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Ash Lambert is the leader of a small splinter of the Ishtarian Security Forces including himself, Clint Pickard and Diego Renault.  At the game's start, he has been dispatched with his partners to bring a large band of thieves to justice and apprehend their leader, the Thief Lord Zoot Gach.  Disguised as merchants, the trio is descended upon by Zoot's gang.  The three Ishtarian officers reveal their true identities and quickly dispatch of the bandits despite being outnumbered, and arrest Zoot.  Zoot makes some stunning revelations in regards to Ash's past assignments and is then brought in for questionining.

A potentially dangerous rivalry between Ash and Crimson Guard (an elite anti-terrorism task force) leader Kane Spites.  During an assignment to quell an uprising in the Capital's Dover District, Kane shows no descretion or regard for human life when he orders his men to utilize deadly force is ending the riot.  Ash expresses his disdain for Kane's tactics, though Kane's only response to is to taunt Ash about his father who had been a traitor during the last war.  Once the Crimson Guard departs, Ash and his friends take control of th siutation, coming into personal contact with Count Claymore--the leader of the uprising--and negotiating his surrender before releasing the remainder of the rioteers.  The unarmed rioteers are met ith a gruesome fate when Kane enters and slaughters them.  They then take Count Claymore into their own custody, threatening Ash's life should he attempt to intervene.

The next day, Ash meets with Clive Beckett and Dolf Crowley regarding the behavior of the Crimson Guard.  Clive and Dolf both assure Ash that the the Ishtarian Council will have no choice but to disand the Crimson Guard and detane Kane for his actions.  Dolf assigns Ash to seeking out and discovering the location of General Magnus Dubar, a war hero who recently went missing during a expedition to Gillbaris Island in the Gadar Sea.  Ash assembles his men and sets out, first taking it upon themselves to examine a set of ruins supposedly linked to those that Magnus had been sent to investigate on Gillbaris.

At the ruins, Ash meets Huxley Hobbes and Elena Dunbar, the latter of which being General Magnus' daughter.  Though they have no idea as to the General's whereabouts, the two offer to join up with Ash and his friends.  Sonn afterward, they take on another team mate in Kira Wulfstan after she assists Ash's team with dispatching the remnants of Zoot Gach's gang.

Upon arrival at the nearest port town, Ash seeks out Grog Drinkwater, an alcoholic sea captain.  Though the captain is reluctant to take them to Gillbaris at first due to the presence of a pirate gang on the watetrs, he agrees and gives up drinking before they depart.  Ash and his team are assaulted on the water by the pirates lead by Hassan, but once again the small group of adventurers are too much for their enemies to handle and Hassan is killed.  Shortly beefore his death, he reveals that he's Grog's brother.

On Gillbaris, Ash is forced to destroy enchanted statues causing the citizens of a small town to take on zombie-like characteristics.  The greatful villagers explain to him that Magnus had indeed been to the island and had set out for the ruins, only to return a few days later acting very differently.  Ash and his friends immediately head for the ruins only to find that Magnus had been possessed by the Magic Stone.  They're forced to fight him, greviously wounding the General before he's able to return to his normal self.  It's then that he is shot by an arrow and the Crimson Guard marches in, lead by Kane.  It's revealed that Dolf and Kane's father, Hel Spites, are in league together to topple the government and make Magnus look like a traitor.  It's also made apparent by Dolf that Kiera is a spy under his personal employment.

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