run. Can't wait for the Vinny/Alex Endurance Run! I wonder what game they will play for the Vinny/Alex Endurance Run. Yakuza 3? Super Mario RPG? Persona 5? I guess we'll just have to wait for the Vinny/Alex Endurance Run to be announced in order to find out!


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We all knew that this couldn't last forever: at some point the Giant Bomb most of us have grown to love was always bound to fall apart. People come and go, people get older, people change professions/locations/etc., people die...

I don't want to be all doom and gloom and I certainly don't know what the future holds, but this really bums me out. At the same time, however, I can't blame Vinny and the crew at all for making this decision because, in the end, they are real people with real lives and I've grown to really like those real-life people.

Change is good and change is scary, but I worry that what makes Giant Bomb so special to me, personally, continues to fall apart. No one can be blamed for what happened last June, but the loss of Patrick and now Vinny is a severe blow as well. Personality is key to the site's survival and the personality of Giant Bomb is dependant on how their crew gets along in person, not via Hangouts. Ryan was always so adamant that you can't do a good podcast/show via Skype or some similar remote means.

I'm not a fan of Arthur Gies anymore, but back years ago when he was doing the "Rebel FM" podcast with Anthony Gallegos, a listener wrote in and asked what gaming podcasts they listened to. Arthur mentioned the Bombcast (it wasn't the first time) because of how well the Duders got along together, so I started listening myself. He was so damn right, as most of us know, and I'm so sad that that Bombcast becomes even more of a distant memory with this announcement.

Good luck everyone and good luck to my favorite Duder, Vinny; I'll be here for the foreseeable future, guys, but maybe this slow let-down is for the best...

Posted by ZedsDeadBaby

Happy for you and your family, Vinny.

Excited/nervous for Giant Bomb proper.

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@tdot: You took all my feelings and put them into words for me. Alex is a cool guy and all but I mostly skip his content because I'm just not interested. Moving Vinny over to work with him does not excite me. It just makes me sad that he won't be involved in the content I enjoy any more.

This is just like when Patrick left. I loved his presence on the Bombcast and live shows. I barely keep tabs on what's going on with Patrick any more. I long for the old Whiskey Media days of yore.

Also, is it just going to be Jeff and Brad talking with a bit of Drew on the side for the Bombcast now? It was already feeling kind of slim after Patrick left.

Honestly, and this is coming from someone who was not previously that big a fan of Pat or Alex, if you haven't given their Bombin' the AM a shot, you should. It's not as funny as the Bombcast, but both guys work way better when they're not being shoehorned into a more comedic vibe. They have an unexpectedly good dynamic. Just my two cents.

Posted by cadwr

Wow... I'm really excited to see what comes out of this, and simultaneously bummed about losing the Jeff/Vinny chemistry and not having Vinny on the Bombcast. I'm in for the ride though- let's see what GBNY can do!

Posted by Sotosky

This is great news for Vinny, and wish him the best of luck. But I can't help but feel super bummed out and a little worried for the future of the site. The Jeff/Vinny combo is what made the site for me :(. Here's hoping everything works out.

Posted by TheHT

OMG I'm excited. This is gonna be rad.

Posted by Mayu_Zane

Wishing you all the best, Vinny.

Posted by BooDoug187

So when does Brad start up Giant Bomb: Europe?

Posted by Itwastuesday


Posted by Jay_Ray

I wonder if this expansion will also mean a lot more staff hires?

Posted by Ben_H

Now that Vinny has the freedom to do what he wants, we can finally get the ultimate content: the FMVindurance Run, where Vinny plays through every 90s FMV game.

Posted by kavukavu

I'm happy for you personally, but this is a hell of a bummer. GB has split tremendously in what seems to be a short time, and although all of it comes with real and important reasons, its just falling apart at the seams. Quite frankly, Alex's personality doesn't jive with me, and smaller teams seems to promote less variety. At this point I couldn't care less about Spooks N the wolf, or encyclopedia bombastica, even UPF has become a lame formula in way too many episodes, and a 3 man podcast seems lessened since Brad is notoriously distracted by his phone and Drew is a quiet presence. I dunno man, its completely egocentric of me, but this is not good news.

Posted by hwy_61

Gotta do what's best for your family, Vinny. Best of luck to ya.

Posted by SkynetIsComing

Good luck Vinny! I really hope this works out well for you and everyone else at GB.

Posted by KenpachiRamaSama

What will happen to Unprofessional Fridays? What about Bombcasts?

This is too sad.

Posted by KingGiddra

Posted by kabukijoe


Posted by C2C

Wishing you the best Vinny. While I am still weirded out by a Vinny-less GiantBomb in SanFran, I am super excited to see what GB New Yorlk looks like!

Posted by notdavid

Hold me I'm scared.

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Wow! That's a major change! Can't blame you, family is irreplaceable. And frankly west cost pizza ain't nuthin compared to New York's.

Good luck Vinny! We believe in you!

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@punkxblaze: I've tried, I have. It's just not as entertaining or insightful as the giantbombcast. Like i know the circumstances have changed a lot. But I feel like the 50 bucks i've been paying has been worth less and less every week. especially since i've been paying to see non-giantbomb guys recently. Giantbomb Chicago was neat but it just wasn't what I signed up for. There's no more TNT and nothing has replaced it. Watching Vinny and Brad play through an entire game while not really saying or doing much... Like all I had was The wackiness of unprof fridays and without vinny there it's just not going to be the same. Now I'm honestly considering not renewing my subscription.

This isn't out of spite or anger. It's a simple look at money versus value and unfortunately I feel like the value has been going down as the price stays constant.

Posted by goatmilk

Hey I'm walking here!