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Ashen is a horror-themed first person shooter developed by Torus Games and exclusively available on the Nokia N-Gage.


Players assume the role of Jacob Ward as he searches through Seven River City to find his missing sister Vanessa during a mysterious, hellish outbreak. Jacob's sister, Vanessa is one of the people Jacob believes is responsible for the problems plaguing Seven River City.


Ashen is a first person shooter that also features some puzzle solving. The game utilizes almost every button on the N-Gage.

When the game is started up the player has five options to choose from:

  • Start - Start is what is chosen to either start a new game or load a previously saved one.
  • Options - The options menu has multiple options available for the player to tweak. The music and sound effects volume can be adjusted as well as the gamma, crosshair type, and the controls can be altered.
  • N-Gage Arena - The N-Gage Arena is the option that the player would go to in order to play Ashen online with other players.
  • High Scores - This is where the list of local high scores can be viewed.
  • Quit - The quit option is what is selected when the player wants to leave the game.


The enemies in Ashen are a race of monsters that were brought to Seven River City from their home of Maqabir.


The Hunter is known for it's agility and intellect. The Hunter is a bipedal monster that will dodge and roll away from the players attacks. The Hunter not only dodges, but will also attack the player with a dangerous pulse weapon.

Psi Stalker

The Psi Stalkers are the most powerful creatures from Maqabir. The Psi Stalkers are not only the most powerful, but also the largest of the creatures. The only drawback that the Psi Stalkers have is that their movement speed is very slow compared to the other creatures. The Psi Stalkers will attack the players from both long distance and melee.

Crypt Crawler

Crypt Crawlers are one of the most ferocious and relentless of all the creatures from Maqabir. The Crypt Crawlers will pursue their prey, whether or not it puts themselves in danger. Crypt Crawlers have the ability to climb on the walls and ceilings, catching their enemies off guard using the element of surprise to their advantage.

Fire Deacon

The Fire Deacons are the tanks of the Maqabir creatures. The Fire Deacons high defense makes them aggressive and prefer to advance towards enemies rather than retreat. The Fire Deacons prefer to fight their enemies at close range, and will absorb a lot of damage just to get close.

Brood Maw

The Brood Maw is one of two flying dependent creature from Maqabir. The Brood Maw will circle strafe around their enemies while shooting at them with deadly plasma projectiles. If the Brood Maw is close to it's death, it will dive at it's enemy in a suicide dive which explodes on contact.

Storm Fluke

The Storm Fluke is the underwater native Maqabir creature. Storm Flukes are very fast moving in the water, but are also very cautious creatures. Storm Flukes will attack using an electric shock which not only hurts it's enemies but also stuns them for a short time, allowing the Storm Fluke to escape.


The Aquagore is one of the larger Maqabir creatures. The Aquagore is capable of going on both land and in the water. The Aquagore has a very large, club-like tail which it will swing at enemies, using it like a blunt weapon while on land. While under the water the Aquagores weapon are spikes that it shoots, which move very fast.


The Wraith is the second of the flying Maqabir creatures. The Wraiths are translucent and use this to try and sneak up or flank their enemies. While the Wraith does have a ranged attack, it prefers to strafe around its enemies and use a melee attack from behind.

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