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Ascendant is a brutal side-scrolling brawler where players take on the role of a demigod attempting to overthrow the reigning gods of the world. By exploring the depths of the expansive realm, gaining power, and battling the fanatics, zealots, monsters, and beasts there is a small chance of survival.


Ascendant is primarily a brawler-style game. It uses ground and air combos along with juggling to create an agile, mobility based combat system.


  • Combat is primarily focused around the player's proficiency with weapons, spells, dodging, and counterattacks.
  • The Ascendant can also juggle and launch objects and staggered enemies to deal massive damage.
  • Health is few and far in-between and If the Ascendant dies, the game is over. Learning when to dodge, when enemies are at a disadvantage, and when to counterattack are valuable skills that increase the chances of survival.


  • Blessings are powers that the Ascendant can utilize to become more powerful. They can be socketed into either the Weapon, Armor, or Spell to provide new, unique abilities

Procedural Content

  • Environments in Ascendant are procedurally generated. This means that every run will consist of a different maze of environments to go through. Exploring these depths provides untold rewards for the Ascendant including weapons, keys, influence, and spells.
  • Other procedural content include treasure chest loot, random event rooms, enemy encounters in each room, and in some cases boss encounters.

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