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Artificial Girl, known as Jinkou Shoujo in Japan, is an erotic life-sim franchise developed and published by Illusion Software on the PC.
 Pixelated girls for all your dreams
The series is one of Illusion Software's flagship titles, along with Sexy Beach and the controversial RapeLay. Similar to most of their previous titles, Artifical Girl drops the player on a beautiful tropical island along with a female companion to interact with. The player is asked to customize the female character to his personal tastes, including traits such as hair color, eye color, height, shape and, of course, breast size, and is then given free-will to do what he pleases.  
The "goal" of games in the series is to have both the player's avatar and the female character climax during intercourse, increasing your friendship with her. Other mundane tasks performed by the female character can be spectated as well as interacting with her through various ways on the many locations found on the islands. Unlike most other 'dating' sims, Artificial Girl only has one female character to interact with and there is no backstory or plot to encourage the player. However, the modding community and fans of Illusion's works have still kept the series afloat despite it's criticisms. 
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One of the biggest criticisms held against the series, however, is the lack of true customization. Despite the numerous customizable options for the female character, her base appearance remains the same. This has led to a wide-spread use of, as mentioned above,  mods. The most recent entry, Artificial Girl 3, attempts to address this issue by widening the scope of the customization options.

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