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Ash Wraiths are demons crossed over from the Fade that have not taken a physical body, instead creating a body out of materials around it such as ash, dust, bone or blood. Ash Wraiths are immune to fire attacks.  
The player will encounter Ash Wraiths in several locations including the Blackmarsh, The Circle Tower, Honnleath, The Fade, Soldier's Peak, and the temples and caverns behind Haven. The player can converse with Ash Wraiths in the temple behind Haven. The Ash Wraiths in the temple are the spirits of Andraste's followers and enemies and wrong answers to the riddles they pose will cause them to attack the player.  
It is possible to get up to three Ash Wraiths as permanent choices for the party. In the Gauntlet section of the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest go into the Gauntlet alone. At the bridge puzzle the player will be given three Ash Wraiths to help solve the puzzle. Walk out of the Gauntlet and select a new party. From this time on the player can choose to add up to three Ash Wraiths as their party.

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